How to Send AVAX from to MetaMask

Avalanche is the patented blockchain for the AVAX token.

This protocol was developed to compete with scalability issues of the popular Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Due to the technology, AVAX can process 4,500 transactions per second, while Ethereum is still at 14 transactions per second.

Avalanche is the latest phenomenon in the blockchain universe.

The ultra-fast transaction finality speed, and a growing ecosystem continued to attract huge number of new users.

The procedure to send your AVAX tokens from any cryptocurrency wallet to MetaMask is quite simple.

If you have acquired some AVAX for yourself on, you can swiftly transfer it to your MetaMask wallet for safekeeping.

Don’t worry, though; the process is pretty straightforward.

In this guide, we’ve discussed the step-by-step process of how you can send AVAX from exchange wallet to MetaMask.

Let’s begin…

How to send AVAX to MetaMask from

Follow these simple steps below to send AVAX from to your MetaMask wallet safely.

  1. Launch app
  2. Go-to the transfer section
  3. Select AVAX cryptocurrency
  4. Enter MetaMask Avalanche wallet address
  5. Enter amount of AVAX token to send
  6. Cross-check your details and confirm.

Once you’ve completed the processes, you will get your AVAX token sent into your MetaMask wallet.

Can I transfer AVAX from to MetaMask through X-chain?

You cannot transfer AVAX from to MetaMask through X-chain, because the MetaMask only supports C-chain and its transactions.

In case your AVAX are on X-Chain, you have to first transfer them to C-chain, before you can proceed with the transfer on MetaMask.

Otherwise, MetaMask will reject the AVAX transfer request, or you’ll get an error message.

How long does it take to send AVAX from to MetaMask wallet?

Several conditions influence the AVAX and MetaMask transfer time; but on average, you have to wait around 1-3 days before the funds are reflected in your MetaMask wallet.

The total amount considerably influences the transfer time; therefore, different transfer requests may take different times to complete.

Additionally, market conditions also impact the transfer time.

You may have to wait for an additional period if there is any delay in MetaMask’s block confirmation threshold.

Does AVAX from to MetaMask attract any fee?

Yes, a minimum transaction fee is applied to every transfer, or transaction on exchange platform.

For AVAX transfer, users must pay a fixed fee of 1.5 AVAX for every transaction.

The fees are necessary for the blockchain to continue running and for the miner to execute all the requests promptly.

Final words

That’s all the information on how to send AVAX from to MetaMask crypto-coin wallet.

Have it in mind that you’re dealing with two apps simultaneously, and you cannot afford any mistake during the process.

Any discrepancies will hamper the whole procedure and prevent the transfer, so you will need to go slowly and complete all the steps.

Once you follow-up, you would successfully transfer AVAX from to MetaMask.

I hope you will appreciate the lightning-fast speed of transactions, and also the low cost associated with the entire process.

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