Best NFT Sniping Tools

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Author: Mr. KingsHOK
An accountant who turned cryptopreneur to pursue my interest in crypto and decentralized finance. Let me show you how to invest safely in the space with my experience over the years.

Sniping is the most exciting aspect of being an NFT investor.

Non-fungible token sniping tools can make it very easy to dial in the parameters, to find the best deals on NFT marketplaces.

Professional collectors use these tools to become the first to evaluate NFT value, which they buy for making healthy profit.

For short-term collectors like me, on the other hand, these tools are still handy.

These sniping tools simply repurpose some data to make it easier to find deals and understand what’s happening on a second-by-second basis.

Let’s take a look at some of the almost-free NFT sniping tools available currently for you in the market as at the time of writing this guide.

Trait Sniper

trait sniper

Trait Sniper is an essential tool if you want to access rarity rankings right after a project’s reveal.

The Discord channel is very active, so you can report bugs, or request your favorite projects to be analysed, and the founders will get back to you in no time.

The main use of this tool, as the name indicates, is to snipe mispriced NFTs, and their Discord server is a great way to learn your way around sniping.

You will see other snipers sharing their profit-sharing screenshots on a daily basis so you can learn from the strategies they used.

There’s also a daily calendar, reveal alerts, and all other features you’d expect from a community that is focused on putting you in the best position.

Sniping on project reveals, unfortunately, is not something that can be automated.

When you need to use your research skills, it’s more likely that you can get some type of edge over others and nail consistent profits.

Logging in to the app is done using your cryptocurrency wallet, and subscriptions cost 0.2 ETH for 1 week and 0.65 ETH for 30 days.

Unfortunately, there’s no lifetime option as at the time of writing.

Trait Sniper also has a downloadable NFT sniper Chrome extension, which is immensely helpful to browse OpenSea.

You can also use the extension to calculate the value of your NFT portfolio based on floor price.

It shows the current floor price and also the rank of an item with details overlaid onto normal OpenSea display for convenience.

NFT Nerds


This is an essential tool built by mathematicians and coders, for those who take NFTs as serious business.

Unlike Trait Sniper, NFTNerds charts are always a reflection of live conditions; syncing happens automatically under the hood.

Not all projects can be found on this site, but you can request which next ones will be included by joining the Discord server of NFTNerds.

The server is a great way to meet other NFT enthusiasts and learn from their trading experience.

The profit-sharing channel, in particular, can be very inspiring and shows what you can do once you have a strategy in place and work hard.

There is also an Academy category within Discord which has several subchannels that focus on teaching you how the tool and the NFT space in general work.

OpenSea sometimes takes longer to show new listings, while NFT Nerds shows them faster.

You can purchase directly from NFT Nerds, which takes roughly 4 seconds from spotting a listing to approving the transaction.

Rarity rankings are also built into the app, and usually use the official rankings, which means one less tab to check.

NFT Nerds can also be used to discover trending collections, which is a great way to make sure you don’t miss out on any new projects.

You can also monitor the current gas prices directly within the app, and use custom gas fees for your purchases if you want.

To start using the premium version of NFT Nerds, you need to purchase a pass and then use your wallet to login and unlock the premium features.

Genesis passes can be found on OpenSea.

This is a tool that still has many more features to come, but is already extremely useful.



The free SuperSea Chrome extension adds a number of features to make it more convenient, fun and profitable to browse the OpenSea marketplace:

  • Floor Prices – floor prices for your tokens and portfolio value calculation.
  • Skip OpenSea Cache – fetch asset images directly from source (OS takes long to update on reveal).
  • Listing Notifications – get notified the precise moment an asset within your given price range is listed.
  • Scam Protection – extremely useful when buying bundles, as scams are so common.
  • Mass-refresh and Mass-reveal – mass-Queue items for OpenSea metadata refresh and automatically load all images from source while OpenSea is updating their cache.

The premium version gives you access to more features like Rarity Ranks and Quick Buy and enhanced Listing Notifications.

You can buy lifetime access on OpenSea (or mint it for 0.5 ETH while they last), or a monthly subscription for 0.1 ETH.



Ninjalerts is a smartphone app that can track all sorts of parameters in the non-fungible token market.

It’s commonly used to track whales wallets, influencers and media personalities in order to know before everyone what they’re doing.

As always, the data can only take you so far, you also need to put in a dose of your interpretation skills in order to profit consistently.

The nice thing is that it’s a mobile app, which in my view makes it very convenient to get push notification alerts.

Currently, you can only buy a lifetime license from OpenSea, but a monthly subscription option in the future is also expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a method of being among the first few individuals to find the rarest, yet profitable NFT (Non-Fungible Token) to invest in using designated tools.

Personally, SuperSea seems to be a good option, if you’re looking for a free sniping tool for discovering new NFT projects in the OpenSea market.

Final thoughts

Professional NFT investors and collectors always use these NFT sniping tools to discover newest projects that would definitely be profitable in future.

Do not forget that these are only tools for analysis, and not for your NFT blockchain investment security.

I like using a secure cryptocurrency wallet to safe-guard my funds and investments to avoid loss due to cyber thefts.

If you want my recommendation, hardware wallets are known to be the best amongst other, but they’re quite pricey to acquire though.