6 Best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets

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Bitcoin hardware wallets are the best cryptocurrency wallet in the market.

How are you storing your bitcoin investment?

Which bitcoin hardware wallet are you using to store all of them?

Hopefully, you’re not storing all of them on cryptocurrency investment sites like Binance, LocalBitcoin, Luno or even in any other kind of hosted bitcoin wallets like Coinbase or CEX?

These kind of services keeps your coin wallet private keys on your behalf, but under their own custody which means you don’t really have full access to your bitcoins.

This is not a safe practice at all, because to claim your bitcoin in cases of any lose, your private key is the only thing you can use to retrieve your cryptocurrency.

If you’re still confused a bit about which best bitcoin wallet to use, read the beginners guide on bitcoin wallets to learn about the best wallet or wallet app to use for storing your bitcoin investment.

What is Bitcoin Hardware Wallet?

Hardware wallets are the most secured type of cryptocurrency wallets used in storing your bitcoins.

It gives you full access to your bitcoin wallet address and private keys which is not accessible to any other person or exchange.

Before you select your best bitcoin wallet, below are the things to consider before choosing a reliable bitcoin wallet:

• Private keys control – It must be a wallet that allow only you the access to own and control the private keys

• Backup security – Seed backup keys and codes can be saved

• Development community – The development community must be active

• Ease of use and access – It must have fast and easy usage

• Compatibility – It must be compatible with good number of other bitcoin wallet app as well as altcoins.

Now that you know how to choose the best bitcoin hardware wallet, let’s discuss about the crypto hardware wallet devices you can buy right away to secure your bitcoins and altcoins.

Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

Mind you that currently, as at the time of writing this post, bitcoin hardware wallets don’t support all altcoins (even the newly evolving coins), those cryptocurrencies that has long-term HODLing value are supported.

Now, let’s have a look into the best bitcoin hardware wallets you can buy right away to secure your crypto-investment.

1. Ledger Nano S Wallet

Ledger Nano S Wallet
Nano S is a bitcoin hardware wallet from a french start-up. It has the complete shape of a normal USB dongle or drive which can be connected to any computer USB port.

It doesn’t have a battery and only displays information on the screen when connected to a port on personal computer or mobile phone (using USB On-the-go cable).

It also comes with two side buttons alongside a small OLED screen.

The Ledger Nano S device doesn’t come with an anti-tampering sticker as its cryptographic procedure checks for integrity of the instrument when it’s fully powered on.

If you buy this gadget newly, you will need to configure and set up the pin code for security. After that, you also need to carefully write down a 24-word recovery seed phrase.

This phrase is what you can use at anytime to recovery your cryptocurrency assets, if any damage should happened to the Nano wallet.

Nano S bitcoin wallet stores your bitcoins and private keys in offline mode, so you may not need to worry about the safety of your crypto-coins.

However, Ledger Nano S is considered as the cheapest multi cryptocurrency hardware wallet in the market as at the time of writing this post. It costs about $65 compared to other wallets that cost prices ranges from $99+.

Nano S supported cryptocurrencies

• BTC – Bitcoin
• ETH – Ethereum
• ETC – Ethereum Classic
• XRP – Ripple
• LTC – Litecoin
• DOGE – Dogecoin
• ZEC – Zcash (but Z-addresses not supported)
• DASH – Dash Coin
• STRAT – Stratis
• XMR – Monero (Coming soon)

Check out Ledger Nano S $99+

2. Ledger Blue Wallet

Ledger Blue Wallet Gadget
The ledger Blue has almost all the features as Nano S, but it’s more user-friendly than the previous due to its built-in colored touchscreen which is used to open and access the bitcoin value assets stored on the device itself.

Management of transaction in Ledger blue is easier and faster than all other wallets as the time of writing this post, because of the full touchscreen display that is added to the bitcoin wallet device.

This is a good option if you’re not all a tech-savvy investor in the cryptocurrency world.

Check out Ledger Blue $330.

3. Trezor Hardware Wallet

Trezor Hardware Wallet
This bitcoin hardware wallet is presented by SatoshiLabs, a Czech Republic-based company. Trezor is the first world’s bitcoin hardware wallet to be produced.

It is actually a small device with an OLED screen which connects using a USB cord to your personal computer or mobile gadgets.

The major purpose of this device is to store your private keys offline and also sign your transactions.

The whole set up is totally different from that of Ledger Nano S. When you first connect it to a PC, it shows a Nine (9) digit code on its screen.

You just need to enter the same pin code to the corresponding interface on your computer screen.

This code is randomly generated each you connect it to any computer, and this is to say, even a tampered PC cannot guess your pin codes.

As soon as you finish entering the codes, you’ll be asked to note down your 24-word safety seed phrase, which you will need to keep very safe.

Private key is the only way you can restore your bitcoins if anything should go wrong. The rest of the usage is just similar to that of Nano S after the steps.

Cryptocurrencies supported by Trezor

• BTC – Bitcoin
• ETH – Ethereum
• ETC – Ethereum Classic
• NMC– Namecoin
• LTC – Litecoin
• DOGE – Dogecoin
• ZEC – Zcash (but Z-addresses not supported)
• DASH – Dash Coin

Trezor also has a bitcoin wallet app such as Trezor Wallet app, Mycelium and MultiBit HD. It is also available for many operating systems, and can also be used with your Android gadgets.

Check out Trezor Hardware Wallet

4. KeepKey Wallet

KeepKey Hardware Wallet
This is yet another bitcoin hardware wallet device available in the market.

It doesn’t offer much features compared to all other hardware wallets listed above, and it’s not all that convenient to carry in your pocket as it is almost twice the size of other wallets.

It only supports six (6) cryptocurrencies including Bitcoins. And it comes with a $99 price tag.

Problems to avoid when using any hardware wallet

You should always try and write down your seed phrase words carefully, and securely keep it in a safe place only you knows about.

If you loose your pin or seed phrase words, there’s no way you can restore your bitcoins, meaning that, you will loose your bitcoin investment.

Make sure you keep the hardware wallet away from where any kind of liquid as it is an electronic device, you know that water or any liquid can cause lots of damages to its functions (that’s if it’s not rendered non-functional) at the end.

You also need to be mindful of where you keep the wallet device to avoid misplacement, as you need to always secure your cryptocurrency wallets.

No cryptocurrency hardware device has lost-but-found alarm to alert you where it is in case you couldn’t find where you kept it.

Final Thoughts: Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

If you’ve been using internet-based bitcoin wallet online, or exchange-based wallet to store your bitcoin, or any other altcoin, be rest assured that you are simply putting your cryptocurrency investment to very big risk.

I will recommend you invest in getting either; Ledger Nano S or Trezor cryptocurrency hardware wallet, because they both have good reputation as the most secured cryptocurrency wallets in the market.

Any of the hardware wallets listed above is good to have total control of your private keys, and seed word recovery phrase.

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