How to Fix Failed Swap Transaction on the Uniswap DEx

I'm trying to make transactions on UniSwap, but they're just failing? In this article, are the causes and how to fix a failed swap UniSwap transaction.

Swap transactions on UniSwap are usually very fast and straightfoward.

UniSwap is a popular decentralized exchange (DEx) that allows people to exchange tokens without intermediaries.

You can simply connect your wallet, look for a token, and easily swap it to another crypto-coin asset very easily.

However, sometimes you may experience UniSwap ‘swap failed’ transaction problem due to various reasons.

These reasons can be something like; slippage, network congestion, insufficient funds or token fees.

In this article, I will explain how to fix transaction failed on UniSwap, and provide some tips to avoid common errors.

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How to fix UniSwap swap failed

Although there are many causes to this issue, you’ll still need to change and increase slippage tolerance.

Since the transaction fails at a lower price due to excessive movements, increasing the slippage tolerance will help get rid of fluctuations on a coin.

Nevertheless, whenever you increase slippage tolerance, you’ll be paying higher prices for the transaction fees.

Start by increasing the slippage tolerance to 3%, and if the issue persists, increase the slippage tolerance to 6~12% depending on the limit.

Causes of UniSwap swap failed

Your swap is expected to fail UniSwap selling or buying capabilities when it encounters issue related to token overall liquidity or price movement.

Swapping coins in UniSwap is not the same as in centralized exchanges, because you’re making pf crypto-to-crypto, not fiat-to-crypto.

In other words, UniSwap cryptocurrency swaps are made through decentralized coin tokens.

Although it is pretty clear that you should avoid buying coins with little to no value, sometimes you need to go out of the box and forget about a very popular coin.

In order to understand what’s really happening, we need to analyze the root causes of these issues.

1. Slippage tolerance

Insufficient output amount can prevent any large price movement from interfering with the transaction.

The default slippage tolerance on UniSwap is so low that whenever a larger price movement happens, the transaction emits an error that prevents you from swapping.

2. Low gas fees

If the transaction gas fee is too low, a timeout will be produced before being able to swap the crypto-coin token on your account.

High gas fees appear when a higher price than expected appears.

Hence, each transaction fee will have a direct consequence on the gas price, which will lead to an error appearing.

3. Hardcoded deadlines

All UniSwap transactions have a deadline, which depends primarily on the lower price or higher price you’re expected to pay for the token.

If, in any case, the transaction deadline gets exceeded due to fluctuations in the prices, an error will be displayed for you.

In order to avoid these UniSwap swap failed errors from stopping your transaction, you’ll need to counter any price movement.

4. Unsupported tokens

Deflationary tokens are not supported by the Uniswap v3 router, and if you try to execute a transaction with any of these tokens, the transaction will fail automatically.

Whenever you get certain kinds of errors on the UniSwap platform, make sure you are not trying to swap a deflationary token.

If you wish to know these deflationary tokens, then click here to see the list of crypto-coins that fall in this category.

How does UniSwap swap work?

The UniSwap crypto platform uses blockchain-based smart contracts to facilitate the decentralized trading of different crypto assets.

Pairs of digital assets are swapped via liquidity pools, which use smart contracts to automatically rebalance after every trade.

How long does UniSwap take to swap tokens?

UniSwap token swap transactions is mostly like complete within a few minutes.

However, during periods of high network activity, a transaction may take longer time to be completed.

How much does UniSwap charge for swaps?

On UniSwap decentralized exchange; there is a 0.3% fee for swapping tokens.

At the moment, there are no protocol fees.

However, it is possible that a protocol-wide charge of 0.05% per trade may take effect.

Why do swaps fail on UniSwap?

A UniSwap swap failed error can happen when a sudden shift in the price between the cryptocurrencies occurs.

It’s recommended to wait for at least 60 seconds before trying the crypto transaction again.

What happens if a UniSwap swap failed?

When a UniSwap swap fails, some gas fees will still be spent, and the fee goes to the network validators still.

What are token swap risks?

Interest-rate swap involve two primary risks: interest rate risk and credit risk, which is known in the swaps market as counterparty risk.

This is because, the actual interest rate movements do not always match expectations, swaps entail interest-rate risk.

What is the disadvatage of using UniSwap swap?

Liquidity providers on this platform are exposed to impermanent loss, as it’s a risk from price volatility.

However, the UniSwap swap risk can be substantial, especially in volatile markets.

Why’s UniSwap network fee not loading?

It may be one of the issues with both the inclusive fee and support fee on the network.

Try to check and verify that your cryptocurrency token is supported by the platform once you get this particular error.

Final words

If you’re wondering why you’re getting UniSwap swap failed errors, the most likely reason is that your trade has higher slippage than what your settings allow.

UniSwap swap failure is mostly as result of price movement related issues, and since it’s not a regular exchange, you will have to control everything yourself.

Increasing the slippage tolerance makes the swapping smooth, but be prepared to buy the coin at a much higher price than originally desired.

Yet another swap failed UniSwap issue could be that you’re not paying enough in network fees, which causes the transaction to time out.

Another common error encountered by users on Uniswap and similar decentralized exchanges is the ‘insufficient liquidity for this trade‘ error.

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