How to Buy Crypto with Huntington Bank

It’s quite easy to buy cryptocurrencies using Huntington bank account.

However, Huntington bank does not offer crypto transactions on its platform, but can use your account to buy coins using a third-party exchange.

In other words, you need to sign-up to a licensed digital asset exchange, and deposit USDs via bank transfer.

Before getting into details on how you can buy Bitcoin or crypto-coin with Huntington account, let me brief you a bit about the bank itself.

Huntington bank overview

Huntington Bank is a regional bank headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, United States of America.

It was founded in 1866 and has more than 700 branches across eight states: Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Huntington Bank offers a wide range of products and services, including personal and business banking, lending, investments, and insurance.

It has a strong focus on community involvement and giving back, while offering programs and initiatives to support local organizations and causes.

The bank is a FDIC-insured institution and is subject to regulation by the Federal Reserve.

The bank has an excellent rating from the Better Business Bureau, and is generally well-regarded by customers.

Overall, Huntington Bank is a safe and reliable choice for your traditional banking needs.

Huntington bank policy

The Bank has a progressive stance toward cryptocurrency, and has embraced their customers investing in the asset class for years.

They’re among the first banks to outline a clear policy that allows their customers to transact with cryptocurrency exchanges.

This also includes on-chain networks like Ethereum, Avalanche or Solana.

Now that you learned briefly about the bank, let’s dive into how to buy crypto with Huntington bank account easily.

How to buy crypto with Huntington

The easiest way to buy Bitcoin or Altcoins with a Huntington Bank account is through Binance US.

Their platform allows very fast US Dollar deposits to exchange different cryptocurrencies.

The Binance exchange charges zero fees for deposits from Huntington, and cheapest fees on the transactions.

To learn more about this crypto exchange, you can read my review on Binance platform.

If you have an account with the bank and wish to invest in crypto-assets, then you will have to these easy steps below:

  1. Sign-up to Binance US
  2. Verify your KYC identifications
  3. Connect your Huntington Bank account
  4. Deposit desired amount of US Dollars
  5. Find the Crypto you want to buy
  6. Input the USD amount you want to buy
  7. Execute the cryptocurrency transaction.

It’s pretty straightforward, and now you know how to buy cryptocurrencies with a Huntington bank account.

Can I buy Bitcoin with Huntington Bank?

Huntington Bank does not offer any cryptocurrency services as at time of writing.

Customers cannot buy Bitcoin through Huntington bank account online, or physically at a bank branch.

Instead, customers will need to sign up to a regulated crypto exchange in the United States to deposit USD via the bank account.

What other banks let you buy crypto?

There are many other bank both in and outside US that allows their customers to do cryptocurrency transactions.

Check out an article I discussed some of the best crypto friendly banks.

Can I use my Huntington debit card internationally?

International transactions 3% fee will be charged on the amount posted for each debit card, or ATM transaction processed outside U.S.

These fees are in addition to any fee added by a network, or charged by an ATM operator.

How much money can you take out of Huntington Bank?

Both Daily ATM withdrawal and purchase limit of the card are $400 respectively.

Final thoughts

I recommend Binance US platform, because they are regulated in the USA and offer thousands of Cryptos and many more.

They have most of the popular cryptocurrencies available, and are easy to work with, while having a fantastic support system.

All in all, do not leave your cryptocurrency investment on an exchange where you bought them for too long.

It’s necessary to always withdraw your crypto assets away from that exchange to an offline wallet.

I highly recommend Ledger Nano X/S Plus, because they’re known to be the most secured crypto wallets in the market.

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