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How I Started Investing In Cryptocurrency, Since Late 2016 Till Date

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You can earn serious money from “cryptocurrency”.

As a beginner, trying to earn money from cryptocurrency can be very tedious, and confusing. So, investing in cryptocurrency, one need to learn how to study coin market cap, before getting your hard-earned money involved.

In the mid 2016, i started getting involved with cryptocurrency, which was still very new as at then. One of my friend then, introduced me to some Bitcoin HYIP schemes known as, MMM, and Get Help Worldwide (GHW). Little did i know how it functions.

In the initial stage, things where moving alright, i was always getting paid without complains of any sort. Late 2016, the platforms admin decided to seize every invested fund, due to the fact that many people would want to withdraw their funds.

This effective measure caused a lot of panic among all the investors. Then, i was still having some hopes. Though, i don’t want to put more money in the scheme again, unless am able to withdraw the initial investment made already.

But trust these platforms and how they work. They changed their pattern to; only when you invest more fund, that you can be able to withdraw, or Get Help (GH) the old Bitcoin crypto investment.

This was when it came to reality for me that i may have lost all my Bitcoin cryptocurrency investment in the platform.

It wasn’t long till early 2018, i noticed that the price of Bitcoin which was $600+ have increased to somewhere around $1,000 and still climbing. The price spike kept on going, and that is when i decided that i must learn how to make money with cryptocurrency as a whole.

Here at The CryptoStaunch, you will see all the crypto investment guide, and trading strategies you can use to make money. All the documentations are based on my personal experiences, which you can always use to achieve your financial goal.

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