Best Solana NFT Rarity Tools

NFT rarity tools gives you the key insights into intrinsic value non-fungible tokens.

Over time, NFTs with more rare traits tend to hold or increase their value better than their less-rare counterparts.

If done correctly, the use of these Solana rarity tools, and investing can make you some serious income from the NFTs.

If you’re not using one of these rarity tools already to evaluate your NFT buys, you need to be.

Trying to profit in cryptocurrency can be painfully slow, and the NFT space has been heating up with a long way to go into to the mainstream.

This means you still have plenty of time to get in on the action and acquire some of the great collections early.

Let’s talk about NFT rarity…

What is NFT rarity

It’s how scarce an item is relative to other items in the NFT collection, which are mostly its traits.

Traits like what hat an animal is wearing, or what level a character is and how rare an item is in a collection.

If an item has a lot of rare traits – you’ve got a rare NFT.

Rarity tools for Solana NFTs

These free Solana NFT rarity tools assign rarity by either giving item ranking within the collection, or assigning raw rarity score.

1. Rarity Sniper

This NFT snipping tool presents useful traits on the right side menu – allowing you to search for specific traits and their occurrences.

If you care about which traits your NFT has, this is super useful.

Rarity Sniper won the award for best user interface and user experience (UI/UX) tool for checking rarity of Solana NFT collections.

2. Rarity Sniffer

It does have the nifty little ‘View on OpenSea’ on the bottom of each NFT item listed, which links directly to that NFT.

Rarity Sniffer also has a ‘Latest’ button on the top navbar that helps you catch big NFT collections early.

Its other main advantage is that, it appears to rank collections more quickly.

It also has the upcoming feature that quickly lists newer collections, and you can filter projects for polygon as well.

Rarity Sniffer also has filtering options on their viewer including results, price filtering and display of the contract address for that NFT collection.

The rarity rank filter is especially good if you’re looking to find the best NFT within a specific price range.

3. Rarity.Tools

It’s an original gangster when it comes to free Solana NFT rarity checker tools in the non-fungible token market.

If OpenSea is an OG NFT marketplace platform, then RT is its checker equivalent.

Rarity.Tools runs a business model, where NFT collection owners have to pay a hefty fee to have their collection listed on their site.

A lot of collections you want to research just aren’t going to be listed on RT, but the positive side of this, is that you’re only likely to see legit NFT collections.

If the collection you’re searching for is on Rarity.Tools, then it’s a collection that’s going to retain some value over time.

The site has a standard search bar in the top left, which helps you get to the collection you are looking for.

To the left of the collection name you’ll see the OpenSea ranking by volume, while the Ethereum figure underneath is the 7-day volume.

How to check rarity of Solana NFT

There are several ways to determine a non-fungible token’s rarity, but Rarity Sniper checking tool seem to be the most accurate with simple UI.

To check the rarity of a Solana NFT item, you can search by collections, drop date, floor price, total volume or blockchain.

To find a Solana NFT, first choose the blockchain filter and click Solana, and the result will narrow down to only Solana collections.

Once you find the Solana NFT collection you’re looking for, you can check the NFT by entering your NFT ID number.

This bring up your NFT with a rarity chart and ranking, which you can filter them by their traits, or ranking to determine their rarity.

Finally, Rarity Sniper allows you to check the rarity rankings of Solana and Ethereum NFTs in their Discord channel.

Things to check in an NFT collection

Aside using Solana NFT rarity checker tool, there are a things you should look at besides the rarity of a specific item in a collection.

Here they are;

  1. Strong social media following (Twitter)
  2. Large and active discord community
  3. Solid NFT rarity and roadmap.

There are many NFT collections that you absolutely have to use these criteria to discriminate in-between collections.

As for social media following, look for collections that have good number of followers, and also big discord channels with activities.

Wrap-up: Solana NFT rarity tool

Many of these rarity tools for Solana NFTs are doing the same thing, and have the same features, although they may calculate rarity scores and rarity rank differently.

Important thing isn’t which Solana NFT rarity tool you’re using, but how you’re using it to value rarity against actual price.

This evaluation process will help your NFTs hold and increase their non-fungible token value.

It will give you a massive advantage over NFT investors who aren’t doing the same (and most of them are not doing this!)

This is a key differentiator between NFT and crypto investing – with NFT, there’s a little more of an art to finding a piece that has value.

Cryptocurrency investment is largely just looking at projects, while NFT investing is when you get to look at all the variances within a collection.

Always stay safe on your investing journey, as you think long and hard before making any type of investment.

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