Best Avalanche (AVAX) Stablecoin Farm

Avalanche yield farming for Stablecoin is quite profitable.

Avalanche has some of the best opportunities for yield farmers to deploy stablecoins for earning high income yields.

If you’re looking to hold onto AVAX or synthetic AVAX, while profiting from high yields, the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem has several established projects.

The offering can yield as high as 50% APR from pools with over $10M in liquidity.

Avalanche requires stablecoins, and investors can earn up-to 35% farming on the network with dollar-pegged tokens.

Individuals can actually earn crypto yields without exposure to the crypto market.

In this guide, we will show you the best stablecoin yield farms on the Avalanche network to earn income on your USDC, USDT and DAI.

Let’s begin…

Best AVAX Stablecoin Yield Farms

These Avalanche DeFi projects offer highest yields, while maintaining reasonable liquidity of at least $5M, but usually above $10M.

1. Platypus Finance (PTP)

Platypus Finance is a stablecoin DEx (i.e. Decentralize Exchange) operating on the AVAX network with $1B in TVL.

Yield farmers can invest their stablecoins to earn around 6% base rate, plus an additional bonus yield averaging around 25%.

This will bring the total yield profit to 31%.

Platypus pays investors in its native PTP tokens, which has a $107M market cap, but only 6% of the tokens are in circulation.

For investors who qualify for strong bonuses, PTP platform is a preferable stablecoin yield farming option.

2. Trader Joe (JOE)

Trader Joe is established to operate exclusively on Avalanche, with $1.4B TVL that is the most value locked among Avalanche-native DeFi projects.

The DEx offers strong yields for Avalanche token holders, offering yields of 12% for AVAX single-token staking and 30% for AVAX-stablecoin farming.

Trader Joe offers weaker than average stablecoin farming yields, and investors are paid in JOE (native token).

JOE has a $200M market cap and 36% of all JOE tokens are currently in circulation.

3. Pangolin (PNG)

Pangolin is a community-driven DEx on the Avalanche network with $206M TVL set-out on the platform for farming.

It offers a strong yield for Avalanche token holders, offering 12% for AVAX farming with no impermanent loss and up-to 43% for AVAX-stablecoin pairs.

Pangolin offers poor yields for stablecoin farmers though.

Pangolin pays investors in its PNG token, which has a $22M market cap, with 16% of the total supply of PNG in circulation.

4. Stargate Finance

Stargate finance DEx is a new multi-chain stableswap protocol that was released by the LayerZero labs team.

It has the same protocol design as Curve or Platypus, however it operates cross-chain.

It means that, you can swap USDC from ETH to BNB or AVAX or Optimism or many other networks.

As at the time of writing, it’s offering up-to 10% APY, on tokens staked in AVAX network for stablecoin farming.

5. Yield Yak (YAK)

Yield Yak is a yield optimization platform with $343M TVL that is operating on Avalanche network exclusively.

You use the platform to open and operate slightly leveraged positions on other protocols, such as Aave.

Yield Yak automatically collects the yield from these positions on the other protocols, then reinvests it into the position.

This leverage and automatic reinvestment allows Yield Yak to offer higher yields than an individual investor could achieve on the same platforms.

Yield Yak offers the best yields for AVAX-native staking, AVAX-stablecoin, and stablecoin-stablecoin pairs.

Yield Yak pays investors in YAK and other Avalanche assets, and YAK has a $14M market cap with 85% of it in circulation.

6. Benqi Lending

Benqi is the largest money market and Compound fork on the Avalanche network with $1 Billion in TVL for wBTC, ETH, AVAX, Stablecoins etc.

They offer the ability to deposit stablecoins and earn close to 7%, while also engaging in borrowing stablecoins to redeposit and create leverage.

Final thoughts

Investing in yield farming on Avalanche network is a great way to maximize your returns, and diversify across multiple protocols.

The amount of yield you can expect depends largely on the amount of liquidity.

However, with the wide variety of projects and tokens available for staking, you can easily find the best yields for your portfolio.

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