How to Convert Sweatcoins to USD

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Binance is a reliable platform to buy and exchange crypto instantly, while Ledger Nano X is a secure hardware wallet for keeping digital assets and currency safe.

Sweatcoin now has its own official crypto-coin token!

I guess you’re now curious to know how much your balance would be worth if you convert Sweatcoin to Dollars.

Do not worry, as despite the misinformation online, we’ve been able to put together a decent SWEAT to USD conversion table.

In this guide, you’ll not only find the right conversion rate, but how to convert Sweatcoin to USD.

Now let’s get started!

Sweatcoin to USD conversion

The terms used on the conversion table are; SWC = Sweatcoin, while LR = Low Range and UR = Upper Range.

SWC LR ($) UR ($)
1 0.02 0.05
50 1.00 2.50
100 2.00 5.00
500 10.00 25.00
1,000 20.00 50.00
5,000 100.00 250.00
10,000 200.00 500.00
20,000 400.00 1,000.00

Since Sweatcoin isn’t listed on crypto exchanges as at at the time of writing, there’s no point in using Sweatcoin to USD converter calculators.

There’s no specific Sweatcoin price, because the value changes based on promotions that’s used for it.

That’s why we’ve put up a conversion table in order to give you a quick overview on the approximate value of your SWEAT balance.

How to convert Sweatcoin to USD

If you must know, there’s no direct way to cash out Sweatcoin into your traditional currency currently.

The only way to convert Sweatcoin to cash is to purchase PayPal spent online to buy an item.

Or you can also get an Amazon gift cards with it, which can be sold to another person for cash.

One of the problems with the current system of Sweatcoin is that users cannot directly cash out their Sweatcoin to PayPal.

As it stands, Sweatcoins are just points that you receive out of thin air, meaning that they are extremely inflationary.

They still have value due to the partnerships and promotions that are offered on the mobile app marketplace.

This is that value that companies are putting into the system.

In order for you to cash out Sweatcoins to USD, there needs to be someone else on who is willing to provide that cash.

Conclusion: SWEAT to USD

Sweatcoin’s recent update on launching a blockchain-based Sweat Economy, users are now curious about how much SWCs may be worth.

Since there’s no direct Sweatcoin to USD pairings on any crypto exchange, we’ve put up a helpful calculator table.

If you follow this guide very well, you would already know how to cash out on Sweatcoin and also use the money earned.

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