How to Delete Accounts on MetaMask

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Author: Mr. KingsHOK
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Perhaps you’re considering switching to a MetaMask alternative wallet.

Whatever your reason might be, it’s normal that you want to learn how to delete a MetaMask account once they find another crypto wallet.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to delete accounts on MetaMask, as well as know how to remove accounts from within the wallet.

Let’s get right into it.

Deleting MetaMask account: The truth

If you no longer want to use MetaMask wallet, you can simply uninstall the extension or mobile app.

However, Ethereum addresses are tamper-proof and cannot be deleted permanently.

The closest thing to having it deleted, is to simply forget about the crypto address and abandon it entirely.

Since the blockchain doesn’t store any user data, it absolutely safe.

If you’re familiar with cryptocurrency and how they work with blockchain, then you’re prolly aware that distributed ledgers are immutable by nature.

The blockchain ledger is tamper-proof, and there’s no central authority that can simply delete an account for you.

In other words, Ethereum address is forever, but crypto wallets are just tools that can be replaced whenever you want.

However, this also means that you can’t actually delete your wallet account on the Ether network itself, but just on your wallet.

So long as you made sure to retrieve all the remaining ETH and other tokens within your address, you can simply abandon it completely.

How to delete MetaMask account

As I have said earlier, any account (i.e. wallet address) that you originally created using MetaMask cannot be deleted without uninstalling the entire wallet.

This is meant to prevent accidental loss.

Only imported external accounts, such as hardware wallets can be removed from your MetaMask software wallet.

If you created your Ethereum wallet address account using MetaMask, it is currently impossible to remove totally.

Primarily, this is to protect you from removing access to an address that might still contain tokens and that hasn’t been backed up.

The only account you can remove are those once imported from external sources.

If you own a hardware wallet and imported it into MetaMask wallet, then you can easily remove it easily without trace.

How to delete MetaMask wallet

MetaMask can easily be deleted by simply uninstalling the browser extension or, if you are using a mobile device, just delete the app from your gadget.

If you’d like to remove MetaMask from your browser, you can easily uninstall the extension in a few seconds.

Before deleting your entire wallet, please create backups of your seed phrase, because you will no longer require access to any of the accounts within your wallet.

Conclusion: Delete MetaMask account

If you’ve read this guide till this extent, just know this is how to delete accounts on MetaMask app and browser extension.

However, removing imported accounts from MetaMask wallet or deleting them altogether is fairly easy to do.

And once you’ve done so, you can simply forget about your Ethereum address and abandon it entirely.