Bitcoin Doubler Script Sites Legit [or Not]?

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Bitcoin doubler sites are bitcoin ponzi scams established by mostly yahoo boys. They will never double your bitcoin in 24 hours or even forever as there are no genuine bitcoin doubler site as they may claim. If am not mistaking it by the literal meaning of the term, bitcoin doublers are meant to just double your investment for you.

This should have being the reality by which ever means they do it, and simply give you back your initial investment alongside the Return On Investment (ROI), right?

However, in reality, money doubling is known as an illegal act, because nothing about it has ever been true. It’s always a tactics used by scammers to swindle wealthy individuals off their financial assets.

So stop being lazy to work for your cryptocurrency earnings or even believing that someone can be trading for you.

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It has never happened straight forward, and will never happen as you think. Bitcoin doublers are simply scams.

They cannot even be referred to as ponzi schemes, because they sometimes collect from new investors and still not pay the old ones.

They have never met up with their claims. If you have any of your bitcoin investment in such website, just know that you have actually been scammed already by one of the bitcoin scams online. If not i will suggest you stop right away.

Bitcoin doubler ponzi scam brief review

Just like Bitcoinvest claimed to be a bitcoin investment site and program that collects money from the public to double it, as well as generate profit by getting involved in pumping and dumping of cryptocurrencies by price manipulations.

Source of income payout claims

They always find a way to backup the source of their incomes to be able to pay huge profits to their investors. See some of their normal claims below.

1. Bitcoin algorithm loophole

Majority of the bitcoin doubler sites do claim that they pay profit made by reading algorithms of the loopholes found in the bitcoin or blockchain, but trust me, bitcoin is far more secured to have any loophole available to generate fake transactions without having ledger records.

If you really want to know the history of bitcoin origination and how it works, kindly read my beginners guide on bitcoin.

2. Bitcoin mining

Some of these fake bitcoin doubler investment schemes do claim that they are group of private cryptocurrency miners that uses their investor’s to mine and give them back their profits.

All these are all lies, because once the crypto coins are invested, they will never be seen ever again.

3. Cryptocurrency trading

Their claims varies all the time. They may also choose to claim that they pay profit made by trading cryptocurrencies or engaging in the illegal pump and dump tactics.

This is absolutely lies. Just know that nobody can pay you profit in this way.

Nobody i mean, not even the world best stock trader, chart reader or investor can double your bitcoin investment in 24 hours – that’s if it’s even possible at all.

Identities and transparency

Mind you that most of these fake bitcoin investment sites owners do impersonate prominent people by using their pictures as the team and admin of their bitcoin doubling scam websites.

This is just so they can convince people enough to start depositing their bitcoin investment into their bitcoin scam wallet.

On the other hand, they may also choose not to disclose any ID that will link to anybody. This will help them to maintain full anonymity and not face any legal issue in the long run.

How to identify fake bitcoin doublers

Before they will start promising you huge profit to your BTC investment, just have it in mind that they’re not the ‘Wall Street of Bitcoin‘ as mostly claim.

Below are the things you need to research careful before considering to invest your bitcoin in any bitcoin doubler program.

1. Domain age or history

Though some of them do buy old domains these days to get high ranking, while majority of them do register new domain to start their ponzi schemes.

2. SSL certification

They hardly invest in paid Secure Sockets Layer protocol certificates (SSL).

They always launch their platforms with free ssl certifications like; Let’s Encrypt and Cloudflare free SSL certs or even any other free SSL firms.

3. Past domain versions

Due to the fact that most bloggers and website normally find out about all these scam investment site and also write reviews against all of them.

They mostly tend to change their domain names while retaining their names and also the old domain which are perfectly redirected to the new ones to keep old visitors and search engine ranks.

4. Domain WHOIS

No scam-star would want to be apprehended by the authority in any way, so they do everything possible to hide their information online.

5. Opinions from scam review sites

The simplest way to know when you’re about to invest in a fake investment site is by doing a search with their name to reviews and comments from other people who might have tried them out before you.

Up to you

Nobody can be able to double your bitcoin in 24 hours basis. As in, nobody is a bitcoin doubler expert. Do not fall prey for such bitcoin doubler no minimum scam sites.

If you already have cryptocurrency investments you will like to use and make money online, try reading my post on different best bitcoin investment plan.

You can use to maximize the growth of your bitcoin cryptocurrency investment plan, and also make money fast online.

Struggle to make your own money by yourself. Don’t let anyone fool you by claiming they can make you huge profit if you hand over your investment to them.

It never worked and will never work – at least not in this generation where scam is becoming rampant every day-by-day.

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