Best NFT Marketplaces on Avalanche

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Author: Mr. KingsHOK
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AVAX has been a fantastic success as a cryptocurrency based on the Avalanche network.

Its speed and fees are vastly better than Ethereum, but most of the growth is yet to come.

Given that Avalanche is an intelligent contract, proof-of-stake cryptocurrency, there are some NFTs that are based on it.

Maybe you’ve recently decided to move away from Ethereum due to its insane gas fees and you need an alternative like the Avalanche’s C-Chain.

Ethereum‘s dominance in the NFT space is slowly crumbling as users are moving to more efficient alternatives such as Avalanche, Solana, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain.

Nevertheless, their respective ecosystems are still small compared to that of Ethereum, so it’s not always easy to find viable alternatives.

In this guide, we’re going to dive into some of the best Avalanche crypto NFT marketplace, where popular projects usually drop first.

Let’s get started…

Best Avalanche NFT marketplaces

While looking for the best place to purchase Avalanche marketplace NFT, you should evaluate them based on these three criteria:

  • Trading volume
  • User experience (UX)
  • New collection drops frequency.

Either way, you are here to find some Avalanche NFT marketplaces, are the ones we’ve selected for you.

1. NFTStars

NFTStars is a cross-chain NFT marketplace that supports both Ethereum and Avalanche blockchain networks.

It’s still a relatively small platform, but still has features that other Avalanche NFT marketplaces don’t have.

These features include collaboration for artists, fractional NFT purchases, as well as gas-free minting on the marketplace.

NFTStars currently support MetaMask, WalletConnect and Coinbase Wallet.

2. NFTKey

NFTKey is not an exclusive Avalance crypto NFT marketplace, but a platform that aggregates several different blockchains.

It’s a decentralized exchange for NFTs on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Harmony, Avalanche and Fantom.

While the activity obviously isn’t anywhere near OpenSea, there’s a sizeable amount of transaction going on at NFTKey.

This makes it a really good option for those looking for AVAX crypto NFT marketplaces.

3. YetiSwap

If you’re familiar with decentralized exchanges such as UniSwap, then you will relate with YetiSwap marketplace pattern.

It uses the same type of automated market-making (AMM) as other DEXs, except that it runs on the Avalance blockchain.

This allows you to quickly and easily swap native Avalanche tokens.

YetiSwap also has its own NFT marketplace which claim to be the only platform that offers royalties on Avalanche for creators and collectors.

There’s a fair amount of NFT transaction going on at YetiSwap, so you can be rest assured that it’s not a dead zone.

YetiSwap has a service fee of 3%, which is higher than OpenSea fees, but alternatively, you can just pay 2% using their native $YTS token.

4. Kalao

Kalao is an interesting one because its vision isn’t just to become a major AVAX NFT marketplace but rather an ecosystem in its own right.

Aside from offering the obvious features such as minting, buying and selling NFTs, Kalao also has a virtual gallery that provides a more realistic experience.

Kalao also has its own native token $KLO that can be used for staking, and paying reduced service fees (1.25% vs 2.5%) on the marketplace.

Kalao definitely has the most professional look of all the Avalanche NFT marketplaces on his list.

5. NFTrade

NFTrade is another cross-chain NFT platform, marketplace and aggregator and thus attracts a considerable amount of users from all over the crypto landscape.

This platform for buying and selling Avalanche NFT is also one of the most popular Polygon NFT marketplaces.

They support Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain and of course, Avalanche blockchain.

NFTrade is also the most popular option among AVAX crypto-coin users, due the friendly UI, wide selection of NFTs, affordable fees and fast transactions.

6. Snowflake

Avalanche ecosystem likes to use vocabulary related to mountains and snow, so we’re not surprised that there’s an AVAX NFT marketplace named such.

Snowflake was the first global Avalanche crypto NFT marketplace to launch on the blockchain.

In order to access the AVAX NFT marketplace, you’ll need to connect your MetaMask wallet or any other MetaMask alternatives.

All the basic features you’d expect are essentially there, but there isn’t a whole lot of activity going on the marketplace platform.

What is an Avalanche NFT marketplace?

Avalanche’s NFT marketplaces are those platforms for users who want to buy and sell NFTs minted on the AVAX cryptocurrency blockchain.

These NFT marketplace on Avalanche always offer user-friendly interface, wide selection of NFTs, affordable fees with very fast transactions.

What is Avalanche marketplace NFT?

AVAX NFTs are created on the Avalanche blockchain, and can represent scarce and unique items, including digital art, collectibles, in-game cards etc.

These non-fungible tokens are stored in user wallets, and can be bought and sold on Avalanche-compatible marketplaces.

How do I buy AVAX crypto?

In other to start investing in Avalanche NFTs, you will need to be using AVAX crypto-coin for the purchases.

To buy this AVAX token, you should use any of the cheap crypto exchanges in the market.

Personally, I would recommend Binance exchange, because they’re best known for high cryptocurrency pairs and liquidity.

What is the future of NFTs on AVAX network?

JPEGs and GIFs are great, but non-fungible tokens have a future with many more use cases.

Cheap proof of authenticity and ownership of digital assets is what NFTs bring to the table, and as more of our lives move to the internet, there will be steep demand for a quality smart contract network.

NFTs on the Avalanche network might be a tiny force now, but will eventually become more prominent in future.

Final thoughts

At this point, I believe you now know the best Avalanche NFT Marketplaces to buy the most sought after AVAX native NFTs.

The Avalanche (AVAX) NFT scene has grown exponentially in the past year.

Thanks to the growth in Total Value Locked on the AVAX C Chain growing from $0 to $10 billion in a space of 12 months.

There has also been a recent increase in hype due to the launch of Joepegs and the AVAX NFT blue-chip project Smol Joes.

The Joepegs NFT platform currently have the highest volume of NFTS on AVAX, and has the newest and exciting projects on their weekly launchpad.

As Avalanche NFT ecosystem still isn’t quite as big as that of Ethereum and Solana, viable solutions are slowly emerging.

The various Avalanche NFT marketplaces we’ve listed above will hopefully help you kick-start your NFT investment on AVAX blockchain.