Why You Got Binance Withdrawal Suspended Error

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Author: Mr. KingsHOK
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It’s not pleasant knowing that Binance suspend withdrawal on your account wallets.

Binance offers one of the best online platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies at anytime in the entire crypto market.

This platform is among the best cryptocurrency exchanges with best transaction fees in the market, and if you use the native Binance coin (BNB), you will get the lowest withdrawal fees.

To learn more about this popular crypto exchange, you can read my detailed review on Binance exchange.

If you have Binance authenticated account, and use the same for transferring various cryptocurrencies. You can deposit or withdraw funds without any restrictions.

But chances are that you might’ve experienced withdrawal suspension error, owing to security reasons, the withdrawal function may be temporarily suspended for your Binance account.

If you wish to know why your Binance account withdrawal got rejected recently, continue reading further as am going to explain the major reasons that causes this error.

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Binance withdrawal suspended error

Binance Withdrawal Suspended

This happens when Binance occasionally suspend withdrawal of some Altcoins, because of network congestion, which is mostly due to delayed transactions and long que in the transaction clearance.

Binance block network error can also cause Binance exchange to suspend withdrawal for most of the crypto wallets affected.

Let me talk about some of the usual reasons why you may experience this Binance withdrawal suspended error both now and in the unforeseen future.

1. Binance withdrawal suspended due to maintenance

Once Binance is undergoing major wallet maintenances, it will have suspended deposits, withdrawals, spot and margin, P2P, OTC Portal, savings and redemption.

Even cryptocurrency transfer from sub-accounts, margin accounts, futures accounts and fiat wallet gets rejected to mitigate errors that may arise alongside.

Sometimes, the transaction backlogs need to be cleared, before Binance gets to release and allow account withdrawals again for some of the exchange cryptocurrency wallets.

2. Binance withdrawal suspended due to risk control

Actually, one of the main reasons behind Binance withdrawal function getting rejected is due to changed password, or when you get the SMS/Google authentication disabled.

The withdrawal function will be suspended for 48 hours after you have reset your SMS/Google authentication, unlock your account or change your account email.

However, if there is any kind of unusual activities in your account, the withdrawal function will also be temporarily disabled.

In the process of Binance withdrawal suspension due to risk management, the function resumes automatically when the time is up, or you call Binance Helpline Number.

Binance withdrawal rejected

Now you know, why Binance rejected your fund withdrawal request. And the function automatically resumes when it detects that the time is up.

If you feel uncomfortable waiting out the automatic resumption time, you can call Binance customer helpline centre to show you how to resume withdrawal suspended functions faster.

By the way, why would you want to leave your cryptocurrency investment on an exchange, when you can simply save it in a crypto wallet?

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On the contrary, you can still download mobile crypto wallet app (Trust wallet), when you do not have money to invest in buying high security devices.