How to Send Crypto from PayPal to Binance

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Author: Mr. KingsHOK
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You can now send cryptocurrency out of your PayPal wallet account.

PayPal is a popular fintech company that started offering users the ability to buy, sell and store crypto in October 2020.

Over 400 million users makes use of its services, and because of its security, users have always wanted to be able to accept crypto payments.

On June 7th, 2022 PayPal announced its cryptocurrency services, by allowing users to transfer their crypto funds to exchange and wallets.

As part of their push to make digital assets accessible to all users, they’re is making it easy for customers to protect their identities.

Now that you’ve been briefed on the payment service company, let’s see how you can transfer crypto from PayPal to Binance.

Let’s get started…

How to transfer crypto from PayPal to Binance

The process of moving cryptocurrency from PayPal to Binance is just as simple as vice versa:

  1. Log in to your Binance account
  2. Head over to the ‘Wallet’ page
  3. Choose ‘Deposits’ option
  4. Click on ‘Deposit Crypto’ button
  5. Choose the crypto you want to receive
  6. Copy the address from your wallet account
  7. Log into your PayPal account
  8. Go-to the cryptocurrency section
  9. Choose the asset you want to send
  10. Click the transfer icon and select ‘Send’
  11. Paste the address from Binance
  12. Click the ‘Send’ button.

That’s it – as simple as that… congratulations!

You can also send crypto to PayPal users directly by clicking Send and choosing the person you want to send the funds to.

Now you turn

I hope you’ve learned how to transfer cryptocurrency of your choice from PayPal to Binance easily and instantly.

It’s important to always send the funds based on the network PayPal supports as it’s less inclusive.

Keep in mind that PayPal only support these crypto-coins on their native networks, while Binance also has support for their tokenized versions on several networks.