Can You Hack Sweatcoins?

Just to clarify your mind… websites can NOT generate Sweatcoins for you.

But wait!!

Are there really Sweatcoin cheats generator, or hack to gain, as well as generate more SWC coins, while making use of the paid to walk app?

Recently, there are lots of websites and YouTube videos claiming they can double, or show you a program (like; Sweatcoin hack IOS and Android APK generator) that can simulate walking distance to spoof the Sweatcoin app.

All these programs are fake or scams, they are against the Sweatcoin terms of service, and if you make use of them, you may risk the chance of getting your account banned.

Moreover, trying to use these fake Sweatcoin generators can get your account hacked and stolen, you may even be attacked by virus or malwares in the whole process.

Youtubes are example of places you should stay away concerning Sweatcoin hack generator, because they will give you nothing more, but troubles and also wasting of your ample time.

The only reason people upload videos like these are to spread fake news and gain money through YouTube Google ads.

Everything they have said is completely fake, and they usually show photoshopped images to make viewers believe them and keep watching.


Swc Hack Generator

NEVER put your Sweatcoin’s account details anywhere even if they claim they will get you free unlimited Sweatcoins.

Use your common sense, if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn’t good at all.

Reports from a dozen people claimed they lost coin balance, because they trusted a Sweatcoins hack cheat generating websites, as well as, Sweatcoins hack tool, Sweatcoin doublers, or Sweatcoin cheat generators to get more Sweatcoins.

If you have given out any of your credentials out to such programs, immediately change all passwords that you gave to the fraudsters, so to prevent further damage to your personal accounts.

The actual Sweatcoin cheat

The only known Sweatcoin “cheat” to this day is carrying multiple phones with you (either friends’ or family’s) when taking a walk, run or ride to get paid more SWC coins.

This is a way to cheat more Sweatcoins out of the app, it is against Sweatcoin’s Terms of Service. Your account is most likely going to get banned instantly.

I don’t know anyone that got their accounts banned via this method, but I still do not recommend it to anyone.

A small way to trick Sweatcoin, even though it’s not a cheat par say, since it’s even fine according to their FAQ page, is riding your bike to gain more Sweatcoins.

They said it’s completely fine, but it won’t detect all steps you do with your bike. You also have to make sure you go below a specific speed limit (i.e. 10 miles per hour/16.1 kilometres per hour).

Onto a more funny way to trick Sweatcoin app into awarding you more SWCs is trying to strap your phone onto your dog, or any other pet (something like a horse would be better SOMEHOW, but who even has a horse laying around?)

If they like to roam freely around, that would be great for you because they would get coins for you every time they wonder around.

How can I get Sweatcoins fast?

To get SWC coins fast, there are certain guidelines (which are supported by the Sweatcoin company) you will need to follow, so you can easily gather more coins, while taking a walk or running.

How can I make 20,000 Sweatcoins fast?

As i said earlier, you can only buy Sweatcoins from your friends and family, or create a group of athletes that can be running with their phones to gather SWC coins and sell them to you, while you pay with PayPal.

How do you get Sweatcoins without walking?

Currently, there’s absolutely no way to get SWCs without walking around, or even exercising yourself. You must stress yourself for health, before you can actually earn any coin from this app.

Can you cheat on Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin Generator

If you’re looking for how to hack Sweatcoin, just know there are no way to cheat, or hack the Sweatcoin Android or IOS app.

It’s kind of impossible to generate coins out of nowhere using a magic trick, or even if it’s something similar to hack Sweatcoin.

It simply does not work like that, as the only way you can get coins without walking is to buy from your friends, or different sellers with your PayPal account.

Never trust any ads with “Sweatcoins Hack”, “Sweatcoins Generator” and “Sweatcoin Cheat” in them – they do not do what they claim to be.

However, there are still other ways to get more Sweatcoins faster if you really want to make everything fast, and that is what brings me to write the best ways to get more Sweatcoins easily.