How to Add Tron Crypto to MetaMask

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Author: Mr. KingsHOK
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MetaMask does not support native Tron network.

However, there’s still a way you can add Tron crypto-coin to your MetaMask wallet using alternative methods instead.

One of such methods is to add the Binance-Pegged version of TRX to your Metamask via the Binance Smart Chain network.

Binance pegged tokens are 100% backed by the native coin in reserve, and those reserve addresses are published for anyone to audit.

One Binance-Peg TRX holds exact value as 1 TRX just on different blockchains.

You can also convert a Binance-Pegged Tron to native TRX using a Binance bridge on the exchange.

Tron network is a world’s fastest-growing blockchain, and have over 3.7 billion completed transactions.

TRX is the native token of the Tron mainnet, and it is issued by the Tron DAO, being one of the top tokens in the crypto space.

Metamask on the other hand, is a non-custodial crypto wallet available right now.

It is an open-sourced decentralized wallet that is used to send, receive, stake, store and exchange different crypto assets across blockchains.

If you currently hold some TRX tokens on a crypto wallet, and exploring methods to add the Tron (TRX) to your wallet, then I’ve got your back.

In this article, you will learn how to add Tron (TRX) to your MetaMask account using BSC network.

Let us start already!

How to add TRX to MetaMask wallet

Before adding Binance-pegged Tron to your wallet, it’s best to check if you have Binace Smart Chain network in your MetaMask.

If not, you should use the following RPC details to add BSC network to your MetaMask account.

Binance Smart Chain RPC details

Login to your MetaMask wallet account, then go-to the settings and click on ‘Network’ and enter the following mainnet details…

  • Network Name: Binance Smart Chain
  • New RPC URL:
  • ChainID: 56
  • Symbol: BNB
  • Block Explorer URL:

Now that you’ve added the Binance network to your MetaMask account, you can proceed to adding Tron (TRX) to your wallet.

Adding Tron (TRX) To MetaMask

Follow the process below to add Binance-Pegged TRX to your Metamask wallet easily.

  1. Go-to TRX contract page on BSCScan
  2. Copy the contract address for TRX-BEP20
  3. Open your MetaMask wallet account
  4. Switch the network to Binance chain
  5. Click on ‘Import Tokens’ option
  6. Paste the copied contract address
  7. Click on ‘Add Custom Token’ button
  8. Finally, click on ‘Import Tokens’ button.

It’s that simple… you have successfully added Tron (TRX) to your Metamask wallet on the Binance Smart Chain.

Don’t ever send native Tron token to a Binance-Pegged TRX address, because the 2 are deployed on different blockchains, even though they have the same value.

Can I add Tron network to MetaMask?

No you cannot add native Tron (TRC20) blockchain network to MetaMask wallet, because it’s not supported.

Can MetaMask receive TRC20 tokens?

To clarify, you are unable to add the TRC20 version tokens to your Metamask wallet, as it does not support the Tron network.

Due to this fact, there’s no way on how to add TRC20 network to MetaMask crypto wallet as of the time of writing this guide.

Which wallet supports Tron native network?

TronLink is the only wallet that has full compatibility with all tokens on the blockchain, including; TRX, TRC-10 and TRC-20 tokens.

The wallet is also packed with user-friendly features that are convenient, simple and reliable for any TRX holder.

Final words

If you’re sending TRX from your Binance account to MetaMask, remember to select ‘BNB Smart Chain (BEP20)’ as the network to be used for the transaction.

Otherwise, you may lose your cryptocurrency invested funds permanently.

You’re currently unable to add native Tron token to Metamask wallet, because TRC-20 is not an EVM-compatible blockchain network.

MetaMask can only be configured to work with blockchains that are compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Sending native TRX tokens to your MetaMask Binance-pegged wallet address will result in a permanent loss of funds.

You should only send Tron (BEP20) to your wallet on MetaMask using the Binance Smart Chain network.