Tradingview Alternatives

Tradingview Alternative

Don’t invest in crypto, forex or stocks, without using charting tools to analyse market performance!

Things can go totally wrong. when you buy into cryptocurrency assets, without using necessary tools like the popular TradingView to check market conditions.

I believe you seriously don’t want this costly scenario, where you risk loosing huge amount of money in a whole process of trying to earn money from your investments.

Also, you don’t want to depend on just one charting tool (i.e. TradingView), which is used by many other investors just like you, as it’s very costly to subscribe every month.

It is always good to have alternative charting tools for double-checking, and besides, dependency on a single source in a decentralized world of crypto is counter-intuitive.

Professional crypto traders will agree with me, and now is the time to check out some of the best TradingView alternatives to use.

Shall we?

Top Tradingview alternatives

Below are some of the best alternatives to TradingView charting tool for both the crypto investment markets, and without keeping you more waited, let’s start…

1. TrendSpider


There are many alternatives to Tradingview, but if you are looking for a tool with much more up features, then TrendSpider is the right option for you.

TrendSpider is one of the smartest chart analysis software, which is designed to help cryptocurrency investors or traders like you (both beginners or advanced) make more intelligent and efficient decisions.

The data being sourced from 150+ crypto exchanges and 6500 trading pairs, you can expect a full hold on the whole crypto markets.

Apart from that, you can use TrendSpider to make beautiful charts and automate the manual technical analysis which you used to do along with instant back-testing with the available data.

Interestingly, all these things at a much lower price and higher up-time than Tradingview, which has costed many 1000s of dollars in the past.

2. Coinigy


Coinigy provides a paid trading terminal capable of integrating with all the major crypto exchanges (up-to 45+ exchanges), and it also helps you in portfolio management.

What if at the same price as Tradingview, you could get much more than just crypto charts?

You can even access more than 75 technical indicators on Coinigy, and also do your TA (Technical Analysis) directly on the charts of your favourite exchange.

Enhance your crypto awareness by getting low-latency alerts in the form of SMS, E-mails, and in your browser itself.

Lastly, Coinigy also has its iOS and Android apps which you can use to chart your TA strategies as well as execute them through a single window.

3. GoCharting


GoCharting is an advanced real-time free cryptocurrency charting software and stock or forex charting tool.

I know you are interested in crypto and I will cut it short for you. It is a free tool for crypto charting, where you have access to 100+ cryptocurrency exchanges and 14,000+ crypto pairs.

You get up-to 300+ indicators to do your crypto TA on GoCharting with features like customizable HTML5 charting.

Lastly, unlimited social sharing and advanced charts such as Renko, Kagi, Heikin Ashi, Point, etc. make the matter of crypto TA all the more impressive.

4. Tradelize


Tradelize is just more than a charting system that can help you to invest smarter and faster, which is also their tag line as well.

At Tradelize you casual investors can connect with experienced traders to copy their trading strategies or avail their services for a subscription.

You can use Tradelize’s trading terminal to connect with popular crypto exchanges where you can do a lot of charting and make your TA strategies.

If you are copying someone or leveraging their services, then you can double-check or analyse their TA strategies by sharing the charts.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Let me use this opportunity to answer some of the frequently asked questions concerning Tradingview alternatives in the market as we are talking…

Is Tradingview free charting software?

Not really, as Tradingview has four account plans (i.e. 1 free and 3 paid). Billing options are offered as monthly, yearly and every two years.

However, each of the paid plan comes with a 30-day free trial period.

Is Tradingview free real time?

Tradingview is a real-time crypto charting software online app that is visually appealing, and can be customized with many technical indicators.

Tradingview is also a social media site for digital asset investors and cryptocurrency traders.

Is there a Tradingview app?

Tradingview app is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Recently, the company also released the stocks & forex app on the Google app store for latest android versions.

Which is the best free cryptocurrency charting software?

Personally, I would say that GoCharting online software seem to be the best crypto charting app, because it gives you all the technical indicators you need without any payment.

Does Tradingview have subscription discount?

Crypto investors who want to track more markets can use the premium subscription for $59.95 per month, while a discount of 16% is removed from the standard price.

Coinigy vs Tradingview?

There’s no point trying to compare Tradingview vs Coinigy as the both of serves the same kind of investors, but Coinigy somehow has a lot of features compared to Tradingview online app.

Final thoughts

Trading or investing in cryptocurrency can be a risky affair, especially when not done with proper crypto charting and trading tools.

It’s extremely costly, because if your trading strategy goes wrong, you might lose everything in the trade, and that’s why charting tool usage is so important.

Now you don’t want charting tools which don’t save your charts and crashes frequently, right?

Many users have experienced problems with Tradingview, but these reliable alternatives will help you to avoid more issues in future.

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