Best Crypto Blockchain Explorers

Once you’re dealing in cryptocurrencies, you need a blockchain explorer.

But only very few persons knows anything about blockchain.

Doing cryptocurrency business without a good blockchain explorer is just like someone using the internet without Google, or other search engines.

Blockchains are basically huge public databases, and blockchain explorers enables cryptopreneurs to search a much great information of blockchain.

Before we go further, let me explain in a brief detail what Bitcoin blockchain is all about in general.

What is Blockchain explorer?

A blockchain explorer is more like a search engine that allows you to search and navigate through the entire blockchain to trace or track cryptocurrency transactions.

A Bitcoin block explorer you can check the balance of different Bitcoin public addresses, track coin transfer histories and watch how many confirmations a transaction has passed.

It can also get a wide variety of statistics about the network such as the current hash rate and more.

Bitcoin Block Explorer displays the contents of individual Bitcoin blocks and transaction histories and balances of many public wallet addresses.

Usually the block explorer software will supply some or more of the following:

  1. List of a chain’s recent blocks
  2. Transactions in a given block
  3. Links to previous and next transaction (both input and output)
  4. List of all transactions involving a given address
  5. Current and historical address balances
  6. Search for blocks, transactions, and addresses etc.

When it comes to blockchain explorers, there are several factors you should consider to make the right choice, such as the crypto-coin you’re working with and the crypto wallet provider.

As humans, we’re constantly looking for the best alternatives to anything and everything we use.

There are wide choice of blockchain explorers to choose from, and the following are top Bitcoin and other blockchain explorers in the market currently.

Best Bitcoin blockchain explorers

As you could imagine, there isn’t just one Bitcoin block explorer. In this list, I’ve only put together the best BTC blockchain explorers to make your search a lot easier.

These blockchain explorers are the very best ones I personally use a lot to keep track of all my Bitcoin transactions online – Read on!

Blockchain.Com block explorer (Popular) Block Explorer Block Explorer is the most popular Bitcoin blockchain explorer on this list, because so long as blockchain is concerned, this project has become a household name.

The reason behind its popularity isn’t exactly the quality of service. This block explorer was actually among the first services of its kind that people started using.

Blockchain’s block explorer is a traditional cryptocurrency wallet service, and it makes exploring the blockchain an easy task. 

Once you introduce your transaction ID, the system will provide the following information: block details, size, status and more useful details. Block Explorer also offers some additional tools such as an average fee graph, hash rate and mining difficult. This service is suitable for both crypto newbies and experts alike.

Supported cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum only.


Blockchair Block Explorer

Blockchair is increasingly becoming a popular choice among cryptocurrency investors these days.

This service offers more data than, making it perfect for those interested in further details on their cryptocurrency transactions.

Apart from information related to a specific transaction, it also collects data on the blockchains, including circulation, transactions per block, the on-chain volume, etc.

Blockchair lets you search for transactions, addresses, blocks, and even embedded text data.

Supported cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Cardano, Bitcoin SV, Stellar, Monero, Dash, Dogecoin, Groestlcoin and Telegram Open Network.

Bitcoin.Com Bitcoin block explorer Block Explorer

The block explorer is a simple yet powerful blockchain explorer that offers a clean interface to look up for transactions on the BTC and BCH networks only.

A useful feature of this site is the possibility to scan QR codes of Bitcoin addresses, saving you the trouble to manually input the messy wallet addresses.

Supported cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.


Blockcypher Block Explorer

BlockCypher is an open-source Bitcoin cryptocurrency blockchain explorer that will help you discover a wealth of information on the specific crypto-coin.

Apart from standard blockchain explorer information, you’ll also get access to additional tools such as estimates on block confirmation time.

Supported cryptocurrencies:

Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin and Grin.

CoinMarketCap block explorer

Coinmarketcap Block Explorer

CoinMarketCap Blockchain Explorer is one of the newest options, and it’s a reference for all crypto holders, when it comes to finding vital information on the cryptocurrency market.

Apart from getting cryptocurrencies and exchanges ranking sorted by market capitalization, you can also count on this site to find your transactions.

One very thing I like so much about CoinMarketCap is its clean aesthetic, which provides a seamless user experience.

However, the only downside of CoinMarketCap blockchain explorer is the limited blockchains supported. Yet, it is still a great resource for mainstream crypto investment holders.

Supported cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

BTC.Com block explorer Block Exlorer

Despite being among the newest alternatives, quickly established itself as a solid choice in the cryptocurrency community.

Exploring the Bitcoin blockchain with is certainly easy, fast and highly reliable. is one of the world’s biggest mining pools and regularly shows up among block reward winning charts.

This platform offers insights such as block transaction history, block size, block ID, energy consumption, among other details.

Supported cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.

Best Ethereum blockchain explorers

If you also invest in Ethereum projects, below are the most reliable and popularly used Ethereum blockchain explorers in the market today.

Etherscan (Popular)


As the name suggests, Etherscan is the leading Blockchain explorer exclusively and uniquely built for Ethereum database network only.

This is meant to provide Ethereum users to lookup, confirm and validate transactions taking place in the popular Ethereum blockchain more easily.

As Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) becomes popular and quicker in selling out, Etherscan can verify if the Ether from their wallet to the BAT address went through successfully.

To build decentralized applications (dApps), the platform provides API services, which can be also used to serve as data feeds for ETH Blockchain information.

Supported cryptocurrencies:

All the Ethereum based tokens and cryptocurrencies.


Etherchain looks similar, like Etherscan. That’s not surprising for any blockchain explorer, but these similarities are more than surface level.

The main page lists the most recently mined blocks and transactions. Ethereum statistics include the price, difficulty, block time, hash rate, transactions per second (TPS), and the uncle rate.

Etherchain doesn’t have its search box in a prominent central position like Etherscan, it’s found on the top right of the page. There is an unobtrusive advert at the top of this page.

This explorer introduces a splash of colour into the information presented. Blocks and transactions get assigned colourful avatars, and the total Ether transferred is in green.

Etherchain provides other information besides Ethereum’s blockchain data. They also provide data about any active hard forks.

They show the real-time profitability from mining pools, statistics on topics such as Ethereum’s economy, mining, and network usage.

Supported cryptocurrencies:

Some of the major Ethereum based tokens.

Best Ripple (XRP) explorer (Bonus)

Ripple (XRP) Block Explorer is a simple tool which gets you detailed information about any Ripple transaction, address, and block.

Below are the list of best Ripple block transaction explorer compiled for you to track most of your XRP transactions on the blockchain without having much stress;

  • XRP Charts
  • Bithomp XRP explorer
  • XRP ledger explorer
  • XRPL explorer ledger

Monero block explorer (Bonus)

Monero blockchain viewer is a tool that gives you detailed information about XMR transaction ID (i.e. TxID), address, and block log.

See the list of best XMR blockchain explorer compiled for you to track most of your TxID transactions without any stress;

  • LocalMonero block explorer
  • MoneroVision blockchain explorer
  • XMRChain
  • Monero Blocks


Let me use this opportunity to answer some of the frequently asked questions that are related to cryptocurrency blockchain explorers below…

What is block height?

Block height is the number of blocks in the chain between any given block and the very first block of that particular crypto blockchain.

Blockchain is revolutionary technology for creating permanent, secure digital recordings. It can record any information, but it started with recording unconfirmed BTC transactions.

How many Bitcoins are mined everyday?

About 144 blocks on the average are mined on daily basis, and there are 6.25 bitcoins per block.

How many blocks of Bitcoins are mined?

There are only 21 million Bitcoins that can be mined in the complete total.

Final thoughts

I think every cryptocurrency user should know about these block explorers, because they’re what makes crypto community very open, transparent, and decentralized.

Aside from the intrigue factor, being able to use any of these tools for tracking transaction history is a wonderful feature of the crypto model.

One of my favourite things to do is seeing the genesis block that Satoshi Nakamoto mined in 2009.

Meanwhile, do not be carried away by sophisticated nature of different blockchain networks, as security is of paramount importance maintain your crypto investment safety.

Try to always use the best cryptocurrency wallets, and if you can afford investing in your investment security, I would recommend you purchase a hardware wallet.