Cryptocurrency Terminologies and Blockchain Glossary of Terms

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When i newly started getting involve with cryptocurrency, i joined different types of crypto investment and trading chat-rooms on telegram, as well as on reddit. At that stage, i discovered that most of the cryptocurrency blockchain terms and terminologies like, HODL which means; to HOLD, is been used in those chat groups, but little did i know the meaning as at then!

These cryptocurrency terms as at then, seemed so unusual to me, are totally different from normal English terms we all know. This led me into trying to figure out what most of these cryptocurrency abbreviations mean in the real world of investment.

At first, i thought it’s just plenty of misspellings and many other assumptions, but after numerous times of searching those terms in dictionaries and on Google, i came to realize that those terms actually, are only used in those telegram groups and cryptocurrency world.

I had to start digging through groups again, to learn those terms as to be conversant with other crypto enthusiasts, so in this blog content, am going to list out the ones i managed to learn with their meaning respectively.

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Let’s get started.

Cryptocurrency Blockchain Terms

Blockchain terms (or terminologies) are those popularly used jargons among cryptocurrency investors to describe the situation of things, or actions and activities. They’re blockchain words mostly used by those cryptocurrency staunches you may have come across online.

Below are all the popularly used cryptography blockchain glossary of terms and definitions.

What is HODL?

According to research, the term HODL appeared on the Bitcoin Talk Forum in 2013 from a member known as Game Kyuubi in the thread ‘I AM HODLING‘.

It was assumed that he was drunk, while trying to convey the fact he’s still holding his bitcoin investment despite all time serious fall of the token that happened as at then.

Since that incident, the misspelled crypto slang, HODL (i.e Hold On for Dear Life), is popularly used to indicate when someone holds their token assets for future profit.


Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO), is one of the crypto acronyms used when a person is having fear of missing out on the profit of an investment.


All Time High is used to indicate that a certain token has broken all of its past record while trading at its highest price per asset.


This is normally used as BEARISH to place the fact that a token is on its down-trend (rapid price fall).


It is used by most gambling people, and it means a trader with fat account – especially, the one who thinks the market will be bearish. They are known as Bullish Whales, while Bearish Whale are those ones who believe the price of a token will fall within a specific period.


This is when any of the bitcoin investors HODLs an asset an asset for a very long time and had to bear the consequences of holding it for that long. This mostly happens when an exchange de-lists a cryptocurrency from its trading platform.


This is simply a misspell of the word, ‘Wrecked’. This refers to the situation when a trader is totally ruined or destroyed from loses from current downfall of a token asset price.


This is the term used to say that a cryptocurrency is experiencing an upward momentum as it keeps rising in price.


This simply refers to public address (or public key) of a DApp token.


This is known as Fear Uncertainty and Doubtswhich is usually heard from investors who are not sure of what will happen next in the price movement of a cryptocurrency.


This is used to refer to China as the country which is immensely influential in the cryptocurrency space with its large number of individual mining and trading activities.


Used to refer to other cryptocurrencies aside Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Used to refer to that situation where you’ve lost all your money.


Buy The F**king Dip (used to tell investors to buy in dumps)


Lol… funny, but it’s not what you’re thinking anyway. It means long green and red candles on the chart graphs.


To sell off a coin or token


Downward price movement


Do Your Own Research


Fundamental Analysis


Joy Of Missing Out. It is used when a trader is lucky and also happy to take profit right before a sudden change in price action – mostly happens in price downfall.


Margin bull position


Margin bear position


Market Capitalization


Over the counter


Upward price movement


A coin with no potential value or use


Zig Zag movement of price (i.e. Upwards and Downwards)


Technical analysis


When someone is always wrong in predicting price movements.

Note: these terms are mostly used for humor in those chats, and on no account should i be held responsible for the exact meaning, because we’re all still learning the same terms.

Conclusion: Cryptography Blockchain Terms

Cryptocurrency terms are used to state the current situation of the entire market alongside the strategies that are involved in the cryptocurrency world. By the way, if there’s any cryptocurrency term we omitted in this post, please do notify me, so it will be added ASAP (i.e. As Soon As Possible).

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In other words, what ever you do, just don’t leave your cryptocurrencies in an exchange for too long, because you can loose your investment instantly if there happens to be a hack on the platform.

There is no way you can retrieve your crypto investment incase of hack, or lose, because you do not have any access to the private keys.

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