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It’s no brainier that guest posts are being used for link building. If to get a backlink is your sole aim of wanting to guest on this website, please look for other sites as this blog cannot and will never offer you what you want.

At cryptostaunch.com, we’re always on the lookout for talented writers who can write informative & interesting content on the subjects of cryptocurrency trading and bitcoin investment or generally, blockchain technology that help our readers solve issues on the same niche.

Guest bloggers and contributors are always welcome to write for cryptostaunch.com, which is a cryptocurrency blog and almost everything else related to fintech. cryptostaunch.com is growing into an authoritative blog, helping a lot of people (called Cryptopreneurs on this blog) find information they need.

Benefits of writing for CryptoStaunch

  1. CryptoStaunch caters to readers who are passionate enough to trust the information provided by you.
  2. You get a valuable link back to your website/blog through your guest post.
  3. You can generate traffic with a dofollow link back to your website.

Guideline to writing for CryptoStaunch

Regular Contributors – We’re currently looking for a number of writers who would like to contribute regularly to this blog. You can explore some of the existing contents for an idea of the topics that is covered on this blog. Please have the following in mind before sending in your article for review:

  • Each post/article must not be less than 800 word counts (minimum per article)
  • You must have good cryptocurrency & blockchain knowledge
  • Only one link can be allowed per post/article
  • Content must focus on targeted keyword(s) alongside LSI-Keywords
  • Every post/article must be well written with details thoroughly explained
  • Grammar and punctuation are quite important for each article you submit.
  • Proof-read your article thoroughly before you submit it to us. Check for broken links, grammar errors, typos and factual errors. Have a personal style of writing. Your post will be published in your name so form your own style of writing.
  • Add a list of all the resource links you referred to write your guest post at the end of the post.

How to send in your guest posts

Guest Posts – We accept one-time or regular guest posts, so long as they are not promotional in nature. Send a fully completed using the box below.