How to Sell as a Bundle on OpenSea

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Perhaps you’ve already created your first OpenSea bundles.

Now you can’t seem to figure out how to order the items properly as NFT bundle?

Don’t worry because we’re soon going to dig very deep into this topic and finally figure out how OpenSea bundle sale works.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to sell as a bundle on OpenSea, as well as how to influence the order of items in an NFT bundle.

What is OpenSea bundle?

OpenSea bundles are multiple minted NFT items batched together in a single marketplace listing for sale.

Whoever buys the non-fungible token bundle will receive all of the items it contains.

Bundles have been around for quite some time on OpenSea, and it allow you to sell a group of items all in one go.

The feature was first introduced in October 2018, when it was one of the most requested features from its users.

The obvious benefit is that you can list the OpenSea bundle for free, then settle it in a single transaction.

This can save some money on the OpenSea gas fees for both the buyer and the seller.

If you listed any of the items separately and they sell, the entire bundle will be delisted as soon as the transaction completes.

How to sell bundle on OpenSea

If you’d like to create and sell your own OpenSea bundles, then you’ll also be happy to know that the process is quite simple.

Follow these 3 simple steps below to create and sell an NFT bundle on OpenSea:

  1. Visit the NFT marketplace
  2. Go to your OpenSea profile
  3. Identify NFTs you want to bundle
  4. Select multiple items via the 3 little dots
  5. Hit the blue ‘Sell Bundle’ button in the bottom right corner
  6. Add a bundle name, description and price
  7. Then complete the OpenSea bundle listing.

It’s really that simple.

Many NFT enthusiast have asked whether they can lower a non-fungible token bundle price on OpenSea.

Unfortunately, unlike with single items, it is currently not possible to lower a bundle price on OpenSea.

Therefore, you should enter a price that you feel comfortable with, as it’s also not possible to transfer a listed OpenSea bundle to another user.

OpenSea bundles currently only handle up to 20 items on Ethereum.

How to order OpenSea bundle

A common problem with people, they always try to order NFT items in the OpenSea bundles itself.

Many people will arbitrarily batch together various items, because they want to sell multiple items at a go.

However, for other creators, the order in which the items are displayed on OpenSea can be quite important.

If you don’t have control over the order of the items, the OpenSea bundles might look very different from how you wanted.

Unfortunately, there is no way to manually adjust the ordering of items sorted in a bundle.

However, what we know is that the most recently posted or minted NFT will usually display first when the bundle is finally listed.

Conclusion: NFT Bundle OpenSea

At this point, I believe you’ve learned how to sell as a bundle on OpenSea NFT marketplace platform

OpenSea bundle sale is a popular way for investors to sell items in bulk and save on gas fees as well.

It have become especially popular within the NFT gaming scene where some of the cards are a common occurrence.

However, have it in mind that’s not all the features that you use to form single item listings work for bundles as well.

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