How to Add USDT.e to Metamask

USDT.e and USDT are US Dollars pegged tokens available on the Avalanche network.

USDT.e is a ‘wrapped token’ that got deployed on the Avalanche blockchain, similar to ETH and WETH on Ethereum mainnet.

After the success of Avalanche and USDT.e on AVAX, the team behind Tether (USDT) decided to deploy their native token ‘USDT’ on Avalanche in future.

However, there are some people that would like to add USDT.e crypto to Metamask wallet, and that is exactly what this guide will teach you.

Let’s begin…

What is USDT.e?

USDT.e was the first stablecoin deployed on the Avalanche Bridge (AB) in the middle of 2021, when the Avalanche C-Chain first went live.

USDT.e is simply a wrapped token that represents one share of USDT.

As the AVAX network grew, there was more demand for USDT and Tether team decided to properly launch the stablecoin on Avalanche blockchain network.

However, they intend to phase out USDT.e within time, and make USDT the only available version on the network.


The difference between USDT and USDT.e on Avalanche chain is that; the USDT.e is just a wrapped version of the original USDT stablecoin.

However, the both of them are still stablecoins, but just that the two of them are not on the same blockchain.

How to convert USDT to USDT.e

The easiest way to convert USDT to USDT.e on the Avalanche network is through a stableswap platform like Platypus Finance.

Just follow through the simple guide below…

  1. Visit Platypus Finance
  2. Select the ‘Swap’ option
  3. Select USDT and USDT.e
  4. Input the amount of USDT
  5. Swap the USDT to USDT.e (it will be a 1:1 swap)
  6. Confirm the transaction.

The swap rate from UDT to USDT.e is essentially 1:1 – with a small amount lost due to fees charged by the Platypus DEX.

Platypus is by far the cheapest DEx to complete this swap compared to other platforms like; Trader Joe or Pangolin Finance.

How to add USDT.e to Metamask

If you want to add USDT.e to your Metamask cryptocurrency wallet, you will need to find the contract address and add it onto your token lists.

The Avalanche blockchain USDT.e contract address is: 0xc7198437980c041c805A1EDcbA50c1Ce5db95118.

It’ also quite necessary that you add AVAX (Avalanche) blockchain to the Metamask network, so it can recognize the wrapped token.

Is USDT.e the same as USDT?

The both of them are pegged to the US Dollars, but the difference is that USDT.e is a ‘wrapped token’ that was deployed on Avalanche (i.e. similar to ETH and WETH on Ethereum blockchain).

Can I send USDT.e to a USDT wallet?

No, you cannot send USDT.e token to USDT wallet, because it’s wrapped, and would need to be unwrapped back to the original ERC20 token before it can be sent.

What is USDT.e avalanche?

The two terms are different, as USDT.e is just a wrapped crypto token on AVAX blockchain, while Avalanche is the blockchain network on which the wrapped stablecoin is based upon.

Can I add USDT.e to Metamask from PancakeSwap?

At the moment, I don’t think it’s possible to add USDT.e token from PancakeSwap to Metamask wallet directly. Though, it may be possible anytime in future.

What is USDT.e to USDT conversion rate?

The conversion rate is 1:1 with a small amount of fees paid to swap the tokens on a platform like Platypus Finance.

Over to you

If you followed this guide up till this extent, you will understand what USDT.e is and how to get USDT converted to USDT.e.

Meanwhile, by now you would’ve known how to also transfer the USDT.e token to Metamask.

However, you should also use a no-log VPN (Virtual Private Network) to hide your transaction foot prints on the blockchain.

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