Best Ways to Earn Bitcoins

If you want to know how to earn from Bitcoins fast without investment, read this post for most ways to earn on Bitcoin cryptocurrency easily without your money.

How to earn bitcoins fast online without investment isn’t a mystery anymore.

There are many ways as par how to earn on bitcoin online anytime, without doing any kind of monetary or financial investment.

Many people just keep earning bitcoins free of charge without having to put their money into it.

If you’re among the starters in the cryptocurrency world who doesn’t know much about bitcoin, it’s mostly hard to figured out all the legit ways to earn bitcoin online.

Especially when you have enough initial capital to start doing bitcoin investment, also when you don’t really know much of how to read charts the right way to get free bitcoin with cryptocurrency trading.

In this post, i will you some of the ways you can actually use to earn bitcoin online as a starter. But before we proceed, i will like to make something very clear to you.

Note: There’s no such thing as getting free BTC online – Yeah, you heard me right. Remove that misconception from your mind from today.

Something must be paid, and that might be time, money, energy or anything else altogether.

Just know that, to earn bitcoin, you have to work hard for it, just like you would for any other kind of currency in the real world.

Let me guess, i just spoil the whole fun of how to earn free bitcoin for you with the starting of this post content. Right?

Anyways, i didn’t mean to spoil the show, but i have to let you know, so you get to watch out very well, because a good number of scam sites use it as means, sometimes, to snatch lots of money from their victims.

How to earn from Bitcoin cryptocurrency

Investing In Crypto

If you’re completely out for how to earn on Bitcoin cryptocurrency, this post will guide you through the ways you can earn bitcoin online without doing investment of any sort – even if you don’t really know much about how to earn from cryptocurrency.

Now let’s dive straight to the reason why you’re reading this post to see all the legitimate ways you can earn bitcoin online anytime.

1. Micro Earnings

This is prolly one of the easiest ways to earn bitcoin fast online, but the downside is that it’s time consuming.

No matter how much time you devote to this niche, you may never make substantial income.

The amount you can always earn from this source is always irrelevant to the time spent altogether.

Example of things that fall in this category are; Paid-to-Click (PTC) websites, Bitcoin faucets and Online micro jobs.

2. Writing About Bitcoins

Writing about bitcoin investment requires a lot of time and knowledge about the term.

Through writing for bitcoin, you can earn good amount of bitcoin online, but it all depends on where (i.e. the platform) you choose to write.

Platforms you can you can use to get free bitcoin as a writer are: BitcoinTalk Signature Campaigns, Blogs and bitcoin news websites.

3. Supply Bitcoin Related Services

In this category, there are quite a good number of things you can actually use to earn bitcoin fast online.

This includes a lot of services that are required to be done by mostly the cryptocurrency currency enthusiasts.

The services ranges from Blockchain development, bitcoin website management, graphics and comic designing, mining guidance, marketing to rendering any kind of help online etc.

The best ways to get ideas to the kind of services you can render, is to join bitcoin forums like e.g. Coinality and BitcoinTalk.

4. Bitcoin Escrow Agent

This is yet another way of making money online by getting paid for arbitration in any bitcoin transaction.

This means you will also need to gain reputation for yourself as a trusted person in the community, before you can start to earn bitcoin.

5. Bitcoin Lending

As one of the bitcoin investors, you might have earned some bitcoins from other ways and wish to multiple it.

Well, this is yet another way (though no longer trusted) to earn money online.

The whole idea is very simple – you lend out bitcoins to borrowers for their cryptocurrency trading projects on a bitcoin investment site like; BitBond, BitJam and Loanbase to get your investment back – plus an interest after a specific period of time.

6. Mining Bitcoins

Let me be truthful about this option of earning Bitcoin – This is just not a profitable way to make money with Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

If you’re a starter in the cryptocurrency world, don’t even think of going through this angle, because you will spend both time, money and resources – lots of good research is required to make money with this option.

If you want to know the reason why am not a fan of crypto mining, read my opinion on Bitcoin cryptocurrency cloud mining.

Undoubtedly, you can actually generate some bitcoin, but if you use bitcoin mining calculator, you’ll see that you’ll be making just 0.00000968BTC on daily basis (i.e. $0.0043), and spending perhaps 100x that on electricity bills or cooling down your computer (in hopes it doesn’t get ruined in the process).

7. Gambling for Bitcoins

This one doesn’t really need much explanations, as there are many gambling websites on the internet set to allow you stake your money for a chance to win a pot.

The upside is that, you can make more bitcoins, but the downside is that, it’s all about prediction, and that is to say, you can actually loose all your money at an instance.

8. Bitcoin Trading

This is simply the act of buying and selling Bitcoin to make more profit.

I advice you to research and understand how the market moves before making any serious exchange with your Bitcoin investment strategies.

However, there are many types of bitcoin trading, and they are; Day Trading, Swing, CFD (Contract for Difference) and Binary Options.

Day trading

Day trading of cryptocurrency is when you buy an altcoin with your bitcoin to sell it when the price goes high on the same day, in order to make profit from the short-term price fluctuations.

Swing trading

This is buying assets (cryptocurrencies) for a long-term holding (known as HODLing), and that’s mostly on yearly basis – to make profit. This can actually make you a huge profit for your bitcoin investment.

CFD trading

It’s more like day trading, but the difference is that you don’t buy the actual asset (bitcoin) – you buy CFDs (i.e. contracts) of the asset through a broker like PrimeXBT, to sell it later when the price goes down to make profit.

Binary option

This one falls under win or loss. It’s another form of gambling though, but you predict if the market price or a token will go high or low in a specific time.

If the prediction goes in your favour you’ll win the payoff; if you’re wrong, you loose your bitcoin investment.

9. Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing

If you are already familiar with affiliate marketing, then there’s no need to explain this much to you. If you’re a beginner, all you have to know is that, affiliate marketing is a program where you promote other people’s products, based on recommendations to earn money online.

The only difference here, is that you promote products for companies that pays in return for conversion with bitcoins.

Read one of my post on how you can secure your cryptocurrency transaction with some of the best VPN services.

10. Bitcoin Faucet/Rotator

A bitcoin rotator site is a site that allows you to quickly surf through different faucets, without opening a new site or tab each time. The links to each faucet inside the rotator are referral links, and the rotator owner earns a commission from each faucet you visit through it as well.

However, rotator require maintenance as well, since Bitcoin faucets come and go pretty quickly and you’ll need to update your rotator accordingly.

If you make a good bitcoin rotator with a lot of traffic, you’ll prolly generate nice income.

11. Mobile Apps and Playing Games

Instead of wasting your time playing games for free, you can make use of applications that pays you some cryptocurrency for doing some tasks (like; walking or running).

Gambling is also a kind of game, but this is a type of game, where you don’t have to make any investment.

Related: How to earn cryptocurrency token walking around, or running with your mobile phones.

12. Answering Questions Online

Seemit and Bitfortip comes to mind whenever i think of this option. These are websites that pays people for providing correct and best answers to questions.

The concept is more like that of Quora or Ask website, you ask questions to get answers, but this time, you earn a free token (bitcoin) for providing the best answer to a particular question.

13. Earn Salary in Bitcoins

There are banks that you can register to earn your salaries in bitcoins depending on the percentage you decides to be converted to cryptocurrency.

This is when you make use of Bitcoin ATMs to collect your payments.

14. Mutual Funds Investment

Mutual fund is when inexperienced cryptocurrency investors, invests their cryptocurrency investment into a fund, which will invest on securities to make profits.

This profited incomes are then shared as dividends among investors, and according to their investment proportions.

Mutual funds is one of the ways you can earn free ROI.

If you want good know about this kind of investment, you can read a post i wrote about mutual index fund investment.

Conclusion on ways to earn Bitcoin free

It’s up-to you now to find how to earn bitcoin online with other ways, but these ones i listed above are the genuine ways to earn bitcoin online fast without investment, or having much knowledge about bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Is there any other way on earn bitcoin online that i didn’t note down in this post content? Which other means have you used to get free bitcoin?

If you wouldn’t mind, i will like to know how you make or get more bitcoins to your wallet.

One more thing before i let you figure things out by yourself, i wish to let you know that storing your bitcoin assets in an exchange is risky, as you can loosing all your coins in an instant in case of hacking or when someone figures out your login details.

I suggest you get yourself a hardware wallet device to secure and safely stored your bitcoins in offline mode.

Hardware wallets are always safe to store cryptocurrencies because they are cold storage wallets. They don’t need any internet connection to keep your coins safe.

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I am a financial nerd with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance, but found digital currency and asset investment to be more lucrative. The Crypto Staunch website is established to help individuals learn how digital currency and assets work through in-depth articles. Go-to the about page to learn more.