Crypto Investment Mistakes

As a beginner in the crypto-sphere, do you need advice? Take a look at the common investment mistakes most cryptocurrency investors make at the beginning.

Making mistakes while investing in cryptocurrency is inevitable!

In the world of cryptocurrency investments, you should try to always be careful, to avoid costing you something for life.

There are many mistakes that have caused most people to loose investment assets in the process trying to make fast money online.

Do not be surprised, because I’ve made some of the worst mistakes listed here as a beginner.

Even until now, I do make mistakes, but not as much as the kinds I made earlier in the days.

Mistakes cannot be avoided completely, but with knowledge and experience, you can avert unnecessary ones.

Let’s get started already!

Shall we?

1. Investing in Pump-And-Dump Schemes

This is a scheme where individuals false-fully promote fake cryptocurrency projects through recommendations.

This is by misleading investors with exaggerated promises and statements.

I always advice my blog readers to do thorough research before investing in any unusual crypto assets, because if not, you can simply loose your crypto investment and money in the hands of swindlers.

2. No crypto portfolio diversification

As a wise person, you might have heard that it is not a great idea to put all your eggs in one basket.

The saying also applies to crypto trading, as the most effect way to minimize risk is by diversifying to different cryptocurrencies, and also track them with an investment portfolio app.

Investing all your capital fund for investment in one cryptocurrency is a very bad strategy.

It’s always good to select some number of cryptocurrencies you will invest in for future profit making.

If you want me to suggest to you the best cryptocurrencies you can invest in for long-term purpose.

It will be good your my guide on the best cryptocurrencies to invest right now.

3. Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

Don’t always jump in and out of your position when a cryptocurrency is in uptrend, or downtrend due to gossips and rumours that has little or no evidence.

Try to control your emotions, as that can spoil the opportunity of reaching your financial goal expectation for a trade.

Let there be some truth in these reports; it is physically impossible to follow everything at once and, in general, the most patient ones still win.

No one in Telegram chats will spread REAL insiders (private information about the prospects of pricing).

Moreover, even advertised paid channels often give more erroneous information than true.

Rely primarily on your experience and recheck the incoming data.

If you have a plan of action, thought out in advance, it can be fatal to depart from it by shifting moods.

4. Leaving investment in exchanges

Upon many cryptocurrency blogs have warned most individuals against leaving their investment in an exchange for too long.

Majority of them still insist that it is easier to trade cryptocurrencies when you leave it in an exchange platform.

Leaving crypto investments in an exchange platform is very risky, especially if there happens to be a hack on the platform.

You can loose your crypto investment instantly, so long as you do not have access to your private keys.

Once you are sure to leave your investment in storage for the long-term, please get any of the best secure crypto wallets.

5. Not using cold storage wallets

In the cryptocurrency market, there are different types of Bitcoin wallets.

It is not all of them that is most secured for keeping your investment for a longer period of time.

Crypto wallets varies from hot wallets to cold storage wallets, and the best of them all are category cold storage wallets.

They are designed in such a way they do not need internet to store your crypto asset.

If you are going to have good amount of money invested, I recommend you get should a crypto hardware wallet.

They have HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) features to keep your assets secured using multiple wallet addresses.

6. Not keeping private keys safe

Not keeping your private keys safe, can cause you to loose all your investments instantly.

If someone gets to have access to your wallet private keys, that means they can make away with all the cryptocurrency available in that wallet.

Losing private keys will waste all your money as you can’t do anything if you have forgotten the password.

No cryptocurrency trick will help you become an informed investor.

At the same time, never dare to commit any of these mistakes mentioned above, especially to this point.

If you’re new to using crypto wallets, simply read my guide on how to guard your wallet.

7. Falling prey to bitcoin scams

Falling for Bitcoin email scam is something that happens every-time to some people.

It’s a frightening concept and one that frequently results in undiluted panic.

It is also known as a phishing scam, and it involves using email and fraudulent websites to steal sensitive information and details such as passwords, credit card numbers, account data, addresses etc.

8. Pursuing Ponzi and HYIP schemes

Back in the days – around 2017-2018 a lot ponzi scheme surfaced and made away with many people’s money till date.

They mostly use new investors’ fund to pay the old ones, and that is exactly more like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

As a matter of fact, MMM and Get Help Worldwide then was among the popular Ponzi and HYIP schemes that that period.

They dramatically found a way to close in on individuals’ financial funds and disappeared in the thin air.

9. Buying every cheap altcoin

Even before investing funds, it is clear how the currency will develop.

If this is not a risky investment, then it is necessary to calculate what the result will be from the investment.

A coin can develop, but it can be a fraud as well, especially when it does not posses the features stated in its whitepaper.

Just know that it is a bad strategy to invest money in cryptocurrency just because the price value is very cheap.

Many inexperienced users are used to thinking that most of the cheap altcoins with a small price are merely underestimated.

This is because there are already many stories of sudden long-term growth in cryptocurrency value.

It’s not true, that all of the cryptocurrencies are profitable, as some of them are also in the category of pump and dump schemes.

10. Investing more than you can loose

As an example, we will bring to the deposit all your available savings, or, especially loan funds.

Not a single person is insured against failures and mistakes; even professional traders often bear significant financial losses.

The stories of newcomers who managed not to make any of the typical mistakes at the beginning of the trade route can be called anomalous.

Mistakes must be made (not intentionally, of course) because learning from their mistakes is much more effective than on others.

Concluding with crypto investment advice

Being able to maintain certain level of patience is the key to successfully start investing in cryptocurrency safely.

Do not be afraid to miss any deal, as the market is so big and developing that there will be enough money to be made, no matter the number of people involved.

However, remember that it is easy to make money in the cryptocurrency market, but it’s hard to keep what you have earned.

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About The 'Staunch

I am a financial nerd with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance, but found digital currency and asset investment to be more lucrative. The Crypto Staunch website is established to help individuals learn how digital currency and assets work through in-depth articles. Go-to the about page to learn more.