How to Buy Crypto with Kiwibank in New Zealand Australia

Kiwibank is a New Zealand fedrational bank.

It provides a wide range of financial services, including personal and business accounts, loans, and insurance.

As Kiwibank currently does not offer investment opportunities in crypto, it recognizes the potential of this innovative asset class.

It also allows its users to transact through regulated and licensed crypto asset exchanges.

The most reliable crypto exchange for Kiwibank customers is Binance, and you can buy or sell tokens through spot, margin, options and derivatives.

It is the only exchange that offers complete transparency in its assets by providing proof of reserves showing the users funds 1:1 they’re holding.

Kiwibank users can deposit NZD to Binance via multiple payment methods including bank transfer, credit/debit card, PayPal, Skrill etc.

Keep reading to learn how you can safely buy cryptocurrency from Binance exchange with Kiwibank account.

Let’s dive straight in it.

How to buy Bitcoin with Kiwibank

To make this tutorial easy and simple, it’s assumed that you already have an account with the exchange platform.

If not, you should visit Binance to create an account immediately, then complete the KYC verification.

If you’re new to this crypto platform, it’ll be good to read my review on Binance exchange.

Once this is done properly, follow the steps below to purchase Bitcoin with Kiwibank from the exchange.

  1. Tap ‘Buy’ option on the top left
  2. Choose P2P from the drop-down list
  3. Select the NZD fiat currency to pay with
  4. Select ‘BTC’, or any Altcoin you’d like to buy
  5. Click on the ‘Payment method’ button
  6. Select ‘Bank Transfer’ on the drop-down menu
  7. Afterwards, choose the P2P ad that suits your needs
  8. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to purchase
  9. Tap ‘Buy BTC’ option and then press ‘To Payment Page
  10. Select ‘Bank Transfer’ as payment method
  11. Copy and paste account details in your Kiwibank app
  12. Then make transfer of the exact amount.

These account details may include bank account number, bank name, branch information, swift code etc.

Once the seller receives your funds, they’ll then confirm payment, and release the crypto assets.

Congratulation… you’ve successfully bought BTC with Binance using Australian Kiwibank!

Best places to buy crypto with Kiwibank

Based on our research, these are the best platforms available in New Zealand where you can buy cryptocurrencies with Kiwibank.

1. Binance – Overall best place

Binance Exchange

Binance is at the top of the list, because, it is a feature-rich platform that caters to users of all levels with support for 600+ cryptocurrencies.

It provides the tools you’ll need to buy and sell crypto with more advanced strategies, and earn interest.

Beginners can purchase Bitcoin and Altcoins quickly with the ‘Buy Crypto with Debit/Credit Card’ feature.

Meanwhile, the Binance Academy stands out as one of the best educational resources for those looking to develop their crypto knowledge.

Binance has some of the lowest fees on the market at just 0.1% or less, and the minimum spot size is $10.

You can use your card to buy anything from 30NZD to 20,000NZD of Bitcoin instantly for a fee of up to 2%.

However, withdrawing the fund balance to your card incurs a fee of 1.9%.


  • Low transaction fees
  • Advanced investment tools
  • Over 600+ other crypto-coins
  • Comprehensive educational materials.

2. Coinbase – Easy place to buy BTC


Coinbase prides itself as one of the platforms you can use to buy and sell more than 150 cryptocurrencies easily.

It has a simple interface with a clear user-interface that is very easy to navigate for noobs.

The great thing about Coinbase is the minimum purchase size (2NZD), so you don’t need much money to start using it.

You can view your portfolio’s performance in the ‘Assets’ tab, add coins to your watchlist to keep track of them.

You can even use the recurring buy feature to set up regular automatic purchases, that is charged on your bank account.

If you want some advanced features, you will have to access Coinbase Pro customisable charts and different order types in the ‘Trade’ tab.

Coinbase users can take comfort from the fact that the platform is regulated and insures all its crypto and cash balances.

It also uses industry-best security practices, such as offline storage and encryption.

Unfortunately, you cannot withdraw NZD directly from the platform, so you need to move your crypto to another exchange and sell it there.

If you use the ‘Trade’ tab, the fees are pretty reasonable at 0.6% of each transaction.

When making instant card purchases, the transaction fees vary, and can be significant for small purchases.


  • Easy to use
  • Learning rewards
  • Low minimum order size
  • BTC is stored offline and insured.

Final words

Kiwibank is one of the most Australian widely used banks in New Zealand that provides its customers with a variety of financial services.

However, it does not offer a direct cryptocurrency investment feature to its users.

The best way to buy crypto with Kiwibank is by using Binance, which is a good exchange that offers competitive fees, security and multiple payment methods.

Meanwhile, remember that, it’s a bad strategy to leave your digital assets in an exchange where you bought them.

If you want my own advice, I will suggest you purchase a hardware wallet to keep funds safe from cyber theft.

The best recommended are Ledger crypto wallets, because they do not need an internet connection to secure your investments.

To learn more about one of the most recent wallet from the company, read my review on Ledger Nano X USB wallet.

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