Press Release

May 31, 2020 – Got Featured on Feedspot

Yay… The CryptoStaunch cryptocurrency blog got featured on Feedspot and The ‘Staunch is extremely happy!

I am honoured to have this blog being featured on Feedspot Top 200 Cryptocurrency blogs list, and reaching individuals that has kin interest in making money with crypto asset – my number one goal.

Having being listed and featured to partner with Feedspot will help me do just that!

What is Feedspot?


Feedspot is a content reader that keep an aggregative track of all your favourite websites/blogs in one place.
  1. Add your favourite Blogs, News websites, RSS Feeds, YouTube Channels, and Social sites accounts to your Feedspot account and read new updates from one place.
  2. Using a content reader helps you keep up with your top information sources – content comes straight to you, saving you the time to go and check every site on your own.
  3. Feedspot also keeps track of which items you’ve read, so you only see the unread items when you come back, even when you log in on different devices.

You can check out the CryptoStaunch Feedspot page by clicking this link. And be sure to take advantage of the ability to streamline all your favourite online content in their user-friendly interface.

On May 26, 2020 14:04 (WAT), The ‘Staunch received an email from Anuj Agarwal of letting him know that this website has been featured in Top 200 Crypto Blogs and Websites for crypto enthusiasts – ranking number 107th.

See the message screenshot below:

Feedspot Feature

Is Feedspot worth it?

One thing to have in mind is that, it feels great to receive such good gesture from people who are reading our content and supporting us in any way they can.

I want to thank Anuj and the Feedspot team for deeming my blog useful for the blockchain space. I’ll do my best to spread awareness amongst people for more and more betterment of financial stability through cryptocurrency guides and tutorials.

Thanks once again to Anuj Agarwal (CEO Feedspot) for the kind gesture!