Free Bitcoin Faucet: A Beginners Guide to Earn Bitcoin Fast

by The 'Staunch

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Do you know that it’s much possible to earn bitcoin online for free? Well, the most reliable, easiest and quickest way to you can earn free BTC (Bitcoin) is running a bitcoin faucet.

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Bitcoin has actually created many appealing websites that offer various services. Since the bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, it’s much easier to create a gambling site that uses BTC as payout currency instead of traditional fiat currencies.

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, which means, it doesn’t belong to any country and it’s universal in nature. This has granted access its usage with anonymity. It even became a perfect payment method for completing micro tasks online.

What is a Bitcoin Faucet?

Btc faucetA bitcoin faucet is simply, a kind of reward systems that do giveaway bitcoins for free in an exhange for completing a simple captcha. Completing a captcha task is one of the services that are rewarded by paying out Satoshis – the smallest fraction of BTC (i.e. a hundred millionth bitcoin).

Reasons why websites run bitcoin faucet

There are multiple reasons why most website run bitcoin faucet on their platforms. Below are the three reasons:

• To get a massive inflow of traffic to their website
• To make money introducing other contents on the website
• Introducing users to a new cryptocurrency project market

Bear it in mind that Bitcoin Faucets cannot make you rich, as the rewards are typically very small, and continously fluctuating depending on the value of cryptocurrencies at a particular time. Basically, you can’t send satoshis to wallets which means, you have to let it accumulate to the amount that can be sent to your bitcoin wallet.

How do Bitcoin Faucet Work?

Bitcoin faucets are created to promote bitcoin crypto among people all over the world. It is a way of introducing people to the world of bitcoin cryptocurrency.

If you are one of those cryptocurrency enthusiasts who will like to make money without any investment, you can make use of generators like a bitcoin faucet. Try to always learn the processes to making money with bitcoin faucets. Faucet can only pay you when you complete a micro task like play games online, rolling a random number generator, loading a full oage of ads, and watching videos online etc. Projects like and uses faucets to get you to visit their website.

Additionally, educating new user to bitcoin, some projects choose to utilize faucets for a couple of other purposes as mentioned above. They simply improve their monetization by increasing traffic to the websites using bitcoin faucet. Simply put that faucet generator websites attract high traffic.

If a business website has other services to advertise to its visitors who are also cryptocurrency enthusiasts, a faucet with high traffic is obviously a great way to get the word out there by offer like incentives like satoshis to make more people familiarize with the brand. Depending on the type of content that is promoted, a website can also generate income. This is something that is very hard in competitive market.

Since advertisers usually pay per page impression and conversions, that’s why bitcoin faucet generators usually make their revenue by sharing its advertiser revenues with content generating users. The faucet managers normally divide the income with users for specific tasks. The major goal is to keep people coming back to the website as well as spending as much possible time navigating the pages to gain more ad views.

Is Bitcoin Faucet profitable or just time wasting?

To earn bitcoin with faucet depends on the reward size which is quite small, assiduous and carefulness of the user, and the skills to attract partners for referral programs. It is mostly assumed according to research that average earning you can make from faucet ranges from $100 to $150 monthly with maximum being $300. To achieve this result anyways, you will need to train for hours, with considerable day-time planning, having lots of free time and the lack of ideas to apply one.

A typical new user can follow these paths below:
• Forgeting about free bitcoins entirely due to cost/earning ratio disappointments
• Try to automate the whole process with an automated bot.

How much can you make with bitcoin faucet?

The reward per action is generally very small because completing tasks are typically rewarded with some amount satoshis. As at the time of writing this post, 1 Satoshi equals to One Hundred Millionth Bitcoin (1 Satoshi = 1/100,000,000 Bitcoins). It can take a long time to make a substantial BTC to make it a worthwhile.

How can you earn more bitcoins fast from faucets?

Rotator bot can be used to repeatedly complete user actions in round-the-clock automatic mode. These robots can work from computers, remote servers and virtual machines. This means that you can come accross robots that completes captcha quicker to earn Satoshi.

Auto generator is a simple script that allows users to get small amounts of cryptocurrencies every minute just by leaving open the tab with the script running. The profit growth using the robot happens due to the parallel collection cryptocurrencies from different websites simultaneously.

Note: Searching for such robot faucet generators can lead to having malwares installed on your computers and gadgets. Try to check any software that claims to be a bot for bitcoin faucet thoroughly.

Bitcoin faucet, is it legit or scam?

In 2010, Gavin Andresen created bitcoin faucets and since then, many scam projects have emanated out of nowhere.

The common scam by most fake projects are where you get to play the captcha game every 5 minutes to 1 hour. They only pay you when you gain upto 20,000 Satoshis before you’ll be able to cash out. Eventually, by the time you finally reach the stated payout amount, they will inform you will need to continue playing the game for some couple of days more, and the story continues in this format in a loop of disappointments.

Warning: Bounce of such a website that does this as fast as you can, before you waste more of your time or they may ask for something else from you.

Examples of known Bitcoin Faucets scams are:
• Goldspay

Final Words of Advice

Bitcoin faucet will generate good income for you if you’re able to find the legit ones to earn bitcoin for free. But just know that it’s not a Get-Rich-Quick scheme as it bitcoin faucets typically pays in Satoshis. Even the highest paying bitcoin faucet will not give you huge money fast.

In other words, faucets always give away free bitcoins just to promote the usage of bitcoin crypto. Faucet is simply the best way to get started with your involvement in bitcoin cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, just know that the penny it pays you in Satoshi can turn out to become a bigger money in future depending on its increase in worth by then.

Goodluck but don’t forfeit every other way to earn bitcoin fast online. While you’re trying to earn bitcoin with bitcoin faucet, try to also learn other ways you can use to earn more bitcoins faster.