How to Verify My Email Pi Network

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Mine Pi email verification is important as the network has advanced.

It’s important to verify mine.pi network email address of your account, since the has surpassed 10million users.

Once you have verified your email, you’ll be able to withdraw your pi crypto-coins as soon as you wish.

One of the ways to be verified, is by verifying the pi network email address of your account.

This guide will teach you how to easily and successfully complete pi network email verification.

How to verify mine.pi email

As an active user of pi network, you can easily verify your account by following the steps stated below…

Step 1: Install Pi browser

One of the tools that you’re going to use in verifying your account is pi browser with mobile wallet.

This browser is another development from pi team, and you can simply install it from Google play store.

It is aimed to help perform a lot of functions which includes verification of minepi network account.

Step 2: Login to your Pi account

Once you have successfully installed the pi browser, login to your network account.

This stage will take you to the mine.pi network dashboard, where you’ll have to click on menu icon and proceed to browser.

Step 3: Access Pi browser

To do this, click on pi browser that is available on the pi menu bar, and the next is to proceed to the pi browser.

After you have clicked on the pi browser, a page will come up, you’ll need to sign-in to pi browser.

This will take you to the pi browser that is already installed on your Android, then input your address into the search box.

Use this link – https://mine.pi/email-verification

After you have inputted, a box will be displayed for you to enter email address.

As you’re trying to input your email address, make sure that you have correctly copied your pi network email properly.

Any mistake in the email address will lead to failure of the verification process.

If you’re sure that the email address is correct, input the email address into the box that is provided to continue.

Step 4: Verify using email link

As a step further to pi network email verification, a link will be sent to your email address.

This email will contain the verification link, so open the email address and click on the link to verify your pi network account.

Once you’ve done that, you will receive a congratulatory email message to show that you have successfully verified your address.

Do you need to verify Pi network account?

Though you can mine and maintain the Pi mined even if you’re unverified, it’s very important to get verified for maximum security.

However, it’s necessarily not all that important for Pioneers to do verification with Facebook or phone.

How do you change mine.pi network email?

If you would like to change the email address on your account, please raise a support ticket from your account’s current email address.

Make sure you include the following information; Your full name, an existing email address, then your new email address.

Why am I not getting the verification link message?

Check your Junk folder, as your ISP or corporate domain may be configured to deliver commercial mail to your Spam box by default.

Additionally, check for typos in the spelling of the email address, then you should request for another verification email.

Why’s my number not verifying on Pi network?

If you have problems verifying your phone number; then do it manually right inside your account.

Go to settings, then your profile and check if the phone verification is green or not.

If it’s not, then input your correct phone number (e.g. +234xxxxxxxxxx) and click on verify button.

Conclusion: Mine.Pi email verification

Verifying your pi network account is very important to have an optimum use of the exchange platform.

FYI, there are different verifications that pi requires.

One of them is the pi email verification as has been shown in this guide, where you make use of email verification link.

There are some other channels (like; social media account and phone number) are been used as verification as well.