What is the Binance Crypto WODL Game?

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Binance WODL answer game was launched on the fifth anniversary of the cryptocurrency exchange.

The game is one of Binance‘s innovations intended to increase user interaction, while help the exchange gain more consumer support.

The game has you attempt to guess correct blockchain and crypto-related terms to unlock free mystery box crypto rewards.

You get a grand total of six attempts to guess the correct term to be in with the chance of winning some free rewards.

To participate in the game rewards, you must guess five words related to cryptocurrency correctly.

These words you’ll be guessing are the ones always mentioned on the Binance blog.

To make it easier for you to guess, the Binance WODL game feature different theme each week.

How to play Binance crypto WODL

To participate in Binance crypto WODL answer game, you must have an active account on the exchange.

Otherwise, you’d click here to create and verify an account, and you will get some bonus and discount on your future transaction fees.

Once you’re logged into your Binance account, then you can access the mini-game.

The game is located on the central panel in the homepage, if you’re using desktop version of the platform.

If you can’t see the mini-game in the central panel, you can tap the ‘More’ button under it to see all the latest news.

A new tab will open, then select ‘Latest Activities’ option to find the WODL mini-game.

If you are using mobile phone, and want to access Binance WODL in the official app, your should tap ‘more’ option on the main screen.

Under the ‘Gift & Campaign’ section, you will find an icon named WODL, tap it to play the reward game.

How to get 2 Binance WODL answers a day

By default, the platform allows only one guess a day, but you can get up-to two guesses if you share an article.

The trick is that you can simply open the shared article link by yourself using an incognito browser window.

This way, it will automatically let you have a second guess for the same day.

Final thoughts

You have only five attempts to correctly guess a word that is between three and eight long letters.

There aren’t any clues up front, so you must go completely blind on your first coupe of guesses.

After you’ve sent the first guess, the color of each letter’s box will turn green, if the letter is in the right spot.

If the box turns yellow, the letter is located somewhere in the word, but you have it in the wrong position.

When the box stays grey, it means that the letter is not in the word at all.

However, you’re allowed to only guess one word per day, which means that completing all five needed words will take you five days.

On the contrary, there’s a little trick you can use to get two words a day.

You can share an article to get an extra attempt, but you don’t need an extra person to do that for you.