CoinSwitch Review

Converting cryptocurrencies from one to another has never been that easy until CoinSwitch was introduced into the crypto-ecosystem.

Are you looking for the best way to convert Bitcoin investment to another crypto coin?

Do you want to exchange cryptocurrency for arbitrage trading?

CoinSwitch.Co will help you out on it, as amateur investors can easily convert their crypto investment into another currency of their choice.


  1. Up-to 300 cryptocurrencies with over 45,000 currencies supported
  2. Comparison of cryptocurrency exchange rate is automated
  3. Registration is easy, and no private document is required
  4. It’s an easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange platform
  5. There’s no KYC verification
  6. No transaction limits.


  1. Withdrawal limit depends on the exchange selected
  2. Trading fees depends on the selected exchange
  3. No CoinSwitch mobile app
  4. Registration procedures.

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This platform personally helped me to make some money as fast as possible, while trying to experiment on crypto coin arbitrage trading on reputable exchanges.

I also got to acquire, as well as buy cryptocurrency airdrop tokens easily from exchanges with ease.

In other words, this is a review post content, and I will let you know everything you need to know about Coinswitch cryptocurrency exchange aggregate platform.

Let’s get started already!

Shall we?

What is CoinSwitch?


Coinswitch is a cryptocurrency trading exchange rate aggregator that was established in India by the year 2017.

The exchange site is a platform that enables its users to have access to over 300 cryptocurrencies, which trade with up-to 45,000 crypto trading pairs.

It integrates a good number of world-leading exchanges which allows for very fast cryptocurrency arbitrage trades. This helps most people to make profits by simply buying and selling on different exchanges.

Like other platforms such as; Changelly and ShapeShift, CoinSwitch can easily convert any cryptocurrency into, but what differentiates it from other exchange platforms is that you get to find all the cryptocurrency prices in one place at a time.

Coinswitch can save your time by simply comparing cryptocurrency price value rate of pairs across popular exchanges automatically.

It’s intuitive and user-friend view makes it easier for even beginners in the cryptocurrency world to use its services effectively.

CoinSwitch registration

Registration of account on the coinswitch exchange platform is not hard at all. You are required to enter your email address and your cryptocurrency secure wallet address.

Once you have provided the two requirements, your account will be activated already for cryptocurrency conversion and exchanging.

Supported cryptocurrencies

CoinSwitch Supported Cryptocurrencies

Coinswitch cryptocurrency exchange aggregate platform supports a wide variety range of cryptocurrencies comprising of over 300 tokens and crypto coins, including the stable coins like;

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Cardano
  • Dash
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Litecoin
  • Monero
  • NEO
  • Ripple
  • VeChain
  • Verge etc.

Supported countries

CoinSwitch services are global. This is to say that, it’s not restricted to function in any particular country – every country of the world is supported by the platform.

However, you are still advised to contact the customer care service support to be sure that, your region is fully supported before using the exchange platform.

Payment methods

Initially, Coinswitch basically don’t accept any kind of credit card deposits using currencies like Dollars, Pounds, Euros and Naira.

But, as at the time of writing this post, CoinSwitch have already partnered with simplex to enable credit card deposit on the platform.

As coinswitch credit card transaction wasn’t available then, it was only cryptocurrencies was used to buy other crypto coins before they finally enabled credit/debit card transaction.

Supported CoinSwitch coin pairs supports almost 45,000 cryptocurrency trading pairs. This makes it one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform on the Internet currently.

Since it’s an aggregator exchange platform, it lists crypto coin pairs from all other popular exchange platforms according to the best rates possible.

Supported exchanges

At CoinSwitch, you will get the best possible cryptocurrency rate for conversion. The platform works with many leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

The major offerings are; Binance, Bittrex, Changelly, Changer, Cryptopia, Evercoin, ShapeShift and Coinswitch itself. Due to the large number of exchanges that the platform aggregates, you will find lots of pairs that suits you.

This is exactly how it can offer up-to 6,000 cryptocurrency trading pairs. The exchanges that supports your desired pairs will be listed as you search for cryptocurrencies.

CoinSwitch fees

If you opt to trade cryptocurrency on Changelly, Changer, Blocktrades, EverCoin, or ShapeShift, CoinSwitch will not impose any fee on its part. Below is a list of exchanges, and fees charged by CoinSwitch for each exchange: 

  • Changelly: 0%
  • Shapeshift: 0%
  • Changer: 0%
  • EverCoin: 0%
  • KuCoin: 0.25%~0.59%
  • Bittrex: 0.25%~0.98%
  • Cryptopia: 0.25%~0.98%
  • Others: 0.25%~0.98%

This means that CoinSwitch charges no fee for any transaction carried on the platform. All the fees are influenced by the rates charged by selected exchange that converts desired cryptocurrency.

CoinSwitch transfer limit

There’s no limit to amount of cryptocurrency you can convert on the exchange aggregator site. Even though, there’s no limit to the amount of cryptocurrency you can transact on the platform.

I’ll still advise you to minimize the amount of cryptocurrency you put for conversion at once.

This is to avoid lose of your cryptocurrency investment due to extended trade time and blockchain unconfirmed transaction glitches.

How to trade with CoinSwitch

Trading and converting cryptocurrencies on the platform is actually very easy. Once you find the currency you want, you will simply click on the ‘Trade’ button.


CoinSwitch will always take you to a page where you can adjust the other cryptocurrency in the pair that you intend trading.

You can even skip some of the steps, and simply input the cryptocurrencies you want to use on the homepage, then click ‘View all offers’ button as soon as you’re ready, it will display the available offers as at the time.

CoinSwitch exchange list

No matter the page, you will always be brought back to the list of cryptocurrency pair offers available with the best price rate at the top of the list.

Once you select an exchange, you will be required to enter your secure wallet address. trading

The next page will show the terms and conditions, which you will need to click the ‘Next’ button.

As soon as you pass the TOC Page, a new page will present you with the platform wallet you will need to transfer your cryptocurrency for conversion.

Once the platform receives and confirms your crypto coin transfer, they will start the conversion process in background.

You will also need to copy and save transaction ‘Order Id’, as you will always need for tracking order.

You can easily return to the main page, click on the upper right corner of CoinSwitch ‘Track Order’, enter the order ID to see your transaction information.


Once the Blockchain verification is finished, CoinSwitch will exchange the cryptocurrencies you chose, and initiate the transfer to your cryptocurrency wallet automatically.

Now you can just wait until you see all the 3 steps on “Initiate Exchange” become green (Done).

That’s it! The transaction is now completed.

Convert Your Cryptocurrency

Note: Although the transaction is finished, in some cases your wallet needs some additional confirmations to display the received funds. It will usually takes up-to 20~30 minutes wait-time until your coins are fully displayed.

CoinSwitch trade track

There’s no need to track your transactions on the blockchain, unless there’s an issue with the conversion, then the support team may request that you present the transaction hash codes.

These code consist of lowercase numbers and alphabets (For Ripple coin, it’s mostly High-case alphanumerical) characters.

CoinSwitch transaction durations

In CoinSwitch, overall time duration for most of the conversion close to 15~30 minutes, but it still depends on the selected exchange.

The selected exchange service determines the time it takes to complete the whole conversion, based on the regulations, but it doesn’t exceed the stated time-frame.

CoinSwitch Airdrop

The Indian originated crypto exchange aggregate platform, CoinSwitch has a designated page that is dedicated to best upcoming airdrops.

In this section of the site, you will find latest exhaustive list of all free cryptocurrency airdrop coins available in the crypto market.

Coinswitch affiliate program

The coinswitch cryptocurrency exchange aggregator platform also has packages for making money as a blogger, or cryptocurrency writer.

You can make money with coinswitch affiliate program by writing a review, or tutorial content just like this one you’re reading currently.

coinswitch affiliate program

CoinSwitch referral program is a special feature that allows individuals, website owners and bloggers to share their unique link, for each transaction, that is made by another person through your referral link.

The person you referred will get free $5 if they use your link, while you also get free $5 as well, plus you would earn 25% of the revenue share FOREVER!

CoinSwitch Referral

CoinSwitch also has unique referral link exchange feature, which you can enable on a sub-domain of your website for easy access of the exchange.

This feature allows you to earn 50% of the revenue share for the first transaction made by another person, using your link sub-domain link exchange.

Checkout my own custom referral link exchange sub-domain:

Customer support

CoinSwitch customer support is fast and reliable, as they take maximum of 12 hours to respond to messages sent to them through their email address:

In case you have some questions that needs to be answered, there’s a live-chat feature you can also use to reach their representatives for the questions, or inquiries that are not already answered on the frequently asked question.

Is safe and legit?

At first glance one can tag CoinSwitch a scam, but the platform is very far from being one of the popular crypto-coin scam online.

Even there’s nothing like regulation, but the they have been serving the cryptocurrency market for a long time with great reputation.

No KYC (Know Your Customer) feature, but to start trading cryptocurrencies with CoinSwitch, you will need to create an account by providing; a valid email address, your name, date of birth, your country of residence, and your phone number.

The email address and phone number will go through a verification process before the account can be activated.

The security measures implemented by CoinSwitch for customer funds and data, are not specified on its website, or other outlets, so there is no way of evaluating if the platform is safe to use anyways.

Mind you that, the platform have not reported any form of hack since its existence.

Creating an account with the platform will help you to keep track of your cryptocurrency trading history and transactions.

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