Best Funny PFP NFT Collections

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Author: Mr. KingsHOK
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The crypto market is currently full of new digitally tokenized artworks.

It has even got most crypto influencers into purchasing arts and also use them as social media profile pictures.

However, it’s not many of them that mean serious crypto business, as most of the NFTs looked very funny.

It’s currently becoming a trend in the cryptocurrency space.

If you’re among those peple who would like to invest their money in the kind of NFT arts, then you should keep reading.

In this article you’ll find some of the funniest token arts that you can purchase, but before then, let’s define PFP NFTs.

What is PFP NFT?

A PFP NFT is a digital artwork token designed to be used as a person’s social media profile picture.

Simply put that, these tonized arts can also be used as social media profile pictures.

They’re collectibles in that they usually come in large quantities, and all have varying degrees of rarity.

PFP NFTs are generative arts created with a simple plug-and-play method, which users load a variety of traits.

These traits include body type, head shape, background color, and other features.

Now that you know what PFP NFT (i.e. Non-Fungible Token) stands for, let’s take a look at the funniest PFP NFTs.

Funniest PFP NFTs

These non-fungible tokens are those kind of funny arts that people use as profile pictures on the social media.

1. Milady Maker

Milady NFT artworks are anime-themed PFP that were born from 4-chan community and quickly rose to prominence among twitter crypto-memers.

The PFPs are used by individuals who like to ‘shit-post’ (i.e. schizo-post) on twitter, and are regarded as one of the funniest NFT collections in the space.

The current floor price for a Milady Maker PFP is 0.42 ETH in a collection of 10,000 PFPs with deep history.

2. Art Gobblers

The art collections are Rick and Morty style PFPs that were created and released by well-known venture fund Paradigm.

Each of them is generated by artists that collect ‘Goo’, which is an ERC20 token that can be bought on a decentralized exchange.

The collection was released on October 30, 2022 and has quickly become one of the most popular NFT PFPs in the crypto space.

The current floor price for an Gobbler PFP is 8.8 ETH in a collection of 1,900 PFPs with an increasing supply as investors mint more.

3. Pudgy Penguins

These tokenized artworks are among the cutest and most harmless NFTs on this list of funny PFPs.

The NFT collection community sees it as a beacon of good vibes, memes and positivity among crypto space on Twitter.

The collection was created by a group of anonymous artists who then passed the IP onto the community in a DAO structure.

The current floor price for a Pudgy Penguin PFP is 3 ETH in a collection of 8,888 PFPs.


The NFT PFP collection was released after the demise of the Terra LUNA blockchain alongside collapse of the crypto market in the middle of 2022.

It quickly became a meme as the markets went to ‘goblintown’ with many of the top influencers investing in the collection and using it as their PFP.

The current floor price for a Goblintown PFP NFT is 0.8ETH in a collection of 9,999 PFPs.

Final thoughts

Overall, the funniest non-fungible token profile picture in the crypto market has to be from

It pokes fun at the current state of the space, with originated story and ironic imagery that makes for a great meme.

The collection is a little bit expensive with a starting price of 0.8ETH.

If you’re looking for a funny, but very cheap NFT to use as profile picture, we recommend Milady Maker tokenized arts.

Meanwhile, do not forget to always store your non-fungible token investments in a secure cryptocurrency wallet.

The best when it comes to security, are hardware wallets, because they do not any internet to store your crypto assets.

I recommend Ledger wallets, because they’re among the best anonymous wallets in the market.