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Keeping up with every cryptocurrency news can be a daunting task for some entrepreneurs, so in this post you will find the best crypto news aggregator feeds.

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Keeping up with every blockchain and crypto news can be a daunting task.

Infact, for some individuals, especially those that have other businesses at hand.

Over the years, a lot have been happening in the crypto-space, and it’s becoming almost impossible to stay up-to-date with all the latest crypto news.

But what if i tell you today, that you can actually have all the news from different channels in one place?

This is where crypto news feed aggregator sites and apps for crypto investors comes into the scene.

In this post, i will cover some of the best blockchain cryptocurrency news aggregator sites, and apps that can help you stay updated with all the latest cryptocurrency news that are happening around the world.

Firstly, let me explain to you what new aggregator is all about, and that brings me to the definition below…

What is a crypto news aggregator?

News Aggregator

Crypto news aggregator is a type of news platform for cryptocurrencies that is kind of different from cryptocurrency blogs, or crypto news platforms due to how active and responsive they are.

They are known to be quick with updates and always keep giving real-time information about blockchain and the entire crypto-world.

Unlike crypto news platforms that takes time to upload, or publish a news, crypto news aggregators monitor, and gives the fastest means of information on happenings in the market and on cryptocurrencies generally.

They ensure a 24/7 monitoring of cryptocurrencies and give users relevant information.

How do crypto news aggregator work?

Crypto news feed aggregators are somewhat SaaS kind of websites that pulls together all the cryptocurrency and blockchain news from different sources.

They can also allow you to assemble crypto news from a variety of preferred sources in one place by choice.

It is related to Atom or RSS feed, where a channel or a Website can fetch the data from multiple sources.

Factors to consider when choosing

Many crypto news aggregators are already in the space, but not all of them provides news in the way you may like it.

Your taste for an aggregator news site may differ according to your personal preference and the unique features, so below are the factors you should consider when making a choice.


This is one factor most people consider before choosing a news website.

The main importance of having a crypto news aggregator is to get first-hand information and update on cryptocurrencies.

It should be accessible anywhere and anytime in the world.

News would either be updated by the second or the minute on a news aggregator.

Some of these sites are involved with monitoring live prices of coin and changes in the market in order to keep users updated, and in order to compromise this function, they are available as apps.

A good crypto news aggregator has a mobile app that is very easy to use by crypto users.


The kind of data the site displays is of immense importance because you wouldn’t want to compromise the main reason why the news aggregator was created.

For instance, you wouldn’t put an irrelevant information on betting when there are pressing issues at hand on cryptocurrencies that need urgent user’s attention.

A good news aggregator presents the right data for the right purpose and for the sake of research, there are important historical data that are kept in the archives of some of the sites.

One important thing professional users of cryptocurrencies for either trading, mining or investing look out for is the originality of these data.

They must be accurate, topnotch and easy to find.

Fiat currency

Since we are monitoring the price of cryptocurrencies and changes in the market, the fiat currency which is supported on the site is important.

If a crypto news aggregator only provides information on a fiat currency like USD and you use a different type, it is advisable to go for one that gives you information about yours rather than facing conversion challenges.

Although, the top ranked out of the 13 sites will support other fiat currencies but the features may not be as intriguing as other types.


The design of a news aggregator is as important as the news it carries.

The design creates a special type of user experience and ensures maximum comfort while using it.

Designs are important not just for colors but also in the level of organization of the tools on the web.

Just like a dash board where you find different information, all information should be placed into categories and make sure they don’t look too cumbersome.

Other features

It is okay to weigh different news aggregators by the kind of features they possess.

Features are additional benefits to what the site was created purposely for.

You can have features such as a live chat, data tools, customer service support, newsletter, quality graphical representation and several others.

What is the best crypto news aggregator?

Now that you know what it is and how it works to get you news contents from channels of your choice, let us dive straight into the list of best blockchain and cryptocurrency news feed aggregators you can find online.

Shall we?

1. Cryptopanic

Yeaaaah! Cryptopanic is my preferred aggregator, and that is why it appeared as number one in this list.

It’s a news aggregating website that provides a very simple news feed, and it indicates how that piece of news affects the price and market.

Users can also vote if they think the news indicates a bullish, or bearish effect on the crypto market.

Crpytopanic had also integrated a portfolio tracker, where you can input the amounts of each coin you hold and track them in one easy spot.

The idea of this website is for one single entity to comb through the web and find every bit of crypto related news and display them in one constantly updated list.


  1. An easy to read news feed that is updated every minute with the latest bits of information from all over the web
  2. A media tab that seems to just add additional stories and crypto related entertainment to the news feed
  3. User voting system to determine if the news will be harmful or helpful to the price of cryptos
  4. Portfolio tracking and management tool
  5. Paying $9/month or $99/year for pro will grant you access to extra functions that include: Configuring custom alerts for specific currencies, option to add custom RSS/Atom feeds from Reddit and Twitter, Disable and enable any existing default news sources, Metadata fields are available in the API, and Exclusive pro badge next to your username and profile.

2. Coinspectator

Coinspectator is an easy to use crypto and blockchain news aggregator that focuses all of the internet’s major crypto news hubs into one easy to use news feeds.

Upon entering the website you will immediately see a well curated list of news from a plethora of different sources along with a thumbs up or thumbs down voting system.

This aggregator is pretty similar to all of the rest and doesn’t have any major features that cause it to stand out.

It is very seamlessly designed and does offer several search and sorting functions.

You may also choose between News only, Blogs only, or a mixture of the two.

Aside from the news feed you’ll find an ICO project list with several bits of information attached.

This feature, although not unique in crypto aggregators, is a nice way to keep track of the most recent ICO projects and compile all of them in one place.

They also have quick links to their websites and social media platforms.

You can sort this list by hot, active, upcoming, ended, and scams.


Faws platform is your run of the mill cryptocurrency and blockchain information aggregator whose sole purpose is to compile news and information from sources all over the web into one easy to read list.

This aggregator is almost identical to several others.

Upon reaching the site, you’ll immediately see a list of compiled news that is updated by the minute.

You can also search specifically for coins that interest you.

You can click on the notifications tab located on the left side of the website to choose which news sources, social media channels, and press releases the feed will reflect.

Aside from that, there is a handy portfolio management system that is pretty industry standard.

Just input the data from any of your wallets into the manager and it will show data for all of your crypto assets in one easy to read spot.

You can use this site to set up custom alerts via desktop notification, email, or SMS.

The alerts are basic and really only allow for price targets on specific coins.

Overall this aggregator is pretty much a copy/paste from several other platforms and doesn’t really offer anything new and exciting.

It does the job it was built to do, but so do the 10+ other ones that are the same exact thing.

4. CryptoControl

CryptoControl is a cryptocurrency and blockchain technology based news aggregator that provides it’s users with a steady stream of updated information about crypto happenings in the world.

Upon joining the site, you will find four large boxes, each one with a special purpose.

Track News articles: Clicking the box that says “Track news articles” will bring you to a simple list of news from several exchanges.

You can weed through them all or sort them by category.

You can also choose to see only pieces from Twitter or Reddit.

Build using our crypto news API: Following the second box, you will find the sites platform for everything API related.

Cryptocontrol also supports several different SDKs which are all available here.

Heatmap: This is the third (bottom left) box you’ll find on the website.

Upon clicking, you’ll be taken to a very colorful heat-map displaying various pieces of news color coded by its type.

Track Social Feeds: Upon selecting the final box available you will be taken to a page where several social feeds are laid out nice and neat for your viewing pleasure.

5. Eveningstar

This is a three-part cryptocurrency data platform targeting information related to news, research and financial asset tracking.

There is no time wasted when visiting Eveningstar as the home page comes equipped with widgets detailing all three of the aforementioned categories.

Every corner of Eveningstar is packed with information related to cryptocurrencies and offers a very organized array of news, asset tickers, and access to specific information regarding the top cryptocurrencies.

There is even a well updated event calendar which includes an incredible array of new projects, asset exchange listings, and conferences.

6. GoCharting

This website is for those who loves playing with the charts, and also like to stay updated with the crypto space at the same time.

GoCharting is a real-time advanced charting and trading platform that leverages analytics to provide tools necessary to make sound trading decisions.

They have comprehensive coverage of the crypto market spanning more than 100+ crypto exchanges and 22,000 crypto pairs tracking.

7. Cryptopys

Cryptopys is a very simple and user-friendly interface, allowing you to find the latest crypto news and track your favorite coins seamlessly.

The aggregator, which brings you top stories from over 100 publications, is also available in 18 languages.

You can even keep a track of your favorite coins on this platform.

8. Coinlib

Coinlib is a news aggregator site that can provide you with a constantly news feed updates based on anything crypto, or blockchain news related.

Once you enter the website, you will faced with list of latest cryptocurrency news updates.

The thing that this aggregator site has that some others that are similar to it doesn’t is the source of the news included.

9. CoinNA

Coinna is just another copy/paste cryptocurrency and blockchain technology news and data aggregator with absolutely no additional functionality that sets it apart.

If you’re looking for the best aggregator, just stop reading now and move on.

This aggregator does its job though by providing a steady stream of content via two separate feeds; Latest News and Top stories.

Of course, the site is very easy to use and the lists are on the homepage, allowing users quick and easy access to the news all in two lists.

You can also search the news specifically or view the latest news by specific coin.

You’ll find a list of coins either at the top drop-down menu or at the bottom of the page.

There is also a tutorials / info tab that seems to display an aggregate list of crypto related tutorials. And that’s it, that’s all you’ll find on Coinna.

No fancy function, no heat-maps, no voting system, nothing.

Just a simple crypto aggregator and that’s all it has set out to be.

With that said, if you’re looking for a lightweight easy to use aggregator, this may be a good option.

10. CoinBeagle

Coinbeagle is a doggo branded cryptocurrency and blockchain technology news aggregator with a very simple and easy to use design.

It’s like any other crypto aggregation service and is pretty straight forward.

Visiting the site will immediately land you on its aggregated list of recent crypto news.

Its an automatic aggregator that compiles news from hundreds of sources to update it’s list every minute.

Aside from a very basic list of crypto news, you’ll also find a pricing section which looks similar to our beloved CoinMarketCap.

Data points here include price, 24 hours change %, BTC price, 24 hour % btc price, ETH price, 24 hours change % ETH price.

The final function coinbeagle has to offer is its proprietary newsletter which you can sign up for and receive daily cryptocurrency news via email. And that’s it!

11. CryptoBuzz

Cryptobuzz is yet another crypto coin news aggregating service.

Simply put, this crypto aggregator compiles data, news, press releases, and events across the entire crypto-web and sets it into an easy to read one stop shop list that is updated minutely by an automatic software.

This aggregator does allow you to filter by sources and tags and offers over 50 different sources, which is far less then some of its competitors.

Aside from the lackluster news aggregation list, there is an ICO list button that reroutes you to another pages ICO data. Lame and shady!

You were probably waiting for some advanced detailed list of functionalities found on this site, right?

Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I’ve already covered everything this site has to offer.


Crypto news aggregators are almost similar to crypto mining blog and news platforms, but the difference is that, they possess some tools, which make them informative and unique than every other crypto news site.

These tools allow them to monitor, track and watch as price changes in the market and alert crypto users of the changes.

Even their names automatically describe what they do.

While they are good as applications, majority of them are in a desktop, or web format which limits their potential.

Unarguably, most crypto users will actually prefer a crypto news aggregator app to a news aggregator web.

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I am a financial nerd with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance, but found digital currency and asset investment to be more lucrative. The Crypto Staunch website is established to help individuals learn how digital currency and assets work through in-depth articles. Go-to the about page to learn more.