1. Avatar of John David John David says:

    Hi mate, I like your blog and run through some posts, very interesting material.

    I have a question for you:

    I got 2 kids 9y.o. the earn money doing chores at home, I been making them conscious about finances and savings, and now that they discovered the compound interest they want to save some coins on the long term (about a $100 total).

    I think crypto is the best option. (have some myself) but I’m wondering what would be the best way.

    I don’t thinks is worth it to buy a cold wallet for this case, but I also want it separate (yet secure) from my own accounts.

    I would appreciate your thoughts on this regards.


    1. Hey JD, I am glad that you like my blog posts and guides!

      You’re really doing a great job teaching your kids of 9 year old finance. They’ll be very proud of you when they grow up to see how much they’ve already made in investment and savings.

      Answering your questions:

      You’re right – investing in cryptocurrency is the best option for long-term strategy, and also they best way for saving your funds with interest earning in the long run.

      Since you’re considering keeping your investment for the long-term purpose, I would strongly suggest you go for a hardware wallet (Recommendation: Purchase Ledger Nano S/X on discount), because they’re the best security for storing your assets in offline for a very long time.

      It can also help you to keep their investment separate, and fully secured without the fear of loosing it all to cyber-thefts.

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