How to add Metis Network to MetaMask

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Metis chain is an Ethereum layer 2 roll-up platform.

It was designed to mitigate Ethereum’s challenges (i.e; speed, storage, scalability, and security).

The Metis chain protocol also offers NFT bridge between the Andromeda network and Ethereum NFT storage.

A framework its DAOs, DAC and middleware developers utilize to manage their smart chain contracts.

The METIS cryptocurrency (native Metis token) is used for staking and transaction fees.

In this tutorial, you’ll find steps to add Metis Andromeda network to MetaMask crypto wallet instantly.

How to add METIS to MetaMask

There are only two ways to add Metis chain network to your MetaMask Web 3 wallet, and they are:

  1. Chainlist website
  2. RPC network details.

Adding Metis to MetaMask through Chainlist

Chainlist website is a list of EVM networks that people use to connect their Web 3 wallets to the appropriate Chain and Network ID.

To add Metis Andromeda chain network to MetaMask using, you will have to follow the steps below:

  1. Visit Chainlist platform
  2. Connect your wallet account
  3. Search for Metis network ID
  4. Click ‘Add to Wallet’ button
  5. Follow the processes on MetaMask.

Once it’s successfully added to your MetaMask account, you will be able to choose METIS chain from the network drop-down list.

Adding METIS to MetaMask using RPC details

If you don’t have MetaMask wallet already, then download and install it on your browser or your mobile phone.

Once you’ve installed MetaMask as browser extension, or a mobile wallet app, go-to the settings.

In order to add Metis chain to your account, you’ll need to click on the network option, which by default shows ‘Ethereum Mainnet’ on the tab.

Enter the RPC details below to add the METIS Andromeda network to your MetaMask wallet.

METIS mainnet RPC details:

Network Name: Metis Andromeda Mainnet


ChainID: 1088‍

Symbol: METIS‍

Block Explorer URL:

METIS testnet RPC details:

Network Name: Metis Stardust testnet


ChainID: 588

Symbol: METIS‍

Block Explorer URL:

Once these details are added, click/tap on ‘Save’, so the network will automatically get changes on your MetaMask wallet account.

That’s it… You have successfully added the METIS network to your MetaMask wallet.

What is Metis RPC details?

Metis network RPC (i.e. Remote Procedure Call) is a set of protocols and interfaces that a client uses to interact with a blockchain network.

Common purpose for using RPC details in a blockchain is to perform operations (like; viewing a balance, creating a transaction or interacting with a smart contract).

RPC network details are what gives us the ability to establish connection with the Metis servers known as nodes.

What is Metis Andromeda token?

The METIS token is used as transaction fees on the Metis Andromeda network, and users can stake it for rewards.

Metis also offers a ‘Builder Mining’ program that allow members to earn DACs METIS crypto rewards for each transaction conducted on the network.

What is Metis chain explorer?

These are more like ledgers that provide analytics data, API and Smart Contract tools for the Andromeda chain network.

You can always them to keep track and progress of all your transactions on the Metis blockchain.

What is Metis DAO?

Metis is a layer-2 blockchain built for the Ethereum blockchain, with focus on growing decentralized communities (DAOs).

The blockchain technology came with the promise of decentralization, where DAO is used to state decentralized version of a company.

In other words, DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) means an institution, or organization without a CEO, Chairman or President.

What are the risks of using Metis network?

METIS is still a developing technology, and that means there are risks associated with its usage.

However, the team at Metis Labs is experienced with good track record, so they are capable of delivering a high-quality product.

Overall, we believe that METIS has the potential to be a very strong scaling solution for Ethereum.

Wrapping up

Adding Metis Andromeda network to your cryptocurrency wallet account is an easy process.

Once your wallet account is connected to the network, you can be able to add Metis token to MetaMask.

If you want to switch back to Ethereum mainnet, you can click the network dropdown and choose Ethereum network from the list.