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Welcome to CryptoStaunch, a website dedicated to educating anyone with a desire to starting to earn bitcoin through cryptocurrency investment and trading from the ground up, as well as hone your cryptopreneurial mindset.

I’m Okonkwo Henry K (a.k.a Mr. KingsHOK), – the man behind this blog. I created this weblog, because I am obsessed with finding out how a cryptopreneur (cryptocurrency investor) can find their own unique path to success with cryptocurrency investment.

Each article on this cryptocurrency blog is part of my documentations, which gives me a chance to share with you the insights on replicable strategies i have learned and tested on this cryptopreneurial journey, to earn bitcoin, as well as make money online. My intention is not only so you can copy them, but so you can absorb them into your life, and business to help you succeed like me.

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Who is a Cryptopreneur?

Firstly, the word Cryptopreneur (i.e. crypto-preneur) is formed or derived from the popular word, Entrepreneur, which means, an individual who, rather than working as an employee, founds and runs a small business, assuming all the risks and rewards of the venture.

In other words, a Cryptopreneur is an individual who, rather than earning fiat currency, invests with a unique strategy and earn money in cryptocurrency trading or bitcoin investment, assuming all the risks and rewards of the entire risky venture.

Quote me here: None of us are born as experts, we are all driven to it, …and by it.

If you have ever had a feeling in the pit of your stomach that you are meant to do something bigger, more meaningful, and all yours — you’re an entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t start when you hire an 100th employee, or break $1 million in revenue — being an entrepreneur starts with that feeling inside you.

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Cryptocurrency Investment

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Bitcoin Investment

These are guides that will teach you all the basic terms and topics involved in the bitcoin investment.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Learn how to earn bitcoin and/or altcoins with cryptocurrency trading. This section of the cryptocurrency blog will always provide you with latest techniques to increase the growth of your cryptocurrency investment.

Cryptocurrency Reviews

This section of this blog contains reviews on cryptocurrency resources as well as assets (or tools), like exchanges and wallets, including all other tools for making money with cryptocurrency. If you’re a cryptocurrency startup, you can have your products reviewed on this category. For example, read my review post for KryptoGraphe Crypto Portfolio Manager.

Earn Bitcoin Without Investment

Learn how to earn more bitcoin without the need to buy bitcoin investment or get bitcoin with your money for cryptocurrency trading. This section of the blog will always provide you with latest deals and avenues to earn earn bitcoin without investing any money.

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