What’s Best Banner Size on OpenSea?

The best banner size that really works for OpenSea NFT marketplace is 2,800 pixels wide by 1,200 pixels high.

The 1,400 by 1,000 pixel banner picture size is a recommendation by OpenSea with a thought to be ideal for the majority of devices.

However, it doesn’t optimize for specific devices.

OpenSea hosts thousands of NFT collections, and your collection is a drop of water in the ocean.

Heavy competition means you need to make your collection stand out with a correctly-sized, beautiful banner.

Your Opensea banner is the first thing a user sees when they land on your page.

In this guide, I will show you how to fix OpenSea profile banner size for your NFT collection.

Let’s begin…

How to fix a blurry banner on OpenSea

If you upload a file size that is too small, and OpenSea compress it further, you will have a blurry profile banner image.

The objects in your image might also not have high resolution.

I recommend you find a larger-sized image and follow the instructions below for image resize.

  1. Head over to Simple Image Resizer
  2. Select and upload a HD image
  3. Define the new size of your image using: text, select dimensions
  4. In the two text boxes, enter 2800 x 1000
  5. Click and select resize option
  6. Select the ‘download’ hypertext from the green box.

Once you’ve downloaded the image, upload the banner to your OpenSea collection or profile page.

If it’s not perfect, you can always mess around with the pixel sizes.

Wrapping up

I’d recommend checking how your banner appears on different devices, if you have the time.

Don’t assume your banner looks great on other devices.

Desktops have a higher screen resolution, and your OpenSea banner will need to have more resolution than the standard 1,400 x 1,000.

Using 2,800 by 1,200 doesn’t mean the banner is optimal for all devices, but it’s the best start.

You need to think about how your device’s screen resolution looks on different devices.

Get the most critical information into the middle, or upper-middle of the banner to allow everyone across devices see them.

I believe this guide has helped you to get your blurry profile banner fixed properly the way it should display on both mobile and desktop.

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