KryptoGraphe Review


KryptoGraphe is one of the best app for cryptocurrency exchange business.

Cryptocurrency portfolio management and digesting of information from different sources can be tiresome, especially, with numerous numbers on a spreadsheet.

Are you looking for the best crypto portfolio manager app that will serve as Blockfolio alternative?

Do you need a very nice coin portfolio tracker for cryptocurrency portfolio management?

Well, we’re going to discuss about one of the best crypto portfolio manager app today!

Moreover, you will still not get detailed insights on your current investment to know what kind of move you need to make from the next wave of price actions.

This is where the KryptoGraphe cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app comes into play.

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Kryptographe is a freemium crypto portfolio manager app for your cryptocurrency investment – it is totally free with ads unless you want to pay some amount of money to get rid of the ads.

This investment portfolio manager app, KryptoGraphe, can help you to analyse, or keep track of your crypto investment progress in real-time and on-the-go.

You will benefit from your crypto investments without stress on keeping up with the price changes.

Unlike other portfolio trackers, KryptoGraphe can auto-synchronize with popular cryptocurrency exchanges (example; Binance, Bittrex, Bitmex, Kraken etc.), so you don’t need to do it manually.

KryptoGraphe android app

This cryptocurrency portfolio app, saves you the time spent in logging into different exchanges to check performances of your entire cryptocurrency assets and investments.

Note: The app is not a cryptocurrency trading robot or app. It is made to help investors keep track of their investments by integrating with favourite exchange websites.

I know your question now will be like; what are the features of this particular portfolio manager app?

What makes it so different from other cryptocurrency portfolio trackers?

Don’t worry as Crypto Staunch got your back on these questions and we’re going to discuss all the answers to your questions below:

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KryptoGraphe Portfolio Manager Key Features

IOS portfolio manager app

KryptoGraphe has so many features that distinguished it altogether from all other portfolio management app for a better crypto investment strategy.

1. Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management

You can track your investment portfolios from different accounts on an exchange at the same time. Also, you can effortlessly view your portfolio by coins, exchanges, and by periods (like; day, week, month and year).

Track in real-time your portfolio overall performance based on profit, loss or percentile.

2. Relative Performance and Comparisons

Use KryptoGraphe to check relative performance of your crypto portfolio status with other investors such as: Top 25% investors from the same country, investors with the same portfolio sizes etc.

3. Percentile Score

Keep record of your percentile score to better understand your investment performance against other investors like you.

4. Cryptocurrency News Updates

In this in-built news section, you will get, mainly, all the top news based on different events in cryptocurrency world.

5. Market Capitalization Information

Keep track of the cryptocurrency market moves and worth using the in-built CoinMarketCap tracking feature.

6. Crypto Exchange Synchronization

Integrate and sync your favourite cryptocurrency exchanges like; Binance, Bittrex, Bitmex, Kraken etc. in real-time to make an easy one-glance portfolio manager that will make keeping track of your portfolio status checking easier.

As at the time of writing this review content, KryptoGraphe only supports 20 popularly known exchanges, but they are still working on adding more to the list.

7. Manual Portfolio Entries

KryptoGraphe cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app, can integrate with your existing portfolios in any software or hardware crypto wallet to track your crypto performances.

This way, you can also keep track of those coins that are not on the exchange investment platforms.

As at now, this app for portfolio management can integrate Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple wallets that are off the exchange only.

8. Multilingual

KryptoGraphe portfolio app supports international languages, even though it currently supports only about 20 languages, be rest assured that more languages are going to be added to this portfolio tracker app very soon.

9. Premium Features

Kryptographe without the premium been paid, can still keep track of your cryptocurrency investment portfolios with all the features listed above, but it will be displaying ads (though not obstructive).

This is the part of the app that annoys me yet still makes me to like it after all.

Yet another premium feature it has, is that you can use it with the same account on multiple devices at the same time.

Download KryptoGraphe

KryptoGraphe is available for Android gadgets and Apple iPhone products, and to unlock the KryptoGraphe app premium features, you will have to pay $4.99 or refer up-to 20 people.

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Have you downloaded the app already, If you have any question concerning usage and setting of the app, you can quickly refer to the FAQ (i.e. Frequently Asked Questions) on the official website.

Verdict: KryptoGraphe portfolio tracker

KryptoGraphe is a very nice cryptocurrency portfolio manager, but it will be great if they totally get rid of the bugs that causes it to crash sometimes, when navigating from one tabbed pages to another.

The total loading speed of the app needs a little bit of improvement to increase user experience.

Following the reviews and comments found on both Google Playstore and Apple App Store, KryptoGraphe seems more than good for the current users anyways.

The fact that this app actually, synchronizes with your exchange account in real-time makes it a catch for most crypto enthusiasts.

When setting up the app, make sure to allow reading of the transaction history from your cryptocurrency exchange.

Try KryptoGraphe app

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