Best NFT Project Roadmap Examples

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The fundamental aspect of an Non-Fungible Token project is a roadmap.

It’s your chance to provide clarity and transparency in the kind of community you want to build, and what people can expect for their crypto investment.

Though, not every project uses NFT roadmap the same way – some even neglect them, but they’ve become standard practice for a reason.

Roadmap is either time-based (i.e. weekly or monthly), or percentage-based (as deliverables rolls out), while the project hit certain milestones.

The latter model has become popular, since it allows creators to raise revenue for more expensive deliverables during the roadmap’s back half.

Perhaps you’re currently planning your own NFT project, and you want some guidance on drafting good NFT roadmap.

Count yourself lucky, as I’ve taken a look at some of the most successful example of NFT roadmaps for your perusal.

Read on for some best NFT roadmap examples, and practices when building out a project, using recent successes.

In this article, you’ll learn the purpose of an NFT project roadmap, but I’ll also show you some of the best NFT roadmap template free.

Let’s dive in already…

What is an NFT roadmap?

NFT project roadmaps are the visually appealing equivalent of a start pitch-deck and their strategic plan for an NFT minting progress.

These roadmaps are effective promise to investors, that certain outcomes will be reached during the investment life-span by certain dates.

It helps to manage the expectations of investors, but also provides tangible points of accountability for the NFT project founders.

One of the indicators that many people use to evaluate a new NFT project is their roadmap.

NFT roadmap obviously help in planning strategies, including defining deliverables, against which a team can be held accountable.

However, there’s no guarantee that the roadmap will ever be completed, so they are effectively a graphical versions of pitch-decks.

Purposefully, it’s intended to help create excitement about the future prospects of a project, and it allows investors an idea of when to see certain outcomes.

NFT roadmaps are essential tool for project founders – though, they are not the ‘holy grail’ as many investors think.

A non-fungible token project can have the greatest roadmap of all time, but if they can’t execute it, they’ll still fail.

Characteristics of a good NFT roadmap

A good NFT roadmap will be focused on setting SMART goals that are realistic, and achievable for the entire team.

This creates accountability and successful completion of the targets, while eventually building trust in the team’s executive abilities.

Since launching an NFT is similar to crowdfunding, it’s important for the founders to communicate proactively and regularly about their roadmap.

There’s no perfect NFT roadmap example, and each one must be adapted to the specific needs of their respective project.

A good NFT roadmap template covers a number of key points based on the specific project it’s backing.

Before we forge ahead, I’d first like to stress that a good NFT roadmap must contain SMART goals which stands for;

  • Specific: Be clear and specific about your goals and achievments, as it helps you know how and where to get started
  • Measurable: Goals must be tracked in order to see your progress which also tell you when a milestone is reached
  • Actionable: If you’re able to achieve these goals, just know that actionable goals ensure steps within your control
  • Realistic: Avoid overwhelming tasks, unnecessary stress and frustration by making each goal realistic
  • Timebound: Stating dates helps you stay focused and motivated, with maximum inspiration to provide something to work towards.

Setting SMART goals will help ensure that you don’t overpromise and underdeliver on your NFT roadmap.

Your ability to execute what you’ve promised will dictate how much trust investors will have in you.

Your NFT project roadmap isn’t just for you, but also for your investors, so make sure you cover the following points:

  • Public: Your roadmap shouldn’t be a secret, so make sure it’s publicly accessible to anyone that would like to see it
  • Utility: Your NFT utility will drive its long-term value, and you must explain how your project creates value for the holders
  • Status: Updating your community on the status of your roadmap demonstrates that you are doing what you said you would, hence making progress
  • Depth: Some goals require more explanation, and that’s why you must provide more detail on items that require more work time-frames
  • Readable: Patience is a rare trait and don’t expect investors to spend more than 1-2 minutes on your roadmap, so make sure it gets your message across immediately.

If you’ve built pitch-decks before, a lot of what I’ve shared above will sound familiar to what you know already.

However, there are 2 differences between a classic pitch-deck, and the roadmap an NFT founder built.

Firstly, the roadmap will focus a lot more on telling your story via artwork, and embedding ideas with milestones into a bigger picture.

While in classic pitches, it’s just the audience (like; Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists) that you are pitching to, and it’s totally different from crowdfunding.

As you should always have these things in mind, let me show you some of the best NFT roadmap examples to use as templates.

Let’s forge ahead…

Best NFT roadmap examples

I know you want to see example of NFT roadmap template free, and that’s why I’ve made a list of the very best roadmaps in the space.

Some of them may seem familiar, since they’re from the industry biggest NFT projects, but let’s go check them out.

Shall we…?

  1. Bored Ape Yacht Club
  2. Azuki
  3. Cool Cats
  4. Cool Monkes
  5. Lazy Lions
  6. Top Dog Beach Club
  7. Deadfellaz
  8. Purnelope’s Country Club
  9. Robotos
  10. Fishy Fam

Final thoughts

Everyone is thinking how to launch their own NFT project, but don’t let greed push you towards a hasty-sub-par NFT roadmap.

Founders are putting their reputations on the line, so it’s very important that they invest time, and energy to create deliverable roadmap.

The objective of NFT projects is NOT just for the short-term cash income, but the long-term value they tend to create.

I hope this NFT roadmap example list helps you in drafting an attractive pitch-deck material for your next project.