How to Buy Bitcoin with SMS

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Author: Mr. KingsHOK
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There’s a way you can buy Bitcoin with SMS phone carrier billing!

Due to online crypto-coin scams that claim to sell Bitcoin through SMS, it’s seem difficult to buy BTC with SMS at the moment.

However, there are few sources where you can actually buy Bitcoin using your phone SMS credit.

These services include purchasing BTC using mobile phone call, buying with mobile payment carrier, SMS credit or tariff billing.

Let me go straight and show you these trustworthy services…

Let’s go there!

How to buy BTC with phone billing

Ways to buy Bitcoin via Phone SMS

Below are the safest platforms, which has features for you to use and purchase some amount of BTC using phone bill or SMS.

LocalBitcoins (Recommended)


LocalBitcoins was launched in 2012 as a platform enabling in-person trades with Bitcoin.

Throughout many years, the crypto exchange marketplace became popular in countries that banned BTC.

A custodial Bitcoin marketplace that offers services to buy and sell Bitcoin with mobile recharge and other users.

Currently, there are only offers for MTN Mobile Money users in some African countries.

Cheap way to buy Bitcoin in countries where its bannedUser interface is not very intuitive
Serves as an escrowCommissions can be high in some cases

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Paxful Exchange

Paxful an online marketplace where people can buy Bitcoin cryptocurrency with various payment methods.

It has a thread where you can buy BTC with mobile recharge, but the fees are crazy high.

Be sure to check sellers with a high reputation.

I haven’t tested this feature, but many users are signing up for this service lately, so it must be a good idea somehow.

Escrow service systemUser interface is not very intuitive
High securityCommissions can be high in some cases
Diverse payment methodsBuyers and sellers are prone to scams
Simple user interface (UI)
Wide variety of sellers

Buy Bitcoin with carrier billing

It’s possible to buy Bitcoin with premium SMS, but has to be with a serious caution as it’s still a new feature altogether.

At the moment, the best platform that offers this feature lies in the category of P2P Bitcoin (BTC) marketplaces.

Do not forget to always secure your Bitcoin investment with a safe cryptocurrency wallet.

I recommend you purchase offline hardware wallet, other you can simply download Trust mobile phone wallet.

If am to suggest the exact wallet you should purchase, I would suggest you go for Ledger hardware wallets.