Cryptocurrency Valuation Model

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Author: Mr. KingsHOK
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To find the best cryptocurrency valuation model is somewhat difficult.

When trying to value cryptocurrencies, and that is actually one of the major reasons why beginner crypto investors loose huge money.

It’s either they invested in a cryptocurrency that has little value or one that has no value at all.

Some claimed that value of the cryptocurrency comes from its speculation, but I doubt if that is the case in the real world of crypto market.

Value of cryptocurrencies depend on number of factors that are important to their existence, and they start with fundamental crypto analysis.

Valuation of cryptocurrency

For investments in stock exchange, how to value a currency is by evaluating the health and its viability of financial statements.

If the asset looks good in number, then, investing that particular currency can be confidently considered.

However, cryptocurrency value is determined in an entirely different way, since there are no financial statements to analyse before investing in crypto coins are considered for any asset.

1. They are digital

Cryptocurrencies are not corporations, but digital in natural, meaning, that they only exist on the blockchain of the products they represent their value or assets online.

They are mostly decentralized.

Its viability is totally based on the participation of its users and their commitments in building the community behind the product.

This is to say that, cryptocurrency viability is no in any way based on generating revenue or income to their user.

2. They are still new

Fundamental analysis on the cryptocurrency valuation model must be performed with a different methodology in mind.

The entire crypto-space is still in its infancy stages, and almost every cryptocurrency in the world is still a new product, or in the development stages.

This means that cryptocurrencies has little or limited usages in the real world, and therefore, they lack tracks of history records.

How are cryptocurrencies valued?

Following the complex nature of cryptocurrencies and the technology behind all of them, it is even more important for you to engage in thorough research to ascertain the viability and potentials of the crypto-coins.

This is to ensure that great cryptocurrency investment decisions are being made in the cryptocurrency market.

These decisions are what will be guiding you in loop of investments for each of the coins you may want to invest your hard earn cash.

Why is cryptocurrency valuable?

There are different factors that can be used to express what drives the price of cryptocurrencies, even these factors may not be true for all the crypto coins.

For a cryptocurrency to be valuated, it must have features of Gold or Money in the real sense of viability.

Thus, as a method of exchanging values, it must have similar factors to that of the financial assets in the real world.

How crypto value increase

These factors we’re going to discuss are what explained what determines the value of cryptocurrency, or answers the question of how does crypto value increase.

They contribute to cryptocurrency value increase through: Utility, Scarcity and Perceived Value. Now let’s talk about the factors to what makes cryptocurrency valuable one after the other.


A cryptocurrency must have a strong function as an incentive for people to hold the coin.

For example, in order for anyone to execute commands, and develop applications on Ethereum Blockchain, one needs to have ETH, as it will be converted to gas, which represents ‘fuel’ for the ecosystem.

Therefore, ETH is used to fuel transactions and development. The more people develop Ether DApps and execute transactions, the greater the demand for Ethereum will push prices up.

Word of mouth

Cryptocurrencies are very popular mostly on the social media networks. Most cryptocurrency transactions takes place on the social media, and many individuals can trust the transactions.

This is also why many cryptocurrency scams have started trending recently.

Transfer speed

Currently, there is a service in the Bitcoin blockchain that is known as Lightening network.

This is a program written to help increase the transaction speed of Bitcoins from one place to another within seconds.


In economics, a fixed supply of a certain item would increase its value in the long term, assuming the demand increases from what it used to be like.

This creates scarcity, as there is only a limited supply of coins in circulation. Let’s take Bitcoin for instance, which is pegged to a fixed amount of 21 million coins.

Especially for coins that have great utility, demand will undeniably elevate its value. That’s why burning mechanism in some crypto-coins is employed to destroy excess portion of the coins supply.

This will definitely increase the value as there is less supply of the coins.

Perceived value

The markets of a particular cryptocurrency can also contribute to how valuable the coin will be.

Once the cryptocurrency is valued high due to the factors that are core to the development of the project, the value of the crypto and demand will increase drastically.

Additionally, collaborations and partnerships with credible companies or other projects is a good sign of expansion.

Other news that can enhance the perceived value in the eyes of the market includes a successful launch of their MVP (Minimum Viable Product), or the beta version of their protocol/software.

These are positive indicators of good progress by the project and will enhance the value of their coin.

Most Valuable Cryptocurrency

Crypto investors have been looking at some coins as a store of value, due to their valuation n the market capitalization, and here are the most valuable cryptocurrencies.

According to CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and USDT are considered to be the most valued crypto coins in the entire market so far.

If you are looking for the best cryptocurrency to invest in this year, you can check my guide on the best cryptocurrencies to invest in without loss.

In conclusion

This is my own opinion and finding towards how to value cryptocurrency. And without these factors, I don’t think cryptocurrencies will have valued as par say.

If you would remember a fake project known as, The Billion Coin. TBC self proclaimed itself to be the Bitcoin direct rival, but turned out to be a full fledged scam-coin.

This coin failed to deliver these monetary values, just like every other cryptocurrency. The crypto coin value fell below its expectation, and even before it could make its way to have blockchain.

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I wish you good-luck in finding next cryptocurrency investment after valuing it using these fundamental analytical factors.