BitLox Review

Bitlox could be the best secure anonymous bitcoin wallet, so you can stop storing your Bitcoins on an exchange.

If you finally decided to use Bitcoin anonymously, then that’s a good decision you’ve made, as it is a serious measure to fully secure your bitcoin crypto investment from loss, or theft.

BitLox is arguably one of the best Bitcoin anonymous hardware wallets you might’ve not heard, or known yet. It offers full privacy and security to almost, all the transactions made through it.


  • It highly secured, anonymous and reliable wallet.
  • It has backup and restore feature in case your device is damaged or lost.
  • It comes with very impressive and stylish packaging.
  • It is highly indestructible due to the sturdy metal casing.
  • No hidden charges during transactions.
  • The hardware wallet is sleek and portable.
  • It has different levels of security.
  • It supports Tor browser for most anonymity.


  • It’s highly pricey (i.e. very costly if you are not willing to budget high for just a wallet).
  • The customer is not all that reliable (according to reviews and researches conducted).
  • It is not first-time user-friendly.
  • It’s bigger than some other hardware wallets.

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Using Bitcoins to do transaction is one of the greatest strategies in cryptocurrency investment, but to using BTC anonymously, or making it completely anonymous, is kind of hard to do.

Standard bitcoin wallets always leave your footprint traces in the blockchain online.

I know you may be thinking;

Wasn’t Bitcoin anonymous before?

Wasn’t the aim of introducing Bitcoin not to make transactions anonymous?

I will like you to know that anyone can track the history of your Bitcoin transactions, if they are really determined to find and trace it.

The popular usage of Bitcoin for transactions led to the creation of many cryptocurrency wallets by companies. These wallets came in different forms, but the most secure wallets ever created are hardware wallets.

Most anonymous Bitcoin wallet are not really safe to hide your full identity online. Most of them are not fully anonymous with transactions, because it’s very hard.

Even though using Bitcoin anonymously is very hard, it is possible to be made completely anonymous using either Virtual Protocol Networks (VPN), or using one of the best Bitcoin anonymous wallet that hides your ID, as well as your wallet address.

If you’re earning Bitcoins from clients you think may not be necessary to allow your location into their hands, you should consider looking into this wallet just after reading this review.

Let’s take a deep look into the BitLox Bitcoin hardware wallet using this review post.

What is BitLox?


BitLox is an advanced, and fully secured cryptocurrency wallet manufactured with the mind of keeping your Bitcoin transactions anonymous.

This wallet comes with some of the best security features than most generic hardware wallets.

This advanced Bitcoin hardware wallet can store up to 100 separate wallets – even hidden ones, and it also offers a range of security features you will never find in other generic Bitcoin hardware wallets.

BitLox cryptocurrency wallet is practically indestructible, as the casing is made up of titanium, and aerospace grade alloy plated metal.

This made it to stand out as the hardest cryptocurrency hardware wallet in the market.

Model Versions

BitLox Bitcoin cryptocurrency hardware wallet comes in three different models. Each model has something that differs it from another.

These different BitLox wallet models include:

  • BitLox Advance
  • BitLox Ultimate
  • BitLox Extreme

1. BitLox Advanced

This model is covered with aerospace grade alloy, and allows users to store up to 100 different wallets, which some of the wallets stored can create unlimited addresses. The price for this model of BitLox is tagged at $199 with 5-year warranty.

Buy BitLox Advanced for $199

2. BitLox Ultimate

This is the model version that is lavishly designed with titanium exterior case. This is sold for $299 (but on slash sale for $148).

It can also store up to 100 wallets, but can also hide a half of the total number of wallets created. It comes with 5-year warranty as well.

Splash Price for $148

3. BitLox Extreme

This is the high-end model of BitLox Bitcoin hardware wallet. If money is not your problem, you can invest in getting this wallet, as it is highly secured, as well as coming with extremely lock-down privacy features, and a sort of military-grade protection.

It is available for a whooping price tag of $399, though in the slash price, and comes with 5-year warranty.

Splash Price for $198

BitLox Supported Cryptocurrencies

BitLox hardware wallet does not support any other crypto-coin, but only supports Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Recently, the company that produces the wallet revealed that it will be extended to support Ethereum DApps (Tokens).

This is to say that, BitLox Bitcoin hardware wallet may support Altcoins in the near future.


BitLox complies with BIP32 and BIP39 protocols, which facilitates the implementation of a mnemonic code and facilitates its role as a hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet.

In the hidden-mode, this wallet can only be accessed using a 4-digit pin and password. Below are different levels of security you can set your BitLox hardware wallet:

Standard Level

It will auto-generate a 4-digit, or 8-digit PIN, as well as 12-word mnemonic passphrase words.

Advanced Level

It allows you to make your own PIN of 60 characters, an 18-word mnemonically backed up, and you have an additional ‘Anti Device-Tampering‘ feature.

Expert Level

This level of protection has an advanced 24-word mnemonic and PIN is needed for each transaction. In general, you will need to create PIN for each created wallet, no matter the mode of protection you decide to use.

System Compatibility

Bitlox Cover

BitLox is fully compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, IOS and Android operating systems. There is also a Chrome browser extension with which you can download and connect to BitLox through a USB cord connection.

BitLox Wallet Features

  • The wallet is 4mm, and weighs only 25g
  • The transaction fees are internally created and displayed. No hidden charges enabled.
  • It supports backups and recovery 12, 18 and 24-word passphrase.
  • The wallet can be charged full using just USB cord.
  • It has a high-profile E-wallet paper display QR code scanning for wallet-to-wallet transactions.
  • It supports multi languages.
  • It is water and shock proof, which made it indestructible.
  • It comes with a hard metal case.

How to use BitLox Wallet


Using BitLox Bitcoin hardware wallet for the first time is somehow like most other hardware wallets in the market.

  • Connect the USB cord to your PC
  • Set the wallet device PIN(s)
  • Select the level of protection you want to use
  • Wait for the device to be formatted
  • Enter the PIN
  • En-Queue the mnemonic code
  • Then from now, you can connect to the wallet through USB to your personal computer or Bluetooth connection
  • First wallet address generated will be displayed when the QR code is displayed
  • If you want to make any transaction, you will need to scan the QR code, or copy and paste the wallet address.

Final Verdict

If you are a very serious bitcoin trader, or an enthusiast that intend to use Bitcoins for different purposes, I will simply say that, BitLox is the best Bitcoin cryptocurrency hardware wallet made specifically for storing only BTC coins.

It comes with a military-grade top-notched security to make sure your Bitcoin cryptocurrency is not exposed to any kind of hack or loss.

As it’s important to not store your cryptocurrencies on an exchange, using a hardware wallet is highly recommended, but BitLox is the most secured among other hardware wallets, as it provide superior security features.

BitLox Bitcoin hardware wallet may seem very difficult to use by a new user, but with time, you will definitely find it very easy to use.

The wallet can keep your Bitcoin transactions completely anonymous, and after the transaction is confirmed.

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