How to Create NFT Art on Phone

Non-fungible tokens have taken the world by storm!

The entire world seems to be talking about NFTs, and also shifting to the crypto digital art space.

Non-fungible tokens yet another another avenue to reap the benefits of the decentralized financial system for enthusiasts.

People are making, minting and selling them for huge profit, as some are investing, while the rest is busy talking about it only.

I get your interest in the mystery of NFTs, because my hands are also feeling itchy.

Before the curiosity kills the cat, you should check out my carefully crafted guide on how to create NFT art on phone.

How to create NFT on phone

In case you’re interested and considering entering the world of NFTs, and want to create some arts, then you should read on below…

On paper, there are just three steps to creating an non-fungible tokens without coding skills:

  1. Create NFT art free with apps
  2. Choose desired blockchain
  3. Upload it to an NFT marketplace
  4. Mint it on the platform
  5. Link it to your wallet (Learn how to create one)
  6. Sell the non-fungible token.

However, it’s not simple as many things comes into play – from what to create, choice of blockchain technology, marketplace, pricing and marketing it.

3 ways to create NFT art

There are different ways to create NFT arts for those who don’t have much experience in creating their artwork and they are:

  • Freelancing websites
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Downloadable software

We will discuss these ways through which you can create your NFT digital art without any prior experience in coding.

1. Hiring freelancers

In case you are interested in NFT, but isn’t skilled to create an attractive piece of art, you still have an opportunity to make money with NFTs.

You can hire an NFT designer which could design a piece of art for you.

Nowadays, freelancing websites have started encouraging artists and content creators to offer their services to those interested in NFT arts.

Freelancing websites hire these artists to enter the digital collectibles industry, and offer the services on their behalf.

You can select the freelancer according to your requirements and budget.

Make sure you get full commercial rights over the piece of work created by that artist and choose a trustworthy platform.

2. Using artificial intelligence (AI)

These days, you can create NFTs with the help of an artificial intelligence, even when you don’t have any knowledge about art or coding.

According to experts, Ai-Generated NFTs will flourish in the market in the times to come.

Artificial intelligence is used in creating art-like images in the form of NFTs that are non-interchangeable digital ledgers.

Through the use of this technology, you could select different styles in which you would want an image to be recreated.

Once you have selected a style the Ai would re-imagine your digital file and allow you to make adjustments in the final output.

After you have made the required adjustments, you can select your resolution, and create your NFT collection.

3. Downloading software apps

You can make your NFTs even on your mobile phones or desktops with the help of some software.

This method of creating NFTs is extremely beneficial for NFT lovers who are not having many artistic skills.

Software like Fotor uses advanced artificial intelligence technology in making your NFTs. 

A user is only required to upload the file on this software and choose the art style he wants his image to be converted in.

Only with this much input from his side, the software produces the required NFTs in a matter of a few clicks.

The best part of creating NFTs through a software is the availability of multiple drawing options to improve your digital art.

On top of it, you get an easy-to-use interface for exploring various drawing tools.

Many software programs allow you to create your NFT art for free – you could make use of them for creating your NFT collection.

Best apps to create NFT art free

In the world of NFT investment, there’s an app for almost every stage, and I have covered notable ones in this list below…

GoArt: NFT creator software app


If you have an image or original artwork that just needs a little more editing to match the mad NFT creativities, GoArt could be of your service.

It’s one of the most exhaustive filter apps from Van Gogh, pointillism, brush strokes, to Picasso etc.

You can also manage the filter intensity by just swiping left or right, so you get plenty to play with.

However, downloading, comparing and choosing the right one might be time-consuming.

Unfortunately, a few things are missing from the app features besides filters, maybe crop, overlap, stickers, etc. could’ve made it perfect.

Pros Cons
Instantly enhances the artwork No other editing features
Easy to adjust filter intensity Limited freemium filters
A plethora of awesome filters

Price: Free (But there’s an in-app purchases that starts at $1.99)

Dream by WOMBO: AI-powered NFT creator

Dream By Wombo

This app may not claim such feat, but it could be a great asset for NFT and digital art creators.

The Ai-enabled app allows its users to create high-quality artworks quickly and almost effortlessly without the need for coding.

The magic starts brewing from the moment you tap ‘Create’, and within seconds, you’ll have a unique painting.

Now, use this painting as is or as a background for your artwork or some inspiration – it can check multiple boxes.

Pros Cons
Completely free app None to mention yet
Generate multiple results
Flawless painting in seconds
Simple to use UI

Price: Completely free

Conclusion: Create NFT with phone

Non-fungible tokens have actually provided immense benefits to the creative community in the cryptocurrency world.

Now, artists, musicians and some other content creators now has new source of income with their artworks.

NFTs are also an innovative way for investors to invest their money in creative work.

Finally, it could be easily remarked that this is an excellent time to start getting involved in the business of NFTs.

Even without having any knowledge about how to make creative artworks, you could get your NFTs collection with the help of free software, freelancers or an artificial intelligence (Ai) technology.

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