How to Buy BTC with iTunes Gift Card

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You can actually exchange gift card for Bitcoin with iTunes gift card on P2P platforms.

There are many gift cards available.

Example are; Amazon gift cards, Walmart card, iTunes, PlayStation Network, Steam, Xbox, and many more.

But today, we’ll be focusing on the process of how to trade gift cards for Bitcoin using an Apple iTunes gift card.

Best places to buy Bitcoin with iTunes gift card

In order to buy Bitcoin using a Apple iTunes Gift Card, you have to find a reputable exchange or marketplace that will let you do it.

Take a look at the best recommended exchanges below, and make a choice…

1. LocalCryptos (Recommended)


LocalCryptos is a non-custodial peer-to-peer crypto marketplace that supports 400+ payment methods.

Unlike LocalBitcoins, it does not keep your wallet private keys on the platform.

LocalCryptos gives vendors the ability to create offer in currencies available on the platform, while serving as an escrow.

Non-custodial walletsSlow response customer support
Escrow systemBuyers and sellers can be scammed
Diverse payment methods
Simple user interface (UI)
Wide variety of sellers
Good security

Visit LocalCryptos

2. LocalBitcoins


LocalBitcoins is a popular Bitcoin P2P platform that serves as Escrow, while connecting buyers and sellers together for transactions.

It gives vendors the ability to create offers in all currencies.

If you are still new to hearing about this exchange, you can read my comprehensive review on LBC.

Available in every country of the worldOnly supports Bitcoin cryptocurrency
A diverse selection of buyers and sellersLack of responsive customer support
Supports many payment methodsBoth sellers and buyers can be scammed
Buyers get their Bitcoins fast
High anonymity

Try LocalBitcoins

How to buy Bitcoin with iTunes gift card

To give you an idea of how to transform your iTunes gift card into Bitcoin, I’ll use LocalCryptos as an example.

  1. Create an account on LocalCryptos
  2. Login on the exchange
  3. Go-to the vendors list page
  4. Select an offer
  5. Input desired number of crypto-coins
  6. Select iTunes gift card as payment method
  7. Accept the transaction conditions.

When it comes to gift cards, vendors will usually ask for the code and a picture, alongside the receipt.

In most cases, vendors will prefer that you buy a physical gift card with cash (to prevent any chargeback instances).

Once you’ve sent the necessary payment requirements, be sure to mark the trade as ‘Paid.’

As soon as the vendor receives your payment, he/she will release the cryptocurrency coin from the escrow system.

Congratulations… You’ve just bought yourself some Bitcoins with Apple iTunes gift card.

What is iTunes?

Introduced in 2001, iTunes is a popular media player and management tool used most often for music applications like organization, distribution, and streaming.

The Apple iTunes platform can be downloaded on any operating system and is built-in within present-day Apple devices.

Where can you get iTunes gift card?

Apple iTunes gift cards can be purchased from any gift card retailer in bulk including popular ones like LocalBitcoins, LocalCryptos or CardCash.

CardCash specializes in different gift cards to individuals, and not just the Apple iTunes gift cards.

Where is the best place to buy BTC with iTunes gift card?

Popular peer-to-peer platforms have introduced one of the exciting ways to purchase BTC using gift cards.

Can I sell my iTunes gift card this way?

Yes of course! Like for Nigerians, this is simply how to sell iTunes gift card in Nigeria, without having to stress yourself over looking for who will buy it on the street from you.

Over to you now

As you can see, buying Bitcoin with iTunes gift card is pretty much simpler than you ever thought, but do not be carried away.

This process of buying BTC is one of the most riskiest ways online.

Always make sure to transfer your cryptocurrency away from an exchange where you bought them to avoid loss due to theft or hacks.

I recommend you use the best Bitcoin wallets, of which hardware wallets are the most secure type of wallets in the market.