How to Enable Trust Wallet Browser

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Trust wallet browser simply allows access to decentralized applications.

It’s highly beneficial for using those decentralized applications for the users.

However, it’s not always that easy to access these DApps with your mobile devices, especially through an iPhone.

Whether you’re using a Droid phone or iOS device, accessing DApp browser is very essential to use the Trust wallet.

It will help you to tap into full potential of the crypto community, which seems to be ever-growing. 

In this guide are all the information to learn how you can enable a DApp browser on Trust wallet app

How to enable Trust browser for DApps

To enable DApp browser on Trust wallet mobile application, you must download it on your Android or iPhone device. 

Navigate to your Google Play Store, or Apple App Store and use your search bar to look for the Trust wallet app.

Download it and connect the application to your account, and you’re set to begin the process.

How to enable Trust browser on Android

Enabling a Trust wallet DApp browser on Android is much easier than on iPhone devices.

There are restrictions in place on iOS devices due to the enclosed system design.

In the case of Android phones, you only need to follow these steps below, and you are good.

Step 1: Opening your Trust wallet

Assuming you have the mobile app wallet all set up and configured, you just have to tap the icon and allow it to load.

To efficiently connect your Trust wallet application account, you must keep in mind to enable your DApp browser without issues. 

Step 2: Navigating to settings

Scrolling down to the bottom of your screen is a navigation bar with the Settings option.

As soon as you tap on it, a popup menu will appear.

You will have to look for preferences in the menu, and then tap on it to proceed further.

Step 3: Enable Trust browser

To enable the DApp browser on your Trust wallet, you’ll have to toggle the option to its left.

It will enable the DApps on your Trust wallet mobile application.

Once that is done, you will start seeing the DApp browser on the menu that you’ll find at the bottom of your screen.

This is basically found on the bar of the application’s main page.

There is nothing else that you will have to do here, but just look for the option to enable the hidden feature.

How to enable Trust browser on iPhone

It is time to enable your DApp browser on the Trust Wallet application using your iOS devices.

As of June 2021, you can no longer enable Trust wallet DApp browser on an iOS devices.

In that case, the process is going to be a bit trickier, but you will certainly manage it on your own.

You only have to follow the steps and see that it is not that complicated.   

You cannot download this application from the app store, as Apple forced Trust wallet to remove the DApp browser based its guidelines.

Below are the simplest steps to follow for getting job done on your iPhone device. 

Step 1: Open Safari browser

You will use your iPhone Safari Browser to enable your DApp browser in your iOS device efficiently.

Simply tap on the URL bar and type ‘trust://browser_enable’.

Once you’ve done that, a popup message will appear saying, ‘Open this page on Trust?’.

Tap on the open link button and continue.

However, you can always reverse the entire actions by tapping on cancel link, if you wish to exit the process. 

Step 2 – Going back to Trust wallet app

Now, return to the tab in Safari, where you will find the Trust mobile wallet app.

The Browser option will start showing right at the bottom.

And that is how you can enable your DApp browser on Trust wallet using your iOS device.

Congratulations, as you have learned how to enable DApp browser on Trust wallet application.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is an app that allows you to store, manage and receive crypto assets using your smartphone.

Trust Wallet is an official application brought to you by Binance.

Therefore, you can make your Trust wallet profile with the help of blockchain technology on the Binance platform. 

It functions as a medium to access and navigate all decentralized applications on your mobile device.

If you have DApp browser enabled on your cryptocurrency wallet, you’ll be able to access a variety of many DApps.

In other words, you can unblock the potential to unlock entirely another world right on your account. 

As at the time of writing this article, Trust mobile wallet app is available for installation only on iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Both tools can manage numerous tokens, but MetaMask also allows users to swap between ETH-based currencies using ShapeShift’s API.

On the contrary, Trust wallet app only supports sending and receiving assets and cryptocurrencies securely.

Over to you

To have Trust browser enabled on iOS devices can be technical, because it requires the usage of a in-built Safari browser.

On the other hand, Android devices are quite easy, because it can be enabled on the app via the setting.

You can navigate to the DApp browser by tapping on the ‘Browser’ icon on the bottom navigation bar.

Once you’re there, you’ll be able to use decentralized applications on Trust wallet such as PancakeSwap and Uniswap.