What is TBC? Is The Billion Coin Real or Fake [Review]

Disclaimer: The fact this content may debunk a scam in the crypto space, that does not mean it's intended as a tool of hate to defame other people's business, but it's a measured warning to my audience towards products, or services they may want to invest in.

All these TBC (the billion coin) info are all scam promotions.

Did you hear about TBC (The Billion Coin)?

During the time when ponzi schemes like MMM and the rest of all other MLM schemes where at their peak of reign, there comes this raving scam called, TBC (The Billion Coin) investment.

According to The Billion Coin wikipedia archive page on the TBC blog update, this coin claims to be the rival that will challenge Bitcoin, but based on logistics, it never had any Cryptocurrency analytical background and historical origin.

Somehow, it still found its way to gain exposure in the western country of Africa (i.e Nigeria).

I noticed that lots of people are bought into this scam coin with the mind, and baseless assumptions that it will soon have a blockchain, as well become a popular coin just like Bitcoin.

Anyways, I will not discourage anyone who still wants to buy this particular coin after reading this, but in my own opinion, I will say that this is a huge scam waiting to engulf every asset it can attract before disappearing into the thin air.

Before we conclude on weather it’s actually risky to invest in it or not, let me use this opportunity to differentiate and also exposure the historical analysis I personal made concerning this coin in particular.

Let’s dive into TBC already… shall we?

What is TBC (The Billion Coin)?


The billion coin (TBC) claims to be a cryptocurrency that was invented in March, 2016 – by who, and how?

However, it also claimed that it’s market value and price increases on daily basis, and never goes down in value, which means it is not in anyway affected by the logic of the market which is based on the demand and supply of other types of cryptocurrency.

The billion coin is claimed to be a user based, and is determined by the number of verify users. Now, who are these verified users and on which terms were they verified?

TBC formula: The Price = Number of Verified Members x 1€, which means if TBC reaches 1 billion users, each TBC coin will be worth 1 billion Euros.

As regards to the owner, there is no visible face tagged to it. It has an admin known as, Kris Kringle who is in charge of this huge scam. “Kringle” is a small unit of TBC such as the cent is to dollar and Satoshi to Bitcoin.

The Billion Coin fiat exchange

They always warn that all buying and selling of TBC, must be done at the billion coin current price. They specifically warned that selling, or buying of TBC at discount price is forbidden, and that there will be consequences.

They also insisted that there should be no giving out of The Billion Coin as gifts (meaning: the billion coin exchange to dollar must be paid transaction); anyone found guilty will be punished.

A Severe warning is being issued out to anyone who goes against its membership agreement.

Punishments For Going Against Agreements Of One Billion Coin

The Billion Coin admin made it clear that anyone who defiles its agreement policy will be given a six months suspension without warning.

At least, this was the initial punishment until recently, as they intensified the punishment to deactivating and deletion of the defaulter’s account entirely.

The Billion Coin Official Websites

As the time, there were many websites acclaimed as The Billion Coin website, and it’s about six official websites:

  • thebillioncoin.org
  • thebillioncoin.INFO
  • thebilliocoin.ph
  • thebillioncoin.trade
  • kringle.cash
  • TBC004.net

Principle Of The Billion Coin

Cryptocurrencies are designed to operate as a decentralized and an open source they are either base on the proof of work or proof of stake. TBC claims to be based on the proof of work, even though, the miners are not shown on their public ledger.

Typically, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, dash, litecoin and ripple and many others utilizes blockchain technology the right way by making use of encryption techniques to create and secure transaction.

TBC on the other hand, seem to be doing the opposite (i.e. no blockchain and no records of transactions).

The Billion Coin (TBC) Calculator/Calculation

The Billion coin is said to be using a software formula that measures the growth of its verified members and hence compensates the growth adequately. It works based on the principle that one Euro multiplies the total number of its verified members.

Why they didn’t use the billion coin exchange to dollar, is what no one knows about.

Now let’s say that they have one million verified members, what it does is multiply one euro by one million which is going to give us one million euros, and then it gives out one million euros as the price of The Billion Coin per euro.

It is also stated that the price of TBC will continue to grow by 1% – 5% daily until it gets to one billion per coin hence the name – One Billion Coin.

TBC is expected to behave like other cryptocurrencies that uses market forces to determine their price/value, rather, The Billion Coin uses a formula that tends to promote the coin at intervals – this principle defies all financial logistics.

Rewards For Joining The Billion Coin Exchanger Program

Just like every other ponzi scheme, the billion coin (or tbc) price keeps going up, and it is being determined by the recruitment of people who use the the billion coin app (as well as, tbc login) to maximize the number of people that uses its app; like the billion coin wallet.

If you have 1TBC when they were 1000 verified members then when you recruit in a group or individually and it gets to 5000 verified members you have simply earned.

Here’s are some additional facts to the proof

  1. The billion coin (TBC) is not listed on coinmarketcap which is the standard repository of digital currency in the crypto world.
  2. The value of TBC is claimed to always go up even refuting the law of gravity. The values is not base on the demand and supply of the coin and it’s not speculative.
  3. No reliable online exchange is listing the billion coin (TBC) on their exchange that means if the users by the time the coin crashing users who obtained it will be left with a worthless coin. This should be a concern for TBC members as you can not exchange your coin to any digital or fiat currency but only to a fellow member.
  4. It makes uses of a multi level marketing system to get new members.
  5. The billion coin (TBC) has no source code, no white paper, road map and worsen it is artificially mined as the miners are not displayed on the public ledger.

Final Conclusion: The Billion Coin Trade

I will conclude that, TBC (The billion coin) is not anywhere close to being a real cryptocurrency, and shouldn’t be regarded as one.

In the traditional sense, it’s the opposite of the cutting edge of financial revolution cryptocurrencies has come to offer. TBC has zero innovations, poor and inactive community the website as am writing is currently down.

According to my discovery, The Billion Coin (TBC) which claimed to be a peer to peer digital currency turned out to be a potential scam, because it’s not genuine or legitimate.

You can convert the fake currency with their TBC to BTC exchange free, but cannot do it vise-versa.

However, the chances of TBC becoming legit is very slim as they claim it will go public if they reach 1 billion users which will never happen considering the way the price is artificially controlled. Till then don’t put your hard earned money on TBC.

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  1. TBC is using different methods to recruit members. For example in Uganda there is an investment club called ” online Uganda investment club ” with website www. tbcoinex .com it convinced people to invest their money with it.

    In a period of one year the returns were promising but beginning with June 2019 people are now crying. They have put all conditions of TBC, opening TBC wallet, buying TBC coin, to reinvest you have to buy more kringle, everybody have TBC coin should pay monthly fee etc.

    They are deceiving people to that by 30th November 2019 TBC is entering an economic phase claiming that every with the coin is going to be rich. Look at that website it has features of TBC, it can be added to its other websites.

    People are in tears because their money is held, it can’t be withdrawn

    • Thanks for notifying me about this scam site. We have entered the last quarter of the year, so i will advice most people to be very careful with what they invest in to make income.

      Many scams will still emerge to take people’s money away from them, so you should be very careful.

      To learn how to make money with cryptocurrency for real, start from here: https://cryptostaunch.com/start

  2. Sometimes the way we think generally baffles me, if somebody wants to make a change you criticize, no change the same thing, new things all critics, let me tell you weather the devil and his agent likes it or not the poor must be rich tell me that is impossible.

    Satoshi, satoshi I know he is hiding if you don’t know that is what I call scam when you lie that your currency is decentralised but now is half centralized, hackers are everywhere looking for the so called half centralized currency so they found satoshi now he made double authentication why what for ..my man forget stories we shall get there let those lamenting lament no more you shall say someday I wept for investing instead of hoping.

  3. The biggest scams are made by religions because nature creates everything. Yet billions of people still believe in God, even if their religion says the opposite of other religions and that there is only one god.

    All currencies are scam and especially those printed by governments because they can print as much as they want. And yet they are losing more and more value and making poor people. If you can exchange a cryptocurrency, it becomes real and the more users there are, the more value it will take. What makes the value of a currency is the confidence one puts in it.

    Be it gold, paper, shells, spices, remember that in Holland with a single bulb of tulip a person could buy a house and less than 200 years ago. Do not judge too fast. What is (on the contrary is that a currency that everyone uses takes value and a currency that no one uses has no value, certainly that in the next 20 years a worm will be worth more your bank account, so do not have any certainty about the future, and stop believing that everything is a scam: if 7,200,000 people on earth had a TBC, we would not even dare to talk about the dollar anymore.

    We must not forget that the first 25,000 Krindler were offered free of charge, it ‘s free, or is the scam, while some shops accept to be paid in Krindler, so let’ s wait to see if the beneficiaries of 25,000 free Krindlers have Well, $ 250,000 to spend before cutting heads.

    • Sir, thanks for your contribution! But i don’t support a project that does not possess the natural features of cryptocurrency, yet it poses as a cryptocurrency project.

      Investing in the billion coin is more like investing into the thin air as the owners of this project made it centralized to themselves.

  4. I understand there is a lot of confusion and doubt to other people but if we were able to give bitcoin a chance since from 2009 lets by Satoshi Nikamoto we dont even know till now its fluctuating up and down lets also give T B C a chance it’s private that is why is not listed in market cap or anywhere you search till next year 2020 we are going to Economic phase for the first time it will happen the risk takers will win the spectators and complainers will remain poor

    • Thanks for visiting and also your opinion on my TBC review. But responding to your opinion; As almost every cryptocurrency in the Coin Market Cap has real-time issues they’re solving, while TBC (The Billion Coin) seem not to have any issue it’s trying to solve in the real life at all.

      Talking about being featured on the Coin Market Cap, it’s very necessary, because i personally, like knowing the exact circulating amount of the crypto project am investing in on the MarketCap. In that way, i will know if the crypto project is liquid enough to invest my hard-earned money.

      I can never advice my community members to invest in such projects (like TBC – The Billion Coin) that doesn’t have any proof of stake, if not the fake rumor and claims that follows it around as the direct competitor of BTC (Bitcoin), where as it’s not even a crypto-coin in the real sense of how blockchains work.

      TBC in my own opinion still remains known to me as a simple crowd-funding ponzi scheme. The project is surviving by new members being initial into the circle which will soon end as soon as i educate people through my blog on how to identify real cryptocurrencies to invest in.

  5. Its funny how u talk about the coin cap market in which case almost 85% of the coins listed in d coin cap market are now valueless aside from btc..eth…ltc…bch…doge and some other one.
    But u’ll agree with me that these coins that succeded in entering the coin cap market all went through their distribution stage right..before hitting the economic stage.
    You might call tbc a scam coin probably because it hasn’t hit d coin market yet but remember bitcoin was called worse when it was at the distribution stage till it got to economic stage….
    My point is…don’t judge too quickly just because a particularl coin is gaining popularity and hasn’t hit the coin cap market yet…our almighty bitcoin went through all that before it came out strong so definitely TBC will make it big….if it failed to die down after 2 years of being produced then there’s a big hope for it.

    • TBC is a ponzi scheme or should i say, Pyramid scheme that will eventually die down. There’s no technological background, no analytical background and doesn’t have any problem it’s trying to solve in reality.

      The billion coin is just dormant unless new members joins the unfortunate crowd to buy it, hoping that it will have value in the future.

      The future reference has always been promise without any progress towards being a real digital currency like other cryptocurrencies.

      In my opinion, TBC is just nothing but a scheme, and shouldn’t be addressed as cryptocurrency.

  6. I am Joshua from Nigeria, i’m a Tbcian and i really wanna sell my TBC.

    Please i need a legit website on Philippines to sell my TBC.

  7. I exposed how TBC is stealing its investors from Uganda. Nobody has come out to challenge what I posted. Those who claim that TBC is real find out how TBC is using different companies to steal people. A company with a website www. tbcoinex. com is an investment club in Uganda which is promoting TBC. They put all conditions of TBC on its members. This club forced all its members to open a TBC account on the same site. Opening just an accounts each member was charged 135 dollars. You can multiply this figure by the total number of its members. Also TBC has a special site where the same members were told to buy TBC coins and the cost was 135 dollars for 1 TBC. This is typical stealing. Why does TBC deceive or accept people to open wallet’s on different sites and again buy coins on another site. This clearly shows that one site is used to rob people if not all. If TBC is credible, why does it use other companies with different objectives to promote it. Can’t TBC promote it self without employing different companies. All those are tricks of TBC of stealing the poor people. The situation is a total mess here in Uganda, this is the fifth month when the money of investors is being held. Members can’t withdraw their money and that’s how TBC is working. People are in total tears. They don’t know whether they shall recover their money. This company claimed that the value of TBC doesn’t depreciate instead it increases daily. This is false, I can prove, its value is depreciating greatly. People in Uganda who invested in this company that is promoting TBC used for example to earn a monthly roi of 54 dollars on an investment of 135 dollars. Currently it depreciated to monthly roi of 6.7 dollars on the same investment. Even that small roi cannot be paid. Am putting this claim on TBC because the company is impossing all conditions of TBC on its investors. If people claim that my post is false, let them come out and challenge it with evidence.

    • Don't be willfully ignorant!

      Everything about TBC is found in its blog. bitclub, bitworld, avani, cryptoworld and a huge others where hype companies that were using bitcoin to scam people.

      Today million of people were scam by those companies and yet they all put bitcoin in-front. did it mean bitcoin was the one sponsoring those companies? NO of course. it was willful ignorance that got people to invest thinking to harvest big in a short period of time.

      You call TBC a scam, how has tbc scam you? Probably you are very ignorant and invested in the wrong place and turn to say tbc is a scam.

      Let me ask you a question; if you meet someone who was scam by bitworld and cryptoworld calling Bitcoin a scam today will you blame them???? probably yes because they were ignorant are still ignorant.

      They are a set of people setting up pyramid schemes in the name of tbc, others are setting up fake exchange website in the name of exchanging tbc get knowledge about tbc using its blog and stop looking for fast and easy cash, and when you get scam you turn and say tbc is a scam.

      Ignorance is a crime before the law.

      In 2009, 2010,2011, 2012 people like you wrote articles calling bitcoin a scam, but today, where are they? Surely hiding their faces somewhere in shame. Get knowledge bro. Let no one fool you in uganda in the name of exchange. TBC is more than just exchanging to cash.

      • Blackprince, thanks a lot for your comment!

        The fact that TBC (The Billion Coin) does not get feature on the CoinMarketCap is an enough criteria to advice my blog visitors not invest in it, because i am one of those advocates that have sworn (due to experiences in loosing money to scams and shit-coins) to help other people avoid loosing money to Scammers.

        TBC may be working right now, and have you the supporters protect it just like the popular ponzi scheme MMM did to its members, but believe me also, that it may crash one day, because it does not have any problem it is trying to solve in the real life just like every other cryptocurrency in the market currently.

  8. Tell me coinmarketcap is it born simultaneously with bitcoin? And what did people say at the beginning of bitcoin when there were no exchangers? You will be surprised. 2020 is not far, wait to see.

  9. Can I join? Coz am told whoever has a coin will be a billionaire by Nov 1 2019 to buy Cars and buildings using this so called currence in Uganda

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    Thank me later.

  11. Am in Uganda, some people collected money from us to buy the coin. After that again, they told us to bring money for account activation as the deadline was 30/11/2019. Are these good people to deal with or not?

    • Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog Rogers. This is exactly what am saying if you read my post content. TBC has a lot of shady processes that makes it not to be called a crypto asset.

  12. surely tbc is real though some of u are still blind with other successful coins but i know The ‘Staunch u will be the witness watching our victory soon and let me tell u this for a coin to be successful its not done in one day or two it takes time so am sure u will remove all these words u talk about tbc during the time of victory and lastly let me tell u this u better invest in tbc before its too late for u.by the way am also from uganda but i don’t hear anyone crying that tbc scammed them eeaah my frd just wait for victory its not very far and i wish i had ur phone number honestly dat day i would have invited u for a dinner.anyway thank u for ur analysis though false.

    • Hey Fred, thanks for the kind words in your comment though, but i haven’t any proof of progress in TBC as a genuine coin. It is not even a cryptocurrency, and i don’t recommend HYIP to anyone at all. Good luck 👍

  13. Am mbambu immaculate from Uganda kasese,as young as iam ,am sure tbc is the only best to invest in,it’s not on marketcap that bring some to be a member then u will earn more,Never,.

    And the best of it all,u monitor ur account by your self.i remain to say tbc is the only good one members

  14. Thank you kibuye for protecting TBC and its promotion in Uganda. Why am suspicious about TBC is its association with companies like online Uganda investment club which is using TBC to rob poor Ugandans.

    Remember the club admin put condition to its investors to open TBC wallets on the club website which was not an official website for TBC where wallet are opened.

    The club admin has gone a head to task members to pay TBC admin monthly fee and its paid through them. TBC and this club are the same because this club is executing duties of TBC.

    Mr. Kibuye don’t you know that online Uganda investment club has robbed your fellow Ugandans and they are tears. Are you not aware that the club changed its website (tbcoinex. com) to something else after exposing it?

    Are you not also aware that TBC economic phase, which the club admin commonly sang that was promised to take place on 30th of November is no long a song?

    Mr. Kibuye, TBC is big enough to promote itself than associating itself with thieves

    • Hey Walter, thanks a lot for your comment. So long as cryptocurrency is concerned, TBC is no where close to a crypto asset, as it doesn’t solve any problem in the real life just like every other crypto coins out in the marketcap

    • Hey Ayo, thanks for stopping by to checkout my blog. I presume you are having issues with your TBC investment, that is why you need asset recovery user ID on telegram. Please, exercise some patience as i will update this post content once i get the information you requested.

  15. Please give me present status of TBC. My friend has invested huge amount in this, so we need your assistance and further information on this project.

    • Hey Shah, thanks for your comment. It is very unfortunate that your friend invested heavily in this project, but if you read the post, you will understand that The Billion Coin is not a cryptocurrency yet, and as such, i cannot say that it is valuable. Avoid investing in fake crypto projects.

  16. Hey staunch,

    I have gone through most of your comment. You have studied a lot about TBC and have concluded by giving a verdict its a scam coin. I would like to request if you can find out when this coin will be registered in CMC. And if launched if you have an idea for how much will it be launched price. Appreciate a reply.

    • It will never be registered on CoinMarketCap because it is not a cryptocurrency. It has no real life problem that it’s solving and that is to say, it doesn’t have any value at all

  17. I have been reading from from other sites that TBC does not charge admin fee for wallets. I would like to inform you that payment of TBC admin fee is real.

    Here in Uganda, TBC agents and companies which promote TBC are tasking members to pay the fee. They claim that if one pays the fee he/she will be allowed to send TBC to anyone without restriction and that the send button will not be off.

    They also said one can take any facility that is provided by TBC admin. If one pays the fee he will be able to exchange TBC coin to cash and will be able to acquire TBC business card that will enable him to buy goods from TBC merchant stores that accepts TBC.

    The fee is also for face verification which ends 15ths March 2020 and involves wallet upgrade to a block chain wallet as TBC migrates to a better network (from tbc009 to tbc9.net). Surprisingly they don’t accept to be paid using TBC but only accept cash.

    • Thanks for your comment Mr. Walter. But all the claims and promises by TBC (The Billion Coin) have never been fulfilled. Not even any of them since when they started ok.

  18. Isn’t it funny how some people still call TBC a scam???  Scams don’t last for 4 years OMG!!!  Scams don’t payout money back to people; they collect money and run!  Scams don’t have long-term operating expenses that are paid weekly for years!  Scams don’t survive US SEC investigations and keep operating!  Scams don’t take money and FEED THE POOR!!!  The next time you run into someone calling TBC a scam, ask:  “Do SCAMS FEED the POOR?”  Then redirect them to our publically viewed GOODWILL PAGE!  TBC is a big idea, and it does take time and collective effort to manifest a big idea into a reality.

    Over the years many have tried to tie TBC to a market-based coin and the result is always the same.  The value of those coins always goes to ZERO!  Is that ABUNDANCE?  It is ILLEGAL to do that with a Private Currency such as TBC.  NO MEMBER HAS THE RIGHT TO DO THAT!!!  Don’t fall for these kind of SCAMS!  TBC is a righteous endeavor, and anyone twisting what we are doing into a SCAM deserve what will come to them in the end.  Karma will pay them back in FULL!  Each member is personally responsible for the decisions they each make.  So be wise, and be SMARTER THAN  THE SCAMMERS!  TBC is on its way to fullfilling its mission to End Povery globally, and the wise among us can clearly see that!  2020 is the year of Mass Adoption for TBC.  Either stand by and watch us do it, or step up and help us get it done this year.  The choice is YOURS to make!!!

  19. Well, I’ve seen ponzi schemes out wit SEC before. Makes sense because the thieves are getting smarter. About TBC, I will say this once, for all you guys that have never been scammed before, if its too good to be true then its probably not true.

  20. Mr papa Kris to know whether TBC is scam or not come to Uganda and prove it yourself. That’s when you will know the poor have been made more poorer. Many Ugandans have lost all their money as a result of TBC. Mr Kris note this to prove whether TBC is scam or not.

    1. All payments of TBC here in Uganda passes through hands of other people. No one can pay TBC directly electronically.
    2. All adverts and promotions of TBC are communicated by individuals here in Uganda.
    3. All claims of TBC have remained false.

    Last year they claimed TBC will enter economic phase by 30th November where everyone who has the coin is going to use it. The date reached and up to now no whisper of it. They tasked people to pay admin fee claiming they are going to exchange TBC to fiat money and also to obtain TBC business cards all have been proved false. Many times they have been advertising to open TBC stores but when the day reaches nothing. Sometimes claim police stopped the opening. We have have never seen any label of a TBC store in Uganda its all false.

    3. TBC uses other companies to promote it. These companies used all tricks to scam people and that’s what Ugandans have faced. Why can’t TBC promote itself? So dear papa Kris this is very true story. Nothing real here in Uganda but only scam. You are feeding the poor but Uganda is a country which has a big number of refugees in Africa and they are living difficult life but we haven’t seen you on ground. Kris I will be happy to hear that you are coming to Uganda to prove the operations of TBC and how people have been scammed

  21. BTC is a helpful cryptocurrency for human beings, and according to the official website, people are always safe from scammer.

  22. I am a Nigerian and my name is Ogar David. It’s unfortunate that many or few of you fell in the hands robbers, who claimed to have been members of TBC but using TBC to mask their faces.

    Now let me tell you there is no good thing comes out cheeping, as you know TBC is currency that will be use by the public which needs to be well plan build and solidified.

    This is exactly the process TBC is going through before it comes out as a giant so my conclusion is that TBC is a real currency and for those of you who takes the right path you should be glad that you are millions or billionaires no one should deceive you

    • Sir with all due respect, if you understand the definition of currency and how it relates to financial assets or security, you will agree with me that TBC is no where close to being a currency.

      It’s over 4 years plus right now that your so called TBC (The Billion Coin) have been promising to make the disciples millionaires, but it seems that promise never gets to be fulfilled anytime in the nearest future.

      The worst is that the value is not measurable with any of the assets listed on the CoinMarketCap, and cannot even be coined as cryptocurrency because TBC is obvious not a crypto asset.

      Until when it starts fulfilling the fake promises made to people, i will never advice my blog community to invest in such project that doesn’t have any reasonable future.