How to Fix Stuck MetaMask Transaction

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Author: Mr. KingsHOK
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MetaMask made it easy for users to easily transact tokens around the blockchain.

However, stuck MetaMask pending transaction is one of the most common and irritating issues most people are facing while using the wallet.

The major drawback for MetaMask is its competitive transaction fee charge and the high gas fee.

Many people avoid paying a high gas fee by keeping their Gwei very low, but they do not know that it has a direct impact on their pending transactions

In this step-by-step guide you will learn how to quickly fix stuck transaction in MetaMask, and get your wallet back and running.

Let’s begin…

MetaMask transaction stuck: Causes

A MetaMask transaction is stuck due to a handful of reasons, which can keep it pending for weeks in your cryptocurrency wallet.

Below are the major reasons that can cause your MetaMask transaction stuck pending for long in the miner que:

1. You have set a low priority fee

This includes both gas fee and transaction fee, and you must be familiar with how transactions are executed on MetaMask, which depends on your fees.

The lower the transaction fee you pay, the lower the pace of your transactions for execution.

At some point, you have to wait for so long that your transaction will be forgotten by the miners, or even lost in queue, hence your pending transaction remain stuck.

2. Simultaneously sent multiple transactions

MetaMask pending transaction can be stuck when you tried sending multiple wallet transactions from the same address simultaneously.

This will not decrease the pace of your first transaction, so one of the pending transaction will stay stuck and pending on MetaMask.

3. Insufficient fund for gas fees

Your MetaMask pending transaction may remain stuck, if you don’t have enough funds to pay for the gas or transaction fees.

This particular reason is similar to setting low priority fee (i.e. transaction and gas fees).

The gas prices are not constant – they fluctuate, and while you’re setting fees for a transaction, the gas price may change.

In other words, it will take long that the transaction may stall and you will have to cancel it.

Make sure your MetaMask transaction Gwei fee level is set to either Medium, or Advance to avoid your pending transactions being stuck.

Now that you’ve know the things that can cause stuck transaction in your wallet, let’s get into how to clear pending transaction in MetaMask.

How to clear MetaMask stuck pending transaction

Below are highlights on few of the fixes with steps that you can try to clear crypto wallet pending stuck transactions.

Fix 1: Reset MetaMask account

Here are the basic steps to safely reset your MetaMask wallet account:

  1. Click on the ‘Profile Icon’
  2. Tap on ‘Settings’
  3. Select ‘Advanced’
  4. Click on ‘Reset Account’.

Once you click on advanced and select reset account, it will erase the transaction history present within your MetaMask wallet.

Don’t worry it won’t erase all your data or delete your wallet details.

Fix 2: Use speed-up tab

  1. Go to your activity section
  2. Tap on ‘Speed-up’.

Once you click on ‘Activity’, you will see your stuck transaction in MetaMask wallet, and below you will see the option to speed up and cancel.

Clicking the option will re-submit your MetaMask pending transaction with a higher gas fee.

Fix 3: Customize nonce

  1. Go to the wallet Settings
  2. Click on ‘Advance’ option
  3. Toggle ‘Customize Transaction Nonce’
  4. Fill the custom nonce.

Once you have toggled the custom nonce on, you will see a page with the gas price, gas limit and custom nonce, then change the number… that’s all.

Fix 4: Make a new transaction

You can simply cancel the stuck pending transaction, and start a new transaction by pasting the link.

This time around, you have to choose a higher gas fee than the one you chose for the previous transaction that got stuck.

You can choose the same pair of tokens, but if you can choose a totally different network.

Fix 5: Refresh MetaMask account

You might be wondering how you can refresh your wallet account, as MetaMask does not provide such option.

Well, you have to close your MetaMask wallet app (or the extension), then restart your device to begin the whole process afresh.

Your turn: Clear stuck MetaMask transaction

MetaMask pending transactions can get stuck, mainly due to the fact that you have set a low gas fee or transaction fee.

The network can be very busy at the execution time and the Gwei gas fee level is set to low.

The methods and steps above will most likely resolve your pending transaction issue, and as a result will speed up the entire process..

It’s recommended you to execute your transaction during the midnight, when the network is not being used by many people.