Common Sweatcoin Problems and Their Solutions

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Author: Mr. KingsHOK
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Sweatcoin issues are inevitably fixable with simple processes.

There’s no way you can use the app without facing one Sweatcoin issue, or the other as time goes on.

The Sweatcoin app was developed by the Sweatco. Ltd, and they are responsible for fixing these problems.

However, it’s not every problem that occur with Sweatcoin is due to errors, or bug by the developer.

If you’re facing problems with the app, then you should keep reading.

I have put together a list of common Sweatcoin issues that can arise, while using the app and their solutions.

Let’s dive in…

Common Sweatcoin issues

These issues below are some of the reasons why Sweatcoin doesn’t work, as you’re making use of the paid-to-walk app.

  • Sweatcoin always crashes
  • Sweatcoin does not load
  • Sweatcoin app does not start
  • Sweatcoin no internet connection
  • Sweatcoin login does not work
  • Sweatcoin excess battery consumption
  • Sweatcoin cannot be opened
  • Sweatcoin is causing errors
  • Sweatcoin loads very slowly
  • Sweatcoin hanging issue
  • Sweatcoin frozen app
  • Sweatcoin is not responding

Once you confirm that what you’re facing is an error being cause by a bug, or by you, it means the issue must be trouleshooted.

Sweatcoin troubleshooting and help

To fix any of the common Sweatcoin errors, you should follow these procedures below to find solution.

  • Report the error content to Sweatcoin team
  • Contact Sweatcoin developer for fixing.

Final thoughts

These were the most common Sweatcoin problems you may have, but they may not be the only ones.

Of course, the Sweatco Ltd tries to fix them, but it has to be an error in the app, and not because of your system.

Basically, it is recommended to always install the latest Sweatcoin app update on your smartphone.

In most cases, it’s very helpful to restart device in order to fix some of the errors and problems.