Best Polygon NFT Marketplaces

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Author: Mr. KingsHOK
An accountant who turned cryptopreneur to pursue my interest in crypto and decentralized finance. Let me show you how to invest safely in the space with my experience over the years.

Investing in different non-fungible tokens can be quite an experience.

These are blockchain digital assets that cannot be manipulated by being replicated or modified.

NFTs are secure record of property ownership that can’t be copied, like the rights to digital art, music, short videos, etc.

In the presence of many marketplaces, choosing the best platform for use can be challenging.

In this guide, am going to show you the marketplaces based on Polygon blockchain in hopes of assisting you.

Let’s begin!

Polygon NFT marketplaces

Here we will take a look at some of the best NFT marketplaces on one of the largest blockchains known as Polygon.


OpenSea is considered one of the most influential and most successful NFT marketplaces in the world.

It’s the first and largest digital peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs and crypto collectibles.

OpenSea supports 240+ payment methods, including Stablecoins, and allow cross-blockchain across Polygon (MATIC), Ethereum (ETH), and Klatyn (KLAY).

On the platform, you will find more than 600K+ users, 80M+ NFTs, and 2M+ collections, and it offers both art, collectibles and utility-based NFTs.

Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, and many more projects are available for you to trade, buy, sell or just browse around.

They have an excellent user interface and very helpful statistics.

If you have a basic knowledge of how to use the internet, then navigating through will be very easy for you.


Refinable is a next-generation NFT marketplace, which aims to establish a trustworthy platform.

It allows you to buy, sell, trade, collect, and create any type of digital content at a very low cost and with ultra-fast speed.

Refinable offers cross-chain support across Polygon, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Solana.

You can acquire valuable pieces of various digital assets, including art, collectibles, gaming items, and many more.

Refinable uses $FINE BEP20 token as a utility and governance token based on the Binance Smart Chain.

If you hold verified amounts of $FINE, you will have extra benefits.

Refinable is backed by the Binance exchange and the famous YouTuber and entrepreneur Mr. Beast.


NFTrade is the largest non-fungible token marketplace by volume on the Polygon blockchain.

As the number of userbase increases by the day, they have almost double the volume of earlier mentioned Refinable.

It’s an exchange and cross-chain aggregator that allows users to create, buy, sell, swap and farm NFTs across Polygon, Ethereum, Binance and Avalanche.

NFTrade includes the following Features and Services:

  • NFT aggregator – all NFTs are just a click away from you
  • Multi-chain + Cross-chain – it is easy to switch between blockchains with low-fee
  • NFT Farming – you can put your idle tokens to earn collectible NFTs
  • NFT Launchpad – it gives you access to the new and largest NFT projects
  • Escrowed P2P Swaps – with their Escrow Mechanism, you can trade NFTs securely
  • Social Features – they have a big community where you can interact, share your experiences and present your NFTs.


PlayDapp is a blockchain DApp game portal that operates on Polygon and Ethereum only.

Using this platform, you can play P2E games in order to earn rewards in the form of PLA tokens and NFTs.

It also provides a C2C Marketplace.

PlayDapp’s vision is to bring all non-crypto gamers into the world of blockchain games through their platform.

The native token of PlayDapp is the PLA token, which serves as the primary fungible token for the processing of transactions from users.

Zesty Market

Zesty is a monetization platform that operates on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain network.

It allows tokenization of digital advertisement spaces into a non-fungible token.

You can rent NFTs to advertisers as ad space and take the profit from the rental, while generating revenues for them from fees.

Zesty marketplace aims to give publishers and advertisers a connection method without the interference of centralized platforms.

Zesty supports both MetaMask and Coinbase wallet, which enables you to integrate anonymous, easy, reliable and secure global payments.


Treasureland is a unique multi-chain non-fungible token exchange market you will ever see recently.

They recently lowered gas fees by integrating with Binance Smart Chain and Polygon network, and transactions are now faster.

On the platform, you can mint (turn a digital file into a digital asset, or crypto collectible) your artwork and post it for sale on the BSC.

Treasureland supports various wallets like Metamask, Trust Wallet, Math Wallet, Token Pocket, etc.

Treasureland’s mission is to connect NFT users in a decentralized way and build the blockchain world’s eBay.


Coinvise is an open platform where you can create a token, and build a tokenized community or DAO around the token.

Their primary focus is on creating tools that not only help you mint NFTs, but also create rewards for getting contributions.

Coinvise infrastructure allows you to create, collect and earn social tokens and NFTs.

It enables you to mint and swap your virtual cryptocurrencies intrinsic to the value they provide.

Can I sell NFT on Polygon?

Of course, you can sell NTFs on Polygon using any of the marketplaces mentioned in this guide.

What is the best app for NFT?

OpenSea has a free NFT app supported on Android devices. Overall, it’s the best app you can use for NFT investment and exchange.

Which is the biggest NFT marketplace?

OpenSea is obviously the biggest NFT marketplace in the world with more than 600K users, 80M NFTs and 2M collections.

Best Polygon NFT Marketplace

Polygon ecosystem is relatively new, but has more than 100 NFTs (i.e. Non-Fungible Tokens) and NFT Dapps.

Using Polygon provides faster transactions, and reduces gas fees with the same security and interoperability that Ethereum blockchain provides.

Given some more time, there will be a lot more projects on Polygon for sure.

Remember to always keep your NFT in an offline wallet, as this helps to mitigate thefts.

Personally, I would recommend hardware wallets (like; Ledger Nano X/S), because are among the most secured in the market.