Best Non-Fungible Token Subreddits

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One of the best ways to find and analyse an NFT is through Reddit.

It can be overwhelming trying to decide which NFTs to buy, as there are over 2 million collections representing over 80 million unique NFTs on OpenSea alone.

In the year 2021, more than $44 billion was actually spent on non-fungible tokens.

For buyers; being early to new projects and getting on their pre-sales is how you can make money minting and flipping NFTs.

As a creator, attracting buyers and developing an NFT community is how your non-fungible token project survives.

However, we’ve curated the best recommended and most popular NFT subreddits that you should always follow to keep up.

See all of them below…

Best NFT subreddits

These subreddits are listed based the activities and information going on in the communities about different NFT assets.

1. NFT

r/NFT is by far the biggest NFT subreddit, with over 435k members as at the time writing this article, and the community keeps growing.

If you’re looking to promote your project or find out what’s hot, you’ll definitely want to browse this page first.

You can filter by flairs like Polygon NFTs, Binance NFTs, memes and many more.

2. NFTsMarketplace

This is the second biggest subreddit for NFT, with about 250k members, and many new projects like to advertise and give out whitelists to early commenters.

3. OpenSea

It’s the largest non-fungible token platform on reddit, and it also has its own subreddit for investors in different NFT assets.

There you’ll find discussions around OpenSea, questions and suggestions on the platform, as well as new projects listed.

4. NFTExchange

This subreddit has about 75k members, and it’s primarily used for new NFT projects to advertise themselves.

Generally speaking the quality of projects is quite low from what I’ve seen.

5. NFTMarket

The subreddit has about 20k members, and usually contains many of the same posts as some of the bigger subs.

6. NFTStocks

It’s a fairly small community with only 7k members, but happens to be quite active with many new posts.

Check it out if you’re looking for some under the radar projects.

7. Rarible

This is an OpenSea competitor and has its own RARI token, and users that transact on the platform can earn RARI rewards.

If you’re interested in this platform, be sure to check out its subreddit.

8. Foundation

An non-fungible token subreddit platform targeting high-end artists and curators, to maintain the authenticity of NFT assets being discussed in it.

Check out the subreddit if you’re interested in this style of NFT art.

Instead of the usual 5,000 or 10,000 NFT collection, most pieces on Foundation are unique 1/1s and fetch much higher prices through the auction system.

9. TheSandboxGaming

It’s a community-driven platform where creators can create and monetize voxels ASSETS and gaming experience on the blockchain.

The SandboxGaming community has more than 8.8K members where they usually share their experiences, story, creations, news and information about The Sandbox.

10. NiftyGateway

Team of top artists and brands to create a collection of limited edition, high-quality NFTs, exclusively available on their platform.

NiftyGateway subreddit is followed by more than 4.3K members.

You can follow the community to know what’s happening in the NFT ecosystem, especially on the NFT marketplace.

What is NFT subreddit?

This is a subreddit community where those individual interested in NFT assets and investment meet to discussion and gather information.

What is anti NFT subreddit?

This is a community dedicated to discussing the negative aspects of NFT (and occasionally the cryptocurrency phenomenon) in a reasonable manner.

It’s a subreddit where people that hate NFT gather to discuss all the downside of investing in non-fungible token projects.

Is there subreddit NFT?

Reddit is launching a new NFT marketplace platform called Collectible Avatars.

However, the company interestingly never called them NFTs.

The social network revealed its new ‘blockchain-backed’ feature that offers Redditors the option to create, sell and purchase avatars featuring different versions of the site’s mascot, Snoo.

According to Reddit, the avatars will be stored on the Ethereum-compatible blockchain Polygon, due to the network’s low-cost transactions.

Final thoughts

There are plenty of other ones, but we didn’t list them, because they will turn out to waste your time.

If you’re trying to play the NFT game to make money, just be careful about scams and rug pulls.

Minting and flipping NFTs can certainly be profitable, but you have to choose the right projects as early as they’re minted.

The unfortunate truth right now is that most NFT projects don’t have any long-term vision and are merely created as money grabs.

As such, a lot of the projects you see posted on these subreddits, and elsewhere will end up going no where.

Do your due diligence and ensure you never take on too much risk.