How to Make a MEME token for Beginners

Cryptocurrency meme tokens have flooded the crypto space.

Meme tokens were initially created to be a joke, but it seem to be a source to yielding high returns.

If you’ve been wondering why there are so many meme coins, it’s because they are pretty easy to create.

If you would like to make your own meme token, then you should also keep reading as you will learn it.

In this this article, we will show you how you can make meme cryptocurrency token very easily.

Before we start the process of making memes, let me explain what meme means, and why people love making them.

What is a meme token?

A meme token is a coin that is based on a popular meme, and does not have an inherent value or use case.

Usually, a liquidity pool is also created for the meme token to boost its value.

The whole idea of a meme crypto-coin token is the possibility of making money out of an already-existing meme.

Simply put that; meme is an image or video that is spread widely on the internet to create a sense of humor.

How to create a MEME coin

As stated already, meme tokens are not hard to create, but you must know how to create a cryptocurrency at-least.

Follow the process below to create your own meme token…

1. Pick a brand

This refers to your preferred name and logo of your token, which you’ve crafted out from the meme that inspired you.

Just know that it can be anything you like.

Examples are DogeMoon, Pugcoin, Shinucoin, TikyTat, HogeClassic, SafeHoge, and so on.

For the logo, you can download a suitable one from Google images, or pay a professional to design one for you.

2. Launch a website for your token

After choosing your brand name and logo, the next thing should be to design a website for your meme token.

People will need a dedicated website that explains everything about your token.

If possible it’s possible to design it by yourself, you should make it a custom design that is related to the back story of your meme token.

Otherwise, you should hire a professional WordPress developer (contact us) to design the website according to your taste.

3. Create the meme token

At this stage, you have to write the smart contract code for your token, and deploy it on a compatible blockchain.

Due to simplicity of this tutorial, we will use the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to create your meme coin token.

We’re assuming that you already have an account with the Binance exchange, otherwise, you should create one.

If you create an account using my link, you will up-to $100 deposit bonus, and about 40% discount on your transactions on the platform.

Before following the simple steps below to start creating meme token of your choice, make sure you fund your account with BNB.

  1. Go-to CoinTool BSC token create page
  2. Connect your wallet (either MetaMask or Trust wallet)
  3. Fill the form with required meme token details
  4. Cross-check all the information entered
  5. Click the ‘Create Token’ button to start the process
  6. Confirm the transaction request on your wallet.

Once it is successfully created, you will see a pop-up that contains the token address you can use to check it on the block explorer.

You can copy the address, or click the ‘Confirm’ button to take you to the BSCScan tab in your browser.

Create liquidity pool

To make people invest in your token by purchasing it, you will have to create liquidity pool for the meme token.

One of the best AMM to use is UniSwap.

Within time, this will help to increase the valuation of your crypto meme token asset, and even make it popular.

Publicize the meme token

To create awareness for your meme token, you will have to put effort in publicizing online, so people will start buying it.

Convince your audience that you’re real and that your token is worth their money.

You can start with social media groups and channels, but to make things faster, you need to pay for adverts.

Create a dedicated Telegram group and channel for the token, as that’s the most popular social media platform for most investors.

Wrapping up

It’s hard to say whether meme tokens will be a stable source of income in future, because people haven’t gotten to figure it out yet.

These crypto tokens increase in value based on how popular they are, and not necessarily because useful they are.

If the token value must be kept afloat, then you need to create a community that keeps the hyping continuous.

The concept of meme token is simpler and entertaining than Bitcoin and Ethereum (LOL).

Crypto experts believe that the hype around different meme coins is not a financial, but of a social phenomenon.

As far as meme coins are concerned, it is advisable to obey the golden rule of investment, which is to only invest what you can afford to loose.

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